3D screens are dangerous for children’s eyesight

3D screens dangerous for children’s eyesight . It is the alarm launched by the French National Health Safety Agency. After the report regarding the simpler 3D glasses , now also the three-dimensional screens are under attack.

Their fault? They damage a “developing and still fragile” visual system, forcing it to function unnecessarily . In practice, 3D screens can cause damage to eyesight in children and for this reason the French Agency does not recommend their use to children under 6 and recommends moderate use for under 13s .

This risk is decidedly more important in the child than in the adult, because that of the little ones is a visual system that is not completely formed and for this reason more delicate.

“The development of these technologies raises questions about their possible impact on health, particularly for children and adolescents- reads the Agency’s note .When viewing 3D images, visual fatigue appears faster and more intensely than with monoscopic images. “

Among the effects of “visual fatigue”, children can suffer from general fatigue, pain in the eyes, a feeling of dry eyes, more general vision problems, headaches or even back pains, neck pains and behind it, a reduction in the performance of psychic activities and a loss of concentration.

A not entirely comfortable picture, if we consider that our puppets do not necessarily have to stick in front of a TV. Push your child to balance his pastimes in a different way, to know how to devote different times to more activities, organize some games together at home or outdoors, invite his friends, cook together! This does not mean that he should not spend time idling in front of the television for a while, but the categorical no must still arrive at what really hurts him.


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