37 These Small Capital Business Ideas Might Be Right For You

Confused looking for extra money? If you want, there are many business opportunities that you can do. Various business opportunities are available as long as you want to think creatively and act creatively.

Do not think that the various business ideas that exist require large capital. In fact, there are many small capital business ideas that you can do. Yes, there are so many lines of business opportunity ideas or business opportunities that you can do with only very little capital, even business without capital.

But, for those who have no experience, you might be confused about what small capital business ideas you can do. Dont worry. For those of you who are still confused looking for business opportunities, the following will present a small capital business idea that you can try.

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 1.  Graphic Designer

For those of you who have a background in graphic design skills, your abilities can be very useful. Even though you still have minimal basic skills, you can develop it again. Make your ability as a foundation to open graphic design services on your own behalf.

You just need design skills, creativity and motivation. Even if you like drawing but don’t have graphic design skills, you can take a graphic design course. The cost of a graphic design course is fairly cheap, but the results you can get can be unlimited.

2. Web Design

Similar to graphic design services, web design services are also quite popular in today’s technological era. The ability to design a web is very valuable and has a good opportunity. So, if you have interests and abilities in this field, develop and create your own business opportunity.

3. Sales by Commission

Selling with commissions is the easiest business opportunity that anyone can do. You just need to find people who have merchandise to sell. Help them sell these items, and receive the commission when you sell successfully.

You don’t need capital to buy the item first. Make an agreement so that you can bring the item to sell. Only after the goods sell, you get a commission from the seller, or you can take your own profit when selling it.

4. Online Courses

If you have a certain skill, you can use it to get money. This is an easy and fun small capital business idea. Because, you only need to teach what you like and you are good at.

For example, you have skills in sewing, public speaking, animal husbandry, farming, playing magic, knitting, writing, playing musical instruments, or other skills. Promote your expertise and open courses online. Online courses will allow you to attract more people.

5. Selling eBooks

For those who like to write and have a certain hobby or expertise, you can pour it in written form. Then, change it to e-book. This e-book can be sold online to earn money.

You can write various things that you like, or do a reportage of interesting things that are around you. There are lots of ideas you can write about. Such as tourist guides in your area, crafts and culture in your area, the concept of livestock near your home, or just interesting inspiring stories.

6. Instagram Marketing

For those who love Instagram social media, take advantage to build your business empire. If you can get a lot of followers on Instagram, there will be many companies, brands and other business people who approach you and are willing to pay to promote their products or services. Very easy right?

7. Selling on Amazon

Everyone can sell on Amazon. If you have goods, whether your own or a friend’s product, you can sell it on Amazon. There are many items that can be sold at a high value on Amazon. So, come to the Amazon site, learn the terms and conditions and immediately determine the business steps to sell on Amazon.

8. Local Business Consultants

For those of you who have worked or are working in a sales company, you can use your knowledge or work experience to become a local business consultant. In fact, in any industry you have worked for, you can become a consultant in that industry.

Small companies or new companies really need guidance to develop their business. If you have experience in the food industry, then you can provide consultation for food businesses. Help them solve various problems encountered. It would be even more profitable, if experienced as a marketing.

9. HP Casing Business

You certainly agree that HP is the most developed product. Almost everyone now has a cellphone, as if it were no longer a luxury item. Therefore, the business around HP also also experienced rapid development, including HP accessories.

One of the business opportunities that you can take from this HP business is by selling HP casings. Create a unique and attractive cellphone case, then sell it to your friends. If you want a wider market, sell to sales sites like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Fancy. OLX, Jualo and others.

10. Affiliate Sales or Marketing

If you have a lot of relationships and knowledge in terms of marketing, then being a marketing or sales affiliate can be a fitting small capital business idea. You can provide sales or marketing services for producers who have difficulty selling their products.

This marketing service you can do directly, and can also via online. Of course providing marketing services via online will be more profitable in the digital era like now.

Moreover, if you already have a website with a certain high target audience. You can use it to sell products with a target market that matches your website. You can also open an affiliate program on the website and wait for other business people to be interested in advertising on your website.

