39 life experiences you should learn before age 39

Today I am 39 years old. 39 Life experiences. And many experiences. I remember the activities in which I have participated more than the names of the places visited. Maybe that’s why I started this blog a long time ago. I wanted to write about my experiences. My knowledge, growth and above all I wanted to contribute to share it to the world. In the end, only I know that I also did it to remember the steps taken and to be able to leave my own record of what has led me to where I am.

I don’t know why it is at 39 and not at 30 or 40, but the life in which I am well deserves that I share what it has taught me so far. I have no claim with this article other than to share and contribute habits of a certain maturity in my so-called experience. I hope you take them into account if you have not yet reached 39 and even if only one helps you to apply a growth change it will be enough to make you satisfied.

Thank you very much in advance!

  1. Don’t go alone.
    Life alone is an experience. Accompanied is a new one. Apart from my family and friends, I have always had an inseparable friend. My brother twin. What would my life be like if I had gone alone?
  2. What you did doesn’t matter.
    It matters what you learn from it and what you will do from now on. I have been very successful professionally. Now it is a different situation. Hopeful but I broke with everything to start over. When I understood that what I had done no longer added to me, I began to improve.
  3. Time is what is worth.
    The importance is not in your possessions. Time is what you will never get back. Either you lose it or you enjoy it. There’s no more. Time is never for sale.
  4. Travel.
    May your eyes see as much as possible. That is to awaken the concerns, the skills and above all to grow.
  5. Listen.
    Listening is where you discover new things every day. 2 weeks ago I was introduced to a new co-worker. We went to lunch and he paid too much attention to his new boss. As I left the restaurant I asked him about his studies. He told me that he had not studied. I told him that he had a very good active listening that is achieved with a good study of NLP and / or coaching, and with good practice. He told me that as a child they detected a tumor in one ear. It was removed although he lost hearing in that ear and that is why he had to pay so much attention. I was very surprised: in the end he with one less ear listened much more than another with 2 ears.
  6. Find your places.
    Your places of inspiration. Those who give you that peace and quiet to think.
  7. Read.
    I started reading about 28. Since then the world has changed a lot on my part. And always for the better. Your problems are nothing. Long before you had them, another person has suffered the same or worse. The best thing is that you have written it and with it you are able to discover the solution. Reads a lot. Read what you are passionate about.
  8. TV.
    Forget it. 90% of what attracts from television are problems. Forget about them. Bet on you. Life is what you see with your own eyes, not through the experiences of others and less through the experience of a box.
  9. Not to school.
    At least with the education that I have experienced. A generalized education like the current one only leads to laws of averages. School limits your thoughts. Learn the specific notions but specific in the notions that attract you.
  10. Inspire others.
    And remember to tell whoever inspired you that they did. That your passage in this world serve as an inspiration to anyone is very gratifying. I advise you. I am very proud of this course with more than 4500 students very happy with what they have learned.
  11. Find 1 coach. 
    It is the one that accompanies you to achieve your best version. You want to grow, improve, reach a new state, advance to your best version … Just as the best pianist needs a good teacher, the one who wants to improve needs someone to make him improve. Unfortunately, the term coach is currently very prostituted. Everybody seems to be a coach. You must find the one who guides you to take your steps. Forget the one that tells you what to do. Unless I’m the one who tells you to count on me. 😉 Seriously, count on me.
  12. Share
    Any improvement you bring to the world is positive. And Facebook has it very clear. You have something good, share. It is fun and it is useful.
  13. Things happen.
    No more. Life happens and you shouldn’t think about it anymore. And yes, at the worst moment everything can happen. No problem. You should know that there are potholes but you also have legs to get out of these. If you stay in the pothole everything goes to shit but at least don’t let your shit splash on others.
  14. Life is…
    What you see with your eyes. And what you feel. What you hear. What you smell … life is what you experience. What your best friend experiences is another life. It’s yours. And neither is better than the other. That is why it is sometimes white and sometimes black.
  15. Family.
     The family is the one that is always waiting for you to enter the door of their life. That group that would always want you back in their life if you restarted it 10,000 times, or at least it should be.
  16. Friends.
    They are essential. They make you laugh, cry, suffer, enjoy … and make you a better person. They make you believe that a world without them is not a world. Thanks friends.
  17. Life moves and is still.
    While your world moves, someone else’s is still. While your mind is active, someone else’s is still. Something moves because something is still. If everything is still you do not advance, if everything moves you do not live it. Find the balance.
