4 Barriers to Business Communication and How to Overcome It

Communication becomes a very important thing in the business world. A business activity requires good communication in order to run smoothly and successfully. Every business person or business person would definitely want good business communication in his company. But sometimes it must deal with various obstacles that are possible in every business communication.

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3 General Barriers to Business Communication

In business communication, there are four of the biggest obstacles in business communication, with the following explanation:

A. Technical Barriers

Technical obstacles occur due to the influence of technical environmental conditions that have an impact on the smooth delivery and reception of messages. In this case technical obstacles include various technical aspects in a company or business environment. For example, on technological aspects such as limited communication facilities or inadequate communication facilities. (read:  Ontology, Epistemology, Axiology )

In this case the limitations of communication facilities and communication facilities that are inadequate in a communication system for business people or companies will greatly affect the communication climate therein. Where is clear in these circumstances communication can not travel as expected.

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Not only that, for example, the use of new or not yet mastered communication technology to the full. This also affects the flow of communication within a company. Besides that, on the other hand, for example, the technology of communication that is left behind or tends to have no maximum use will also be very influential.

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This technical obstacle is more on the condition and condition of the technical environment in communication which results in the performance of various communication media not running efficiently. Where this of course has an impact on the communication process itself which is certain to be not optimal.

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B. Semantic Obstacles

Semantic interference is an obstacle that occurs in the process of delivering messages in the form of understanding or ideas effectively. Semantics can be interpreted as a study of the understanding conveyed using language. In this case it is very important to remember that if the message delivered is unclear it will still be unclear even though the media used is good. (also read:  Factors Affecting Communication )

In this case the lack of a clear communication channel becomes the most common obstacle for businesspeople even though it is rarely noticed. Sometimes a leader uses orders without considering whether the command is understandable or not subordinate. This certainly becomes very detrimental because it is very possible for the occurrence of miss communication. (also read:  Social Interaction Process )

Therefore a communicator must consider the use of appropriate language and easily understood by the communicant. So that there is no misunderstanding of what is meant by the communicator with what is digested by a communicant or recipient of the message.

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C. Human Obstacles

Human obstacles are obstacles that arise in the individuals involved in communication. (Also read:  Agenda Setting Theory  –  Communication Research Methods )

According to Cruden and Sherman , these obstacles include two things namely the first obstacle originating from individual human differences, such as differences in perception, age, emotional state, status, listening skills, information search, information filtering. In this case humans have individual differences are absolute things. That every human being has a mindset, a catch, a perception that is certainly different. (Also read:  Understanding Media According to Experts )

Second, barriers caused by the psychological climate in the organization or social and cultural environment, such as the atmosphere and work climate as well as the values ​​adopted. In this case the atmosphere of the work environment, comfort and peace of work are also important factors in influencing the success of communication in a company environment.

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D. Inadequate Corporate Culture

the last obstacle is how the culture of the company that is not supportive and less efficient is applied, including:

  • Closed Communication Climate

Most companies tend to have a closed communication climate. Information is controlled by company leaders and employees do not have access to obtain information related to the company. This will certainly hamper the performance of the company considering that in some aspects of communication openness is also very important. It is not uncommon for employees to also need clarity on information, especially those concerning their status and work. (also read:  Laswell Communication Model –  Indonesian Communication System )

  • Complicated Organizational Structure

Organizational structure that is too complicated in a company can result in obstruction of the flow of communication within the company. Complicated structure can cause distortion in the delivery of messages, delayed delivery of messages until the delivery of messages is not. (also read:  Marketing Communication Strategy –  Modern Communication Media )

In this case there are too many stages until a message is reached making the message tend to be difficult to reach its destination. Conversely, if the structure is simple, the message will be easier to receive. (Also read:  Types of Camera Lenses –  Communication Prospects )

  • Rivalry between employees

Rivalry between employees can be a positive thing in a company where employees will compete to show their best work. But on the contrary the rivalry between employees can also have a negative impact, for example keeping each other confidential information that can benefit others, this will certainly disrupt the communication network within the company. (also read:  Press System in Indonesia – Robert N Entman’s Framing Analysis Model )

Messages that should be addressed to a number of people will be held back given the importance behind the message and the benefits to be achieved. So that in this case unhealthy rivalry is one obstacle to communication in a company.

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How to Overcome Business Communication Barriers

  • Creating a culture of appropriate communication, both horizontally between employees, and vertically between leaders and employees. (also read:  Social Construction Theory –  Framing Analysis )
  • Creating a family climate within the company to strengthen relationships between employees and leaders. (Also read:  Cognitive Dissonance Theory –  Journalist Code of Ethics )
  • Provision of facilities and infrastructure as well as qualified communication media. (also read:  Therapeutic Communication in Nursing  – Intercultural Communication Theory )
  • Provision of information centers within the company that can be accessed by various parties.
  • Simplification of the company’s organizational structure. (Also read:  Theory of Mass Media Effects )

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Benefits of Learning the Barriers to Business Communication

By studying the barriers to business communication, we can find out how various things can affect a communication system in a company. For those of us who are interested in the business world, of course this becomes very important considering this is one of the keys to success in the business world.

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By knowing the various obstacles that exist, we can anticipate these obstacles as well as be able to find solutions to these obstacles. So with this knowledge we can avoid various obstacles that exist in business communication.


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