Physical activity is an activity in moving the limbs, especially the muscles of the body, which this movement aims to form energy or energy. Physical activity is also often referred to as physical activities, that is, physical movements carried out by various muscles and the systems that support them.


Physical activities or physical activities can be done inside or outside the room. According to a survey conducted in 2011 by one of the recruitment companies namely, The Creative Group has shown that employees who socialize and interact with their coworkers, especially outside of work will really enjoy their work in the office. Not only that, employees will be more enthusiastic and motivated to work so that their productivity levels will increase. From this survey we can know that physical activity has many benefits. The benefits of physical activity are not only healthy for the body , but also increase work productivity .


The results of this survey are also supported by Beth Braccio Herring from CareerBuilder dot com that physical activity can help foster teamwork, build networking, and help employees to have knowledge about company culture and a very pleasant sense of socializing with other colleagues. As a result, all the benefits of physical activity can lead us to career success. This explanation opens our eyes and minds that the principle of physical activity not only trains muscles to move, but also encourages us to be more productive.


Physical activity according to the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health) is muscle activity which can be divided into three parts, namely, daily physical activity, physical activity with exercise and sports activities. Still remember not when fellow readers sit in school, physical activity becomes the most important part to maintain the health of educators. For example, every Saturday morning, the school carries out physical education activities. Try to mention the kinds of physical activities that fellow readers have done? Maybe an example is gymnastics or running a marathon.


4 Physical Activities That Can Be Done Outside Office Hours

In this article, we will discuss about some physical activities that we have to do with colleagues outside office hours.


1. Physical Activity to Know the Norms and Beliefs of Other Colleagues.

We can do physical activities outside office hours with our other colleagues and this will be a very pleasant thing, as well as helping us to respect the norms and beliefs held by other colleagues. From this first point, we will find out how important physical activity is to human life. As social beings, humans really need to do physical activity with the people around them. However, every human being does not necessarily have the same norms and beliefs as us.


Through this physical activity, we can go to dinner with colleagues or go party with them. At parties, maybe some of us will drink alcohol or eat certain foods. From physical activity like this we will know that there are some people who really cannot eat certain foods or drink alcohol. In other words, physical activity will help us to know, understand and appreciate the norms and beliefs held by other colleagues.


2. Physical Activity to Create Fun Activities.

Physical activities that are held outside of office hours will be a very pleasant activity, and will even be an unforgettable moment for the employees in the company. This physical activity is a great and effective way for all employees to have fun while maintaining a solid team bond. This kind of physical activity will also create a positive impact on the workplace. For example, employees will increasingly recognize the character and uniqueness of each employee. Physical activity will reduce the awkward or awkwardness that exists in employees. With this activity, employees from the IT department will get to know employees from other departments, even though they have never worked in the same team before.


Examples of some fun physical activities are playing softball or soccer together or doing other adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, paintball or skydiving. However, the organizers of physical activity must also not forget to pay attention to employees who are already senior (elderly) or employees who have physical disabilities.


3. Physical activity by socializing on weekdays.

Other examples of physical activity can be done on weekdays, but still held outside office hours. For example, go to lunch with colleagues at lunchtime or go for coffee together with colleagues after work. Physical activity like this can give us opportunities to get to know one another. Let’s just say we’re working, but the context is trying to get to know our colleagues deeper and better. However, we need to always remember that physical activity may only be done for a short time, because lunchtime will not last long. In addition, physical activity with colleagues who are too long (done after work) will also make us tired, so it is not too optimal in interacting and socializing with them.


4. Family-Oriented Physical Activity.

The next physical activity is to carry out physical activities that allow employees to bring their families into activities held by the company outside office hours. Employers and business people must start paying attention to the balance of work and personal life owned by their employees. When employees have a good family relationship, their productivity in the office will also increase.


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