  18. Music.
    Get your Playlist for life. The one that inspires you. That playlist you listen to to hear your breath. To join you not only in its sound but in its history. You will create and inspire with your best playlist. And let it be yours. Not from another. So I keep mine.
  19. Sell.
    The commercial is frowned upon. But we all sell. That is why it is important that you grow in sales. Because you sold yourself to win your partner, to achieve your job, so that your son will listen to you … during the day you are always selling so learn to do your best. Don’t forget, you are a natural seller. You were born selling your life.
  20. Be creative.
    This is what I wrote yesterday about creativity: Article . It is important that you are. The world needs creatives like you.
  21. Learn from practice.
    That is why I say no to the traditional school. The one that gives you a lot of theory that you don’t apply at all in practice. You learn more from practice than theory. How can a professor who has never had a company give you a business course?
  22. You were born to be happy.
    Because no one is born with depression. And no one will be a depressed person for life. Your choice will lead you to be happy or not. Beforehand I already remind you that you are born to be happy.
  23. Causations
    No, I don’t think there is chance. I am convinced that causality exists. There is a cause in all experiences, there is hardly anything accidental.
  24. The luck one can put it where it fits. Bad luck is the justification for not achieving what you expect, victims live very well in the eyes of third parties. Good luck is the nonsense of not wanting to understand that what happened happened because it should happen that way. On the issue of causality.
  25. The complaint.
    Closely related to luck. Whoever complains should get away from me. Victims are not cool. It does not bring anything of change that you justify your life with a complaint. I like growth and I know that complaining takes you away from it.
  26. The responsability.
    Responsibility is worth it. It is that heel that makes you grow. Today I was talking about it with a friend who did not go to work because he had worked in another place until late the night before. His responsibility was to go to work. I have not accepted your excuses. You must be responsible for your life because no one else will be for you. Read here.
  27. The habits.
    Your habits transport you or take you away from your goal. If you want to build a house every day you must put a brick. If you want to build your mansion, be sure to add a positive habit every day.
  28. Don’t even compare yourself to Tato.
    You have your own struggles. El Tato has his. You your triumphs and Tato his. The comparisons are hateful? No, they are irresponsible. Why look at other people’s lives if we don’t have enough with ours.
  29. Distractions
    To be productive it is essential that you eliminate distractions. The most fashionable distraction right now is the mobile. He is a complete time killer. Damn, people talk more with virtual friends than physical friends !!!
  30. Know yourself.
    In the end, the most important relationship you should have is with yourself. Without a positive relationship with yourself, you will not have a positive life with your environment.
  31. A relationship is a roller coaster.
    It always has ups and downs. Wonderful and painful moments. The important thing is to respect both the good times and the bad, and especially in how you manage the rest of the day. Companies have the same things, very good moments and very bad moments. The good ones are not to be the best and the very bad ones are not to be the worst.
  32. Do not run.
    The shortcut is not the best option. In a race you must take the indicated path. Catching is not a triumph. Following the path of your life is essential to go through all the circumstances if you are willing to live them.
  33. Read the book The University of Success.
    It is a great book. Both in length and in meaning. Here’s a good summary… LINK
  34. Pets
    I have no words for Brutus. It’s … it’s awesome to have a pet. Knowing that we have been together for 11 years and he is always willing to give everything makes me more than happy. Thanks Brutus.
  35. What does not add subtracts.
    If something does not add anything to your life, eliminate it as soon as possible. We have enough things every day to carry more things in our backpack.
  36. Laugh fuck!
    It’s a rush of vitality and energy. Be a happy person and you will make your environment happy. What’s better than this? Ah, don’t forget to also make a playlist of funny videos for when it costs you more.
  37. It rains.
    And when it does it is rewarding. It is necessary. Except in extreme cases, but without water there is no life and no life… Also after the storm, calm always comes. The storm is then necessary and the rain is essential. We complain that when it is very hot it is suffocating, when it rains a lot oppressive. In the end we always miss the heat or the rain.
  38. The world is Dual.
    There is always a duality. A composite Whole. The black and white. The synonym and antonym. The dog and the cat … sometimes you will be happy and other times unhappy but there is always a total duality. Do not forget that the Ying exists because the Yang exists, and vice versa.
  39. Purpose of life.
    You are in this world for something. Find out what your purpose in life is! Look down here.

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