Company goals are targets, targets or goals desired by a company that contain values ​​and norms that need to be applied together, so that all the goals that have been planned can be achieved well by all people included in it. Company goals can also be interpreted as company targets in the form of quantitative and achievement of these targets is an indicator of the success of company performance.


So, what is meant by increasing the company’s goals? Improving company goals is an effective way by company leaders to expand or improve all existing goals in more detail or higher than before, so that everyone who contributes in the company can be motivated to achieve all the goals expected by the company for performance they. In other words, expanding the company’s goals is to set new targets above those that have been previously designed using clear indicators or work metrics.


Are There Benefits from Increasing Company Goal? 

Maybe there will be many people who think, “will increasing the company’s goals produce significant benefits?” The answer is, yes of course. With a broader scope of goals, targets, employees will have a higher chance of achieving success and contributing to the company. Well according to the website bizjournals dot com, there are 4 benefits that will be achieved by the company when they increase the company’s goals which we will explain in the following section.


1. High Company Goal Will Build Confidence.

Increasing corporate goals will encourage high confidence. Employees will feel compelled to achieve higher performance standards from year to year, month after month. Over time, the achievements will also be more and more riveting. Sometimes, confidence will not come only from motivational speeches, reading motivational books and so on.


However, strong confidence will be present when we succeed in achieving one of the goals that we expect. From there, we will be more confident that we have a strong ability to achieve every goal we want.


2. High Company Goal Will Create Good Stress for Productivity.

Let’s say the company’s goals given this year are much higher than the previous year. Goal company higher does not mean it can not be achieved tablets! Nothing is impossible in this life, right? A higher and broader corporate goal will indeed create a sense of stress for the implementers, but this condition will encourage us all to become more professional people.


Our brain will be stimulated to think more broadly in thinking about new methods and strategies that will be used to achieve every new and higher company goal. In fact, the stress we feel will push our brains to think outside the box, try to meet new people, explore new industries and ideas, and dare to move forward especially out of the comfort zone .


Yep! growth and development that is felt by someone will be more easily obtained from uncomfortable conditions. Why? Because we are forced to do things in different ways, even completely different! Until finally we will realize that the company’s higher goals will create a feeling of stress that is very good for growth and productivity.


3. High Company Goal Will Create Good Control in Yourself.

The third benefit that will be obtained when the company’s goals increase is the ability to self-control which also increases. Logically, when someone has more responsibilities , then he will try to be more focused and more control over more and more responsibilities. The higher standards will trigger individuals to give more results, because the goals to be achieved are indeed higher.


The higher company goals will get everyone involved in it to stay on track because everyone also has their own interests, jobs and responsibilities that they have to prioritize.


Try to take a few minutes and re-check every goal we have, ask yourself, “How can I improve myself in achieving the company’s goals that I have? What advantages or strengths do I have that can help me to achieve all of these goals ” What kind of control or control should I do so that I can fulfill all my responsibilities properly? From this point we will increasingly understand that high company goals will help create strong self-control.


4. High Company Goal will Help Avoid Company Losses.

The last benefit that is no less special than the other benefits is the company’s high goals will help the company to avoid things that are not desirable, one of which is a big loss in the future.


While other companies are busy improving their organizations and trying to change the company’s goals to be higher, our company has managed to achieve new and higher company goals . In other words, we are one step ahead of them. Strong markets and intense competition will always be won by companies who want to increase their goals or targets, long before major changes occur unexpectedly.


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