11. Long Distance English Tutors / Teachers

Teaching English is an interesting business idea that can generate a lot of income. If you have good English skills, use them. The method is quite simple.

You can become a long-distance English tutor. There are many people who want to learn English in a flexible way. So, you can have meetings via online, like Skype. Easy right?

12. Social Media Manager

Many people spend a considerable amount of time just messing around with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social media applications. If you are active in social media, why not use it to supplement your income?

You can offer services to manage social media and get paid from it. Many companies, especially new companies or retail companies are overwhelmed in managing their social media. You can take this opportunity and help them build a brand through their social media. Interesting right?

13. Ads from Google

For those of you who like blogging or building websites, you have the opportunity to get paid from Google. GoogleGle offers a fairly high fee to be able to display advertisements from advertisers on your website pages.

In fact, if you take it seriously, the results obtained can be very good. Tens of millions to hundreds of millions per month is not impossible. Of course, your website must also meet the standards of Google.

14. Blogging

Similar to earning money by displaying ads from Google, there are still affiliate programs from other advertisers that you can use. By doing blogging activities, you can get a decent additional income.

You can get paid via affiliate marketing programs, sponsors and more. As long as your blog has high visitors, then getting money from blogging activities will be easier.

15. Presentation Design Consultant

Presentation is important for the business world and the academic world. Unfortunately, many people are not able to design presentations that are interesting and right on target. If you have good skills in making presentation slides, then you can use it.

Offer presentation services for meetings, attracting investment, or teaching. If you are truly superior, the income for this service can be quite good. Adam Noar from Pkamu’s Presentation is a clear example of success in developing this business.

16. Travel Consultant

Being a travel consultant can be the choice of the most appropriate business ideas for you who like to travel. You can give recommendations about travel as a private travel agent.

Help the travelers to get a fun trip according to their wishes. Starting from the search for travel tickets, lodging, as well as whichever destination is right. It would be better if you have your own special destination that will make you more special.

17. Interior Design Consultant

This business idea can be run for those of you who have their own interests in the field of interior design. There are many people who need recommendations to build a kitchen, living room, work space and other rooms at home or in the office.

18. Stylist Garden / Home Garden

For those of you who like gardening at home, why not take advantage of your pleasure to help people garden, while earning additional income? You can be a garden consultant, aka a landscaper.

There are many people who find it difficult to design parks in their homes. So, you can help them choose plants and arrange them to be interesting. In fact, you also can also help to do regular garden maintenance.

19. Housesitter

Many rich people own enough houses, but some of their homes are left uninhabited. If you have many acquaintances like that, or you can build a trusted business, then you can become a houseitter or house giver.

Hmmm, of course not a watchman like a ghost house huh? You can help them take care of their homes while they are busy traveling or living outside the city, even abroad. But of course, it takes a good reputation to be able to run a business like this.

20. Babysitter

Babysitters aren’t just those who live and take care of babies at the employer’s house. You can use your free time to become a babysitter at some time or just on weekends. You can also help them look after babies in your own home by opening a daycare center.

21. Property Manager or Brokerage

If you get a lot of information about a house, land or other property being sold or being searched for, then you can become a realtor or property manager. You only need to find people who need to sell their property, and also people who are looking for property. As long as you are actively moving, earning a business opportunity on this one will be so tantalizing.

22. Essay and Speech Writing Services

Many officials, heads of certain organizations, also students who need to write speeches or essays. Unfortunately, not all have the ability and also the time to write it. If you are good at stringing interesting words, then you can help them and get a decent payment from this business opportunity.

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23. Freelance Photographer

If you have a camera, then it never hurts you to open photo services. Being a freelance photographer to take pictures of certain events, prewedding, family photos, baby photos, self-photographs, product photos and so on can be quite a productive endeavor. In addition, you can also manage your time more flexibly.

24. Car Rentals

This business idea is very simple. Actually, it can be done without capital or with small capital. But, before you already have to have a car. If you already have your own car and rarely use it, then use it to be used as a car rental.

But, if you really don’t have a car, then this business choice will require relatively large capital.

