Digital developments give rise to many predictions in the business world. Experts convey the predictions they have about the world of work in the coming digital age. They say that:

– The world of work will be monitored and controlled by more machines and fewer people. Technology will have a high involvement in producing high quality and tangible products so that managers and team members will only focus on solving problems and creating new ideas.

– Artificial intelligence and Big Data are able to create machines that work like humans without human intervention in them. The algorithm system created is much smarter and is able to process data more strategically.

– Each factory will be controlled by a remote control. The factory can carry out the production process at any time with an automation system.

– Distribution will be sent by car and truck without a driver, the same way the drone works.

Every problem will be solved in one head nod. This is due to the creation of innovations in communication that allow anyone to provide ideas , good feedback and problem solving in seconds . In fact, in the coming digital era a decision making machine will be created.

– The number of managers will decrease

Well, later, technological advances will be able to get rid of human labor. Of course this is not something that sounds good. Maybe, the role that we have today will also be replaced by machines. Of course this will endanger our careers. Even worse, technological sophistication can make us lose our jobs.

– Everything develops quickly and rapidly. This requires that every element of the business can move quickly too, including the organization. Organizations compete with each other to regulate their steps in order to remain able to survive in the face of the all-sophisticated digital era. Every organization strives to implement digital systems and artificial intelligence in developing its business.

Likewise with us. To be able to survive in today’s highly sophisticated digital era, we must continue to try to improve ourselves by mastering skills relevant to the world of work in the future.


There are 4 managerial abilities that must be invested in order to continue to grow and develop in the digital age, especially if we are leaders or managers. Well, what managerial abilities must be possessed in the coming digital age?


1. Agility in technical matters.

The first managerial ability is to have agility in technical matters. Advances in technology require us to open our eyes wide and familiarize ourselves with technology. There is no room to deny the presence of technology.


It is very important to get training on programs and applications related to their duties and responsibilities. We must be able to understand and even follow the trends that are endemic in social media, mobile applications and other technologies. Like it or not, today the world has been controlled by technology. If we do not open ourselves up to study existing technology, we will only experience setbacks and cannot survive in the digital age. Just called the digital era, surely we have to be digital people too, right?


2. Agility in processing data.

The second managerial ability is agility in processing data. There are still many managers who process data based on manual capabilities gained from past experience. Processing data is very challenging because it involves quality, sustainability, accuracy and completeness. In today’s digital era, technology presents a new system in data processing so we need to study the technology. That way, we will be able to process data more easily without the limitations of time and place.


3. Agility in overseeing the project being done.

The third managerial ability is dexterity in overseeing the projects being carried out. Along with the development of the times, the automation machine is present to replace humans in doing routine tasks. Projects undertaken must focus on innovation and the strategies used to realize these innovations.


Managers have an important role in supervising project work. A manager must be able to find effective ways to support teamwork and create better innovation. That is why, in today’s digital era, we need dexterity in overseeing the projects being carried out. We must focus on innovations that can be created to make business successful.


4. Network agility.

The digital age makes every organization must focus on work horizontally, where organizations must create special products and offer other advantages. This enables the organization to survive amid high market competition. This is where the role of a manager is needed. Agility in networking enables managers to find opportunities to market products and attract customers. A manager must also be able to maximize the company’s resources to build an effective network. Will the organization use social media, applications, software or other platforms to sell its products or services? These are all strategies that require agility in networking. That way, business will be able to survive in the era of global competition.


Preparing ourselves by increasing the 4 managerial capabilities above is a way that can be done so that we and the business managed can survive in the coming digital era. Even though the digital age looks very complicated, we will still be able to survive if we are able to adapt and embrace innovation as part of our journey.


by Abdullah Sam
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