Office event? Who try not to know with office events that are always used as a routine agenda in an organization or company. Usually, the budget for office events is always prioritized in making annual budgets, so it is often the first part that is cut from company budgets to save on expenses . Some people still consider that office events are very unnecessary to be held. Some say it is just a waste of company budget, some people even think that office events only make their work neglected.


In this article, we will discuss the other side of an office event that most people may never know. So, this article will discuss what are the reasons that make office events a very important activity to be held routinely.


What are the Reasons that Make Office Events a Very Important Activity? 

An office event is an event that has more than an opportunity for all employees to gather and interact with one another. Office events are usually held in the form of dinner at the end of the year, annual awards for superior employees, mid-year or year-end outings, company or organization anniversary parties, parties or celebrations such as halal bihalal Eid al-Fitr or Christmas and so on.


All the office events we mentioned above can help:

– Promotes creativity.

– Employee validation.

– Improve morale (spirit) of the company.

– Make the Team Work better, more focused and more compact.


One study conducted by APCO Insight and MMB showed that 400 small business owners agreed that office events could contribute as much as 96% to generate positive ROI (Return on Investment) or profit. In other words, when an organization or company focuses on organizing office events, then the company is actually building a strong investment.


Investing in office events is tantamount to investing in product marketing promotions or recruiting superior new employees. No matter whether our company is a large or small company, procurement of office events will bring benefits to the company itself. According to the Hello Endless website, there are 4 main reasons why organizing office events is very important and we need to start now. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Office events can enhance corporate culture.

Before going far into the discussion of this first point, it’s good for us to know the meaning of “corporate culture”. According to the dot com entrepreneur website, corporate culture is a combination of values, norms, beliefs, symbols and basic things that are developed by each company from time to time. The corporate culture is continually strengthened through daily activities and the mindset of the company that is run by the people within it. At this first point, we will understand that corporate culture has a strong connection with office events.


The first reason we need to underline why office events are a very important employee meeting place is that office events can help us to promote company culture and also enhance it. What’s more, new employees might still be a little confused by the prevailing corporate culture in the workplace. Well, this is a very important event to make them better understand and help improve company culture.


Facts prove that office events can involve employees in the company’s core values ​​and culture. When employees feel involved in enhancing company culture, the survey report says that 87% of employees involved have a very small chance to resign or leave their company. Indirectly, exciting office events make employees feel happier and more comfortable working in the company concerned.


Not only that, office events such as annual awards for superior employees will also provide validation to employees. Company leaders can reward their hard work and these superior employees help the company to exemplify the company’s culture and other important values ​​to other employees. Superior employees will feel that they have a positive impact on the development of the company and the award will make them feel valued and important. As a result, awarding at office events not only enhances company culture but also provides strong validation and increases employee productivity.


Apart from all that, office events will also make employees feel more involved with the company. Studies conducted by Gallup show that employees who feel uninvolved only work for salary, whereas those who feel involved with the company will become employees who are more actively contributing to the progress of the company.


2. Office Events Can Help Promote Creativity.

The second reason why office events are so important is that office events can take employees out of their safety zones, so this condition will encourage them to think outside the box. Exciting office events will make an accountant who usually only deals with numbers, now must encourage creative ideas from his mind when he was chosen to be part of the event division for office events. For example, think of exciting games for an indoor office gathering.


Employees will have the opportunity to talk and interact with other employees from different departments, so they can collaborate with one another in holding office events. Collaboration will encourage creativity and new original ideas that are very useful for the development of the company. Why is that? Because collaboration will help us to see things from a different perspective. Office events will open the minds of everyone involved that productive is not enough, but we also need to be creative to bring new innovations to the company.


3. Office Events Can Build Team Strengths to Be Stronger.

Is it true that office events can create stronger and more compact team strengths? Of course yes Office events provide an opportunity for all employees to get closer and get to know their colleagues more than ever before. They will join a team, working on new tasks that may have never been done before. For example, think of performance ideas for office events, games ideas and exciting games for office gathering events, create elegant designs for office events, compose speeches for key speakers at office events, and so on. Especially if the team they have is a solid and compact team,


Office events will also strengthen the relationship between leaders and employees. We can destroy this relationship gap by holding office events, where employees will have the opportunity to interact more with their superiors. For example, employees discuss with their bosses about office budget. Of course the discussion does not only run once, but can be several times and this form of interaction can bring employees and bosses closer. In fact, some employees look forward to office events because this is the only place they can interact with their bosses in a more relaxed atmosphere.


Let’s just think about it, at what time can we see the CEO going out for a mid-year trip with his employees? Of course the answer is when there is an office event. The CEO and his employees can attend the top office event together. Team strength will be stronger because at the office event, everyone will feel more comfortable in expressing opinions and bright ideas . During the discussion, employees can enjoy more relaxed time in building relationships with each other. They can also discuss office event ideas outside office hours, for example going out for coffee together and discussing office plans. By talking and spending time together outside the office, employees will be encouraged to work together and build stronger team strengths.


4. Office events can boost morale.

Office events have been proven to reduce the stress that employees might have felt all this time. Stacks of work assignments, complaints from clients, deadlines that are increasingly suffocating, all can stop for a moment when the office event starts. Through office events, employees will enjoy their time to relax and have fun with other colleagues, so that when they have to go back to work later, employees will have a higher sense of enthusiasm for work. When employees have a high sense of enthusiasm, they will be more motivated and their level of productivity will increase.

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