25. Shuttle Service

Still if you have a car, then you can also use it to open a shuttle service. Can transfer school children, or pick up office workers. Besides using a car, you can also use a motorcycle. But, of course the carrying capacity will be far less than a car.

26. Catering Business

The catering business can also start with small capital. If you already have cooking utensils, then you can already start. Just accept orders for cooking, small quantities, snacks for social gathering and so on.

You can also open a family catering service. So, you will provide food to the customers every day. In addition, catering services for school children are also quite attractive and require little capital. If you have more capital, then you can explore catering for weddings with a number of servings that are far more.

27. Freelance Editor and Corrector

Being a freelance editor and editor can be a fairly easy choice of business ideas, especially for those of you who like to read and write. You can help writers to re-read their writing and make corrections if there are typos or incorrect spelling.

28. Personal Fitness Trainer

If you like fitness, try to become a personal fitness trainer or also popular as a PT (Personal Trainer). Being a PT is quite simple. You just need to help someone run a diet and exercise program to shape their bodies to be more ideal as they want.

Of course, you must understand very well about what you are programming so that the program is truly successful and can be accounted for.

29. YouTuber

Being a YouTuber might be the last number business choice for those of you who are less tech-savvy and also lack of technological equipment. But, if you already have a cellphone with a camera or video recorder and an internet network, then YouTube can be an attractive business choice.

Moreover, if you are a creative person and have many ideas. You can pour your ideas into videos and upload them on YouTube. You can also make video tutorials about your hobbies or expertise. After that, monetize and get money from your videos.

30. Translators

If you are good at foreign languages, be it English, Japanese, German, Mandarin and others, why not use your intelligence to become a translator? Being a translator can make quite a lot of money. But, your work time can be very flexible. Just offer translation services via online.

31. Tour Guide

Being a tour guide is perfect for those of you who like to travel, and live in an area that has many tourist attractions. No need to go too far to become a tour guide. Just be a tourist companion of the tourists who come to your area. You can offer your services online, or directly offer yourself to tourists in the hotel or at the tourist sites.

32. Ghostwriter

For those of you who are good at writing, you can increase your income by becoming a ghostwriter. Ghostwriter is a person who writes on behalf of others. So, yes, your name will not be included in your work because you write in someone else’s name.

Many people, especially important people who need a publication or autobiography to increase its popularity. Well, for them, you can become a ghostwriter.

33. House Cleaning Services

Cleaning the house can be a very frustrating job for many people, especially for those who are busy working. You can take advantage of this condition by opening a house cleaning service.

House cleaning services include cleaning the floor, carpet, garage, yard, wall, roof, bathroom, and other parts of the house as desired by the service user. Usually, they will need help cleaning house services when there will be guests or want to hold a particular event.

34. Computer Teachers

Have a good ability to operate a computer? Let’s open a business for computer teaching services. There are many people who do not understand how to operate a computer together with the programs that are in it, such as Microsoft office. Therefore, you can try to be a teacher for them.

35. Laundry Services

The laundry business will probably need a lot of capital if you make a more professional concept. But, if you want to start in a simple way, then the capital you need can be very minimal.

Simply capitalize on ordinary washing machines and irons, complete with soap and air freshener. You can open a laundry service. As long as your quality and service are satisfying, your laundry business can quickly develop.

36. Make Up Services

If you know how to look beautiful by wearing makeup, then open up your makeup service. You can start by offering makeup services at home or call makeup services. Many people need this makeup service for graduation events, to parties or to other important events.

Only with the ability to make up makeup and simple makeup tools, you can already start this one business. In fact, if you are already quite proficient, you can offer yourself for a more professional bridal makeup service.

37. Vermak and Sewing Services

As long as you already have a simple sapphire machine, you can already start this one business. Alteration stitching services are a very easy thing to do. You can get extra money by helping people fix their loose shirt buttons, torn clothes, broken zippers and so on.

If you have a better sewing skill, you can also try to open up clothes making services. In fact, you can also sew pillowcases, blankets, aprons, rags, and other simple objects according to your ability. Then, you just sell it. Easy right?

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