30 love phrases for my girlfriend at the beginning of the day

Whether they wake up together or not, try to make a romantic phrase the first thing she hears – or reads – when she wakes up. And you do not need excuses to remind your girlfriend how lucky you are to have her by your side.

Organizing a marriage is a strenuous, long, and often stressful process for couples. From choosing engagement rings in a first stage, to listing wedding dresses and suits for the groom, and the wedding decoration they want for that day; among many other items, which must attend and complement with the rest of their day-to-day tasks.

Whether they are discussing more or less relevant issues regarding their wedding planning, the important thing is that they do not lose focus on their marriage, which is the most important step they will take in common. For this reason, it is essential not to leave out romanticism, or those little details that make your day to day happy. Do not forget that a cute word, a gesture or a smile can change your day, so do not miss the opportunity to say beautiful phrases of love to brighten your morning, day or week.

In addition to keeping a clear schedule of homework, they should try to be patient, calm and tolerant . Above all, when inconveniences arise that complicate them, such as the fact that prices for wedding dresses with lace seem not to be within their reach; not agreeing on the wedding decorations they want to wear ; if they want one or two wedding cakes , or a thousand and one unforeseen events that may appear along the way. So it is important not to stray from what is really important: your love. And what better than to remember it with phrases of love that make you fall in love every day.

To keep romanticism alive in this stressful process of marriage planning, here we give the groom some love phrases to dedicate ; Although they serve both sides, especially if they want to reuse them tomorrow as marriage anniversary phrases to celebrate their love.

And who does not like to wake up with a romantic word , a phone call or even a WhatsApp message? To surprise your girlfriend with a simple gesture, but as valuable as this one, we invite you to review this selection of love messages that, without a doubt, will bring out a smile every morning and help you forget about the dress for a few seconds, if To choose or not a  simple hairstyle , whether to wear Grandma’s pearl necklace or to buy colored shoes … among other topics that alone or with you, will have to choose.

  • I have slept dreaming about you and now that I woke up, you are still