30 tips and tricks for Windows Phone 7 users

On the XDA Developers Forum, I came across the post Awesome WP7 Tips & Tricks and thought it was worth sharing and adding some more:

one.Using voice control Windows Phone 7.
Press and hold the Windows key at the bottom of the screen to start talking to your phone. Try to say “Open Calendar” to see what we mean.

  1. Adding applications to the home screen.
    When you’re in a long list of apps on your phone, tapping and holding an icon brings up a context menu that presents you with a series of options, one of which is “contact to start”. Click on this option and the application will be shown on the home screen.
  2. Add people to the start page.
    While in your contact book, click on the pin icon and they will be added to the start page so you can quickly type them at any time.
  3. Move your tiles around.
    Adding a new app or tile to your home screen will place them right at the bottom. If you want it to be somewhere else, press and hold the tile in question and then you can move it up and down freely and rearrange the tiles according to your needs.
  4. Remove applications from the home screen.
    Hold your finger on a tile for a few seconds, and when it is highlighted, tap the no-pin icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Removing applications.
    In the menu list, click on the corresponding application until the context menu appears. Select delete and you’re done.
  6. Appraisal and peer review.
    You really love the new app you downloaded so much that you want to rate and review it so everyone else knows if it’s a good thing or not. With Windows Phone 7, you don’t have to wait for you to uninstall it to rate it, you can rate and review it anytime you want. Press and hold the desired app until the context menu appears, then select Rate and Review. Another page will open where you can express your opinion and get a grade out of five.
  7. How to change the subject.
    From the menu list, select Settings and then Theme. Here you can choose the background color and accent color. Background options are Black or White, while you can choose from nine accent colors.
  8. Swipe left.
    Windows Phone 7 is built on the idea of ​​panoramic tiles that you swipe to show more content behind the scenes. It’s always worth seeing if you can swipe to the left, as there may be more material waiting to be revealed.
  9. What are the points?
    If you see three dots at the bottom of the screen, this is a menu for additional options. For example, when playing photos, you can delete the image or do a quick load.
  10. To live in a country without market access.
    There are several ways to access the Marketplace, the easiest of which is our own Marketplace tool.
  11. Add cool transparent wallpapers to your lock screen.
    Create or get a 480×800 transparent wallpaper in PNG format and send it by email. From your phone, open your email and download the attached image. From there, you can set transparent wallpaper as wallpaper for your lock screen.
  12. Change your default Windows Live ID.
    The only solution to change the default Windows Live ID is to factory reset your phone and create a new Windows Live ID. Using this method, you will lose all your saved data, purchased apps, settings, and anything else you might have saved on your phone.
    In your picture gallery Hold your finger on the screen and a window will pop up … which says “Change the background” and “Change it for me” (auto-shuffle). Click change my background and choose your favorite photo / image…. This should now change in the app, and when you go to the home screen, you can also see this image in the Pictures tab.
  14. Battery and signal.
    Swipe down, starting from the top of the screen … It should slide down on battery, signal, Wi-Fi icons, and more!
  15. Stop your audio player when you are busy doing something else.
    Press the volume button and the audio player will show you can stop, pause, etc.
  16. Multilingual dictionaries
    In the keyboard settings, select multiple languages. Your keyboard will display a regional button to the right of the spacebar. Changing the keyboard layout will change the dictionary.

18.Connect your phone to your computer and play music through your computer speaker.
Use your headset and AV service to play music through your computer’s speakers. Just connect your Windows Phone 7 to your computer via Bluetooth and it will easily start playing.

  1. Change your email signature on Windows Phone 7.
    Go to “Email”, then “Settings” select “Use electronic signature” You can change it from the one sent by default from my Windows Phone.
  2. Access the camera when the phone is in sleep mode or locked.
    Just hold the submit button until it activates.
  3. Quickly import contacts from your SIM card.
    Click the People tile, then hold the People title bar above your contact list and click Import Sim Contacts.
  4. Play all songs in random mode.
    When you launch your playlist, click the Now Playing tile in the Zune. You will be presented with three options: Repeat, Favorites, and Shuffle. Selecting Shuffle will play songs in random order.
  5. Raise the cursor when you are working with a text box.
    Press and hold the text box. This will raise the cursor and allow you to move the cursor wherever you want.
  6. Recording a telephone conversation.
    During a call, put it on speakerphone and hold the camera button to record the conversation.
  7. Synchronize your SkyDrive OneNote documents.
    Go to Live.com and sign in. At the top of the page, click Office. Find the OneNote document you want to sync, click Next and then Properties. On the property page, send the web address to your phone. Make sure your browser is set to mobile and not desktop and open the web url. Open Office on your Windows Phone 7 and sync.
  8. Correcting spelling errors manually.
    Press and hold in the editor and you will see a blue cursor. Move the cursor over the word you want to correct. Just edit the word you want.
  9. Disable photo geotagging.
    Go to Settings, Application, Pictures and Camera. There you can enable or disable location information (GPS) in your pictures.
  10. Search by keyword on a web page.
    When you’re in your browser, click on the three dots and select Find on Page. The word will be highlighted by the keyword on the page. Press the Back button to remove the selection.
  11. Save battery by turning off Location.
    Go to location settings and slide the switch to the left to turn it off.
  12. Quickly switch to quiet mode.
    If you need to quickly switch to silent mode, just press the power button and it will immediately disconnect the ringer.

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