Body language is a type of non-verbal communication in the form of physical behavior (by using limbs rather than words). Members of the body are used to express or convey the message we want to convey to others. In everyday life, we often refer to body language as non-verb communication .


According to the words of E. Potter and Larry A. Samoval, body language is the process of exchanging thoughts and ideas by conveying messages through gestures, facial expressions, eye sight, touch, artifacts (symbols used such as Morse ciphers), silence, time, sound, and posture and body movements.


Is Body Language Very Important When We Are Networking? 

Who says body language is not important when expanding connections ? In fact, body language becomes a very strong communication when we come to an event, such as a conference. Inside the conference building, we certainly want to add acquaintances or connections with important and successful people who are also present there. Maybe we will be wondering, how can nonverbal communication like body language help us in expanding networks?


The answer, because in the first seven seconds when we attend and enter the conference building, the other participants will visually inspect the other invited guests. That is, the people who are there will see and pay attention to us visually, until finally they will decide to get acquainted with us further.


Therefore, it is important for us to practice body language and control it so that our bodies continue to convey good and professional non-verbal communication , so that we don’t make mistakes when networking. According to data from the entrepreneur website, there are 4 body languages ​​that are very important for us to pay attention to when we are networking wherever and whenever. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Maintain Eye Contact.

Surely we’ve all heard the phrase “eyes are the window to the heart”, right? Yep! Eye contact is the main sign of body language that can be given directly by someone to the opponent interaction. Through eye contact, we can see the emotions that exist in someone. We can know whether the person is angry, embarrassed, or sad.


There are so many successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in this world who provide strong and convincing eye contact starting from the beginning of their meeting with others. Their eyes never waver from the eyes of the person they are talking to, and eye contact like this can make the person we are talking to be treated like someone special. Consistent eye contact will make the other person feel as if they are the most important person in the room. Do not turn our eyes to other angles, this will only make the other person become offended or feel ignored.


2. Maintain Attitude.

The second body language that really needs attention is our attitude. Give a friendly and open attitude to open small talk with our interlocutors. Don’t be unfriendly, like leaning on a wall or act like indifferent.


NO! avoid this because this attitude only makes us look unprofessional or not serious in interacting with others. Logically, how can we add to our connections, if when interacting we are like not being serious and not friendly in responding to others?


3. Pay Attention to Arm Movement.

When networking with new people, try to notice how your arm movements? Do we fold our arms like we are arrogant? Do our arms show a sense of boredom tucked behind our backs? Or do our arm movements show the message that we are very interested in their conversation?


Although it looks trivial, but do not underestimate the movement of our arms. Because when we display arm movements that give body language to the subconscious that we are not interested, this will give a very bad impression when networking.


4. Maintain Facial Expressions.

This is also a very important body language. Don’t forget to keep a very attractive facial expression. Maintaining facial expressions will give the impression that we are very friendly people. For example, give the best smile we have, not evaporate when the other party is discussing with us, highlight the faces that are excited or interested in the stories or interesting experiences that they convey. Don’t forget to occasionally nod as a sign that we agree with what they say.


The four body languages ​​above do look very simple, but maybe the practice will not be as easy as we imagine. Moreover, if we have never practiced good body language at a conference before. We need to always remember that success in networking can be determined starting from how we networking at the first opportunity with people who we consider influential.

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