37 observations about a life that didn’t go according to plan

If everything is not as you imagined, this is not a reason to despair. Many useful lessons can be learned from unfulfilled plans.

Getting a diploma from a prestigious university, getting an interesting high-paying job, starting a family before 30, starting a business, traveling a lot, buying a house by the sea and always maintaining impeccable athletic shape – it seems like this is how we planned to live our life. If these plans were not destined to come true, this does not mean that life has failed. This means that she taught us something.

– 1 –

When it seems to us that we have understood everything, we stop developing.

– 2 –

Learning and getting an education are not the same thing. Getting an education is about memorizing facts and collecting diplomas. And when we learn, we shape ourselves, this is a lifelong process.

– 3 –

Work brings more than just income. Choose not the job that pays the best, but the one where you grow professionally. This will pay dividends in the future.

– 4 –

Past mistakes are very important. If you had acted differently in the past, you would not know now how to act in such situations, and most importantly – how not to act.

– 5 –

Appreciate the routine. The small things we do day in and day out lead to big results.

– 6 –

Spend the first hour after waking up on things that bring meaning to your life.

– 7 –

To forgive is not to forget. We can hardly forget those who hurt us. But if we can forgive them, we will free ourselves from the burden of resentment and bitterness. By doing this we will do ourselves a favor, not them.

– eight –

If you want to change the world, imagine that it is plasticine and start shaping it as desired.

– nine –

Having the time and opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life means that things are not so bad for you. There are many people in the world who daily care about where to get drinking water and what they will eat tomorrow.

– ten –

There are questions, the answers to which we will never know, and we just have to accept it.

– eleven –

Life is like a scientific experiment. To formulate a coherent hypothesis, you need to collect a lot of data. If life is not going according to plan, then you are just collecting data for now.

– 12 –

Not all advice is worth listening to. Be critical of advice from people who have not achieved what you want to achieve.

– 13 –

Some fateful events in our lives happen just when everything is not going according to plan.

– fourteen –

Invest in yourself and take care of yourself. Nobody will do it for you.

– 15 –

Think about what they will say about you after your death. Nobody will remember your likes and reposts. They will remember what will leave a mark on the souls of others. If what you do leaves such a mark, then you are not living your life in vain.

– 16 –

It is impossible to please everyone. And it is not worth wasting time on this, which can be given to those who love us.

– 17 –

Sometimes success comes in the second half of life.

– eighteen –

Each hero goes through trials. Nothing hardens us more than loss and failure. Losing is not the main thing in life.

– 19 –

Some of those who push us away actually give us the impetus to move forward.

– twenty –

Write down a list of what you dreamed of as a child. You may be able to fulfill these dreams in adulthood.

– 21 –

Much of what you believe in will change with age.

– 22 –

What we are afraid of now will also stop scaring. To stop being afraid of loneliness, it is enough to live with the wrong person for a while.

– 23 –

In parenting advice, it turns out, there is still a healthy grain.

– 24 –

To be happy, you don’t need anything but a feeling of happiness. If we make the presence of money, love, home and other things a condition of happiness, then we will chase after them, and we will never get to happiness.

– 25 –

Stoicism is a philosophical antidepressant. It helps to withstand life’s trials with dignity.

– 26 –

A hated job is a great preparation for your dream job.

– 27 –

To get up, you must first fall. And to take off, you need to get up.

– 28 –

The path to the goal changes us more and gives us more than achieving it.

– 29 –

List your most ambitious desires. This will help you understand what you want out of life.

– thirty –

In anticipation of great happiness, do not forget to enjoy the little things.

– 31 –

Uncertainty is fraught with limitless possibilities. You don’t know how it will be. This means that there are thousands of paths open before you.

– 32 –

The books we read often resonate with the events of our lives. If at least one idea can be taken out of a book and put into practice, it is a worthwhile book .

– 33 –

Something that is a reason for ridicule in youth can be something for which you will be loved in adulthood.

– 34 –

True friends are almost family members. One or two is enough.

– 35 –

Parents are wrong too. The parents are faced with the task of growing from an absolutely helpless being an independent full-fledged member of society, preferably not a scoundrel. Of course, all parents inevitably make some mistakes while doing this.

– 36 –

As soon as you think you’re successful, you will stumble. In fact, once you reach your goal, the real work begins.

– 37 –

If you have no idea what to do with your life, this is not a cause for alarm. Not a single discoverer followed the beaten path to his discoveries. You will walk through life untouched paths that may lead you to something new. You will become an active participant in your own life, and not an outside observer of how it rolls along the knurled track.

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