Perhaps many of my Career Advice colleagues were eager to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, fears and worries often come into our minds. We still doubt, “am I suitable to be an entrepreneur ?” or “Are the characteristics that I have suitable to be an entrepreneur?”.


Shhhh! In this article we will reveal 35 characteristics of entrepreneurship! Later, Career Advice colleagues can judge for themselves, are all the entrepreneurial characteristics in this article in you, or not?


If everything is there, then congratulations! That indicates that the fellow reader is suitable to be an entrepreneur. But if there are only a few characteristics possessed, it doesn’t matter. At least it has become a pretty good indicator that fellow readers have the necessary qualities. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 35 entrepreneurial characteristics that we summarize below.


1. Cannot Work for Others. 

From the beginning until now, fellow readers feel very dislike working for others. Fellow readers don’t like being told by bosses, but rather become leaders and direct the work to others. In addition, when viewed from a family history, most family members of fellow readers also prefer to be entrepreneurs.


2. Always Confident. 

This is one of the striking characteristics of entrepreneurship. If we pay attention, it seems that there are no entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are not confident.


They are always confident and optimistic with whatever effort they give. After all, if we don’t have confidence, how can others trust us?


3. Has a Competitive Nature, but Ready to Lose. 

With their self-confidence and optimism, they always like to compete. Even so, they are ready to lose. For them, winning and losing is a natural thing. The most important thing is to keep trying to give the best.


4. Status Quo? I really hate this!

The status quo is a fixed state at a certain time. People with entrepreneurial characteristics will really hate this. They always question why people do the things they do? Whereas prospective entrepreneurs want to undermine the status quo, especially if it is already irrelevant to the current situation. They also always try to make things better.


5. Always Enthusiastic. 

Life is not always fun, there are times when we are unemployed or “broken” (do not have money at all). However, this is what makes them to go ahead and succeed.


6. Have the Ability to Cooperate. 

With characters who are always optimistic and passionate, people really like to work with us. On the one hand, we also have a good ability to partner or collaborate with people.


7. The word “Surrender” is not in their dictionary. 

Even though the world feels heavy and life’s challenges always come. They will not give up on going forward and working hard for success.


8. The Office is not a Comfortable Place to Work. 

People who have entrepreneurial characteristics will only work from home and build their own workspaces. For them, the office is not a comfortable workplace.


9. Ever Out of College. 

Even though education is the most important asset in life, it does not mean that people who do not have education until completion cannot be successful. One of the characteristics of entrepreneurship is ever leaving college. Examples such as, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.


10. Often Fired from the Office. 

Hah?! How can someone who is often fired can become an entrepreneur? In fact it can. Maybe they are often fired because they do not like working under the direction of others. They tend to like to be leaders and like to build their own business.


11. Has a Specific Definition of “Stable Work”. 

For them, stable employment is not a salary every month. However, stable work is always in control of the work we create.


12. Spend more time with Co-Founders and Teams. 

Too many important things that need to be thought and discussed every day. This is why they spend more time discussing business progress with co-founders and team members.


13. Very Often Wearing Shirts with Our Product or Company Logo. 

They will feel very confident when wearing shirts bearing the logo of the product or company they founded. The more often they use it, the more confident they are that the business will grow.


14. Likes to oppose authority. 

Maybe this is why they are often fired from the office, because they do not like being over-regulated. The new work and regulations they created feel much better.


15. Has a Special Definition of “Vacation”. 

For them, vacation is not going away from work. But the definition of “vacation” for entrepreneurs is to work quietly without anyone bothering them.


16. Seeing “Opportunities” Everywhere.  

Believe that golden opportunity is always spread everywhere. For example, when looking at a building for rent, we think of opening an office business there.


17. Unemployed and low income is not a problem. 

It does not matter if we are unemployed, as long as efforts to continue to develop are always there. And, it doesn’t matter if you only have a low income, what is important is that you are the boss of your own business.


18. Really like business.  

From the first, trading is a hobby of fellow readers. For example, when I was in elementary school, my fellow readers had started selling cut ice for safekeeping in the school canteen.


19. Always Choose a Seat Near the Electric Plugs. 

The characteristics of this entrepreneur are quite unique too! They realize that there are many things they want to do on their laptops, so they need a close source of electricity.


20. Time Is More Valuable Than Money. 

Money can be sought and recovered, while time cannot be played back. That is why time is far more valuable than money.


21. There Are Many Things More Valuable Than Money. 

Although entrepreneurship is synonymous with money and looking for as much profit as possible. However, fellow readers believe there are many things more valuable than money in life.


22. Willing to Work Harder. 

Working hard is always in the peer reader dictionary. Fellow readers will be willing to work and give more results, without orders from anyone.


23. A Logical and Realistic Thinker. 

Having a dream is good, but this does not prevent readers from staying logical and realistic.


24. Feel Happy to Give Job to Others. 

Opening jobs and allowing others to have jobs is very satisfying for fellow readers. Indirectly, fellow readers are helping the economy of the community.


25. Not Fear of Failure. 

Failure is only a delayed victory, or it can also be interpreted as a golden opportunity that can lead us to the next success. Entrepreneurs will never be afraid of failure.


26. Good at communicating. 

These characteristics indicate that fellow readers are very friendly individuals, so that they have never had difficulties or problems in communicating.


27. Always Love Yourself. 

Before making business for the good of many people, they never forgot to always love themselves.


28. Always Think about the Value of Return on Investment. 

Whatever is done every day, we always think of the return we will get from these efforts.


29. Feel Responsible for the Lives of Many People. 

The businesses and businesses we set up are not just businesses, but we also feel responsible for the people who work for our business later.


30. Always Surround Yourself with Positive People

There is no gap for negative people to join in our lives.


31. Don’t Avoid Problems and Always Try to Resolve them. 

Problems exist to be solved, not to be avoided. They will give their best effort to solve all existing problems.


32. An Attractive and Charismatic Person. 

People who have entrepreneurial characteristics are very attractive and charismatic individuals, so many people are sure to work with them.


33. Always Think Innovative and Creative. 

They don’t like to sell things that are already common, it’s stale! Their mindset is always filled with extraordinary innovations and creations.


34. Treat Others with Respect. 

Although the fellow reader is the business owner of the business that you founded, and others need jobs from fellow readers. However, this does not mean we don’t respect or don’t treat others with respect.


35. Economical but not Stingy. 

They are not extravagant people, especially not to waste money on goods that are not too important. They use money wisely and are not stingy with their subordinates.

by Abdullah Sam
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