30 reasons why it is so important to follow your dreams

Do you want to wake up every morning and kick off the blanket and be eager to start your day? In that case, it’s time to start taking what you dream of seriously.

Here are 30 reasons why it is so important that you follow your dreams

1. Your time is up
Yes, it’s so hard. Most people get about 30,000 days and time is not a renewable resource. If you are going to get what you want out of life, it’s time to do something about it today.

2. You would have done it if you had the money
I usually have fun asking a question to people I like but who do not seem to have much fun: “What would you do if you had twenty million kroner?”. Most people would do something completely different than they do today. Money must never be an obstacle to not striving to do what you really want to do. Again: Remember that life is short. Your goal must be to answer “exactly what I do now” if someone asks you what you would do if you had twenty million kroner.

Put your daily choices in the rocking chair
You have also met old people who have become bitter and sour. If you ask them what they would have done with their lives if they had to redo everything, you will either get a bitter answer or a remorseful one. Imagine yourself as an old man in the rocking chair. What will you regret if you do not do it now?

4. You become braver
The one who does what you really want to do becomes braver because you hunt for what you want. Then there is no fear, only curiosity and desire. You will look your fears straight in the eye and take command because you want to.

5. The world needs you
People who live their lives to the fullest help others do the same. In our closed society, there are few who stand out, but those who do get the eyes of others to open. Be that person for others. You can be the one who gives hope to others to do the same thing you do. You can be the example they longed to see.

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6. Other people’s plans do not include you
Making a plan and having goals makes you a dynamic package that gets its own power. If you do not have a plan, you are usually part of someone else’s plan and you know what they are planning for you – just that – nothing.

7. You grow as a human being
It sounds like a cliché, but the fact is that those who sit at the helm of their lives become more independent and take control in a way that those who just float with are never allowed to do. Those who follow their dreams let nothing stop them. The change may take place gradually, but it will come and one day you will stand there and realize that you are not a victim of anything.

8. You will like yourself more
Anyone who takes their dreams seriously and does something for them becomes more proud of themselves. And this spills over into all parts of life. Walking around being ignored and unhappy also spills over into the rest of your life, albeit in the wrong way. Those who follow their dreams get new energy just by actually doing what they want.

9. You become more generous to others
You know it’s true even if you do not want to admit it: If you are happy with yourself, you also have a greater embrace for others. You start to see other people’s lives and want to help, say kinder things and stop arguing with people. The result is that others will like you more because they feel uplifted and highly valued when they hang out with you.

10. You will laugh and smile more often
Children laugh upwards 300 times a day – adults only 18 times according to surveys (it can of course vary but the principle is clear). It’s awful. But those who follow their dreams will laugh and smile more often for the simple reason that they do more of what they like to do.

11. You get a new meaning in life
If you do not really know the meaning of your life, the purpose I mean, then it is easy to find your way back to it by digging deeper and seeing what you really want to do. When you find it, you will also find a whole new meaning.

12. You get to learn new things
Taking new steps is scary. Getting out of the comfort zone is scary, but we are never so happy with ourselves as when we have done something new and managed it, mastered it and liked it. If more people became comfortable with usually feeling a little stupid, the world would be a much nicer place because more people would do new things, take new steps.

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13. It will be visible on you
Happiness is visible in the face. Happiness is visible in the glitter of the eyes. When you follow your dreams, both the glitter in your eyes and the clip in the steps come.

14. You will feel less alone when you are alone
People in need of constant confirmation are not really whole. Those who pursue their dreams have contact with their own hearts and do not need the same confirmation to be happy.

15. Dreams and goals are the meaning of life
Your dreams are the ones that can get you through the worst difficulties. The dreams are the ones that make you move forward. The goals you have no one can take away from you no matter what they take away from you otherwise.

16. Lay your life in the grave and you will see what happens
When you are dead and gone – what reasons are there for others to talk about your life then? Did you live like a coward who never did anything exciting or are there stories about you that will live forever.

17. You can be very successful
Being motivated is a pure primordial force. It is almost impossible to fail at something you really want to do and have prepared to do.

18. You do not have to be bored
If you have a job that you hate, the days go slowly and you lose energy from being bored. Instead of looking at the clock and longing for the weekend and the holiday, you do exactly what you want to do.

19. No one else will do it for you
Your dreams are your dreams and no fairy will come with a magic wand and fulfill your desires. All people have their own dreams and goals to think about and unless you do something about yours they will never be fulfilled.

20. You can disprove “those people”
There are always people who want to kill other people’s dreams. When you meet yours (which everyone says is impossible) then you prove that they were wrong. There they got! It sounds a bit petty, but many of us who have reached our goals have a need for compensation that has whipped us forward towards our goals, among other things because no one has believed in us. The mistrust has served as a fantastic fuel.

21. You stop worrying
Worrying is what people are experts at. Those who have a dream worry less and give less energy to the brain to make it happen. Positive dreams take up space in the brain and force away the negative that often tries to invent things to torment us.

22. Other people start looking at you in a new way
Dreams and the pursuit of goals always lead forward and others will see that something has happened to you that they did not see there before. A human being is primarily his actions (I think anyway) and when people around you see that you take different steps to get where you want, they get a new respect for you. And it’s not so strange – when you follow your dreams by shopping, you change and become a more interesting person both for others, but above all and most importantly – for yourself.

23. You become more independent
The one who takes control of his life, thus sits at the handlebars, does not become so dependent on others to make things happen. Nice feeling to prove to yourself and others that you have “it”.
Maybe they did not think so.

24. You become more aware of what you want
Those who become more purposeful in life find it easier to avoid things that are not good in other areas because they have learned to think about what they want out of life. Practicing thinking about what you want and do not want creates willpower muscles (for lack of another word). Your determination is simply transferred to other parts of your life.

25. You will be happy more often
It is in human nature to never be really happy. There is nothing wrong with that. We are programmed to move forward and would never be where we are today if that instinct did not exist. But, those who follow their dreams will be happier much more often and above all have a dream to rest in when life throws shit at them.

26. You will make others happy
Instead of feeling jealous of others who seem to be doing so well, you feel good about yourself and do not even have to touch feelings of envy and jealousy.

27. You never have to ask yourself what to do
Anyone who has a dream to hunt has enough exciting things to do. Those who do not have a dream will always have a great unspoken desire for something else – and then you die.

28. You can get rich financially too
Those who love what they do often become successful in that area – and that can mean more money as well.

29. Your life becomes like a good novel or an exciting movie
Think for yourself. If you were to write a book about your life – could it be sold to someone who does not know you because it is so interesting? Anyone who takes the step and follows their dreams gets a life as an exciting novel.

30. You can start where you are, use what you have and do the best you can
We all have something we are good at. If you spend your days fulfilling other people’s dreams and goals, you are wasting your own talent, but even worse, your life on something you do not really care about. Take a first step immediately after reading this text. Many times, only a first step is needed: Order that training catalog, call that person, make a business plan for the company you want to start. It may be a small thing, but do it or at least make a plan for your dream and how to achieve it.

That’s right: Do you remember that person who never took any risks? No, no one else does either.

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