4 Duties of Supervisors in the Organizational Structure of the Company

In an organization, generally there are always units or divisions that are responsible for running the company wheels. This unit or division is useful in supporting efforts to achieve profit or organizational goals of the company.

In a company, usually there will be various positions in accordance with the functions and duties of each – each. One of the common positions in an office or company organization is a supervisor. Supervisors are also often referred to as supervisors or supervisors.

Supervisor in a company organization, has its own duties that are quite important for the smooth organization of the company. So, what are the tasks of the supervisor or supervisor? According to Moekijat (1997), the duties of supervisors or supervisors in company organizations are of several kinds. The following description.

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Main tasks

The supervisor’s main duties include:

  • Give orders to carry out tasks
  • supervise the tasks performed by employees
  • training employees
  • maintain good relations between employees in a wise manner

Supervisors’ duties in relation to work

In relation to work, the supervisor or supervisor has the duty to:

  • Plan the work of each work unit
  • control the work to finish on time
  • emphasizing the accuracy of work in employees so they can run effectively and efficiently
  • coordinate work with other work units
  • split the work fairly and evenly according to the salary and benefits provided by the company
  • develop new methods for achieving good work productivity

Supervisors’ duties in relation to subordinates

Supervisors are almost always in contact with subordinates. For this reason, there are separate tasks for supervisors in dealing with subordinates, which include:

  • train workers so that they are able to complete their tasks properly
  • develop an apprenticeship system
  • delegation of responsibilities to subordinates
  • tolerate mistakes made by subordinates, but can also show where and how is right
  • reconcile disputes between employees
  • give reprimands, praise and punishment or sanctions if something goes wrong
  • apply work discipline

Supervisory Duties in Relationship with Bosses

In addition to subordinates, the supervisor also deals with his superiors, in harmony with his function as a bridge between subordinates and superiors. In conjunction with superiors, supervisory or supervisory duties include:

  • requesting a list of absences and then making absences through a continuous formfor payroll activities .
  • report the work of his subordinates
  • ask for directions to resolve existing conflicts or ask for advice on problems that occur
  • exchange opinions for the mutual benefit of company organizations

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Duties of Supervisors or Supervisors Based on Management Functions

Based on management functions, supervisors or supervisors basically have four tasks, namely planning, organizing, directing and supervising. The following description:

1. Planning

  • create organizational goals
  • determine the vision and mission
  • make a budget
  • make a list of equipment, materials and equipment needs
  • make the operating system work and so on.

2. Organizing

  • determine specific tasks for subordinates
  • determine the coordination and limitations of rights and responsibilities
  • determine the steps of work
  • determine the working method used
  • determine work procedures
  • determine the work system
  • planning a high work ethic and so on

3. Direction

  • ensure the right personnel according to the needs of the type of work
  • motivate workers
  • returns a distorted direction so that it becomes the right direction
  • give hints about what is wrong and what is right

4. Supervision

  • control the budget
  • perform standard work controls
  • control work processes
  • control the results of work
  • control work location
  • exercising control over the work tools used
  • control relations between employees and so on
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