What is the 360 ​​evaluation in human talent management

The success in the decisions carried out by the department of human resources is fundamental for its influence in the development of the business. Innovation in this matter that puts the person at the center is also a constant. The 360 evaluation receives this name for its look at the whole in the search for information.


Performance evaluation

Through this approach, a professional of the company obtains a feedback on its performance from the point of view of different profiles of the organization that fulfill this task of evaluating. What is the main strength of this panoramic image? The level of information that a company can know with this methodology that gives voice to different people is greater than through other tests.

Each of the participants in this process receives a clear explanation of what are the characteristics of this experience, what opportunities it poses, what the objective is and why the involvement and objectivity of each of the evaluators is important. Teamwork is a major component in the growth of the organization. And this collaboration is present in this integral protocol. What a person has taken into consideration complements the contribution made by another subject.

The thematic aspects that focus the interest of an evaluation that can have the format of a questionnaire put the focus on labor. This interpretation does not follow the limiting prejudice of ruling out other routes of analysis but rather completes them.



The design of this action plan that leads to a research process of these characteristics should start from the previous programming when choosing the participants, design the test, think about the goal of this experience and maintain the positive focus on the reading of the data. It is a process aimed at generating value and building new opportunities. For example, valuations can show which are the main virtues and competences in which that candidate stands out, and also in what details he could grow from now on receiving positive reinforcement for it.

Design of future plans

The participants who are responsible for evaluating from their perspective are people who relate to the professional evaluated in the work routine based on a specific issue. What is the main purpose of this process?

In addition to offering a comprehensive reading of this performance, it is also advisable to link this routine with a turning point that is the result of a significant improvement. For example, the programming of training actions for workers. Human resources put the person at the center and this scheme is an example of how to optimize human capital by making workers main actors in this sequence in which they maintain their anonymity regarding their contributions.

A worker can know himself through the time of introspection, but this external gaze also returns a mirror of reality in which he discovers himself through the eyes of others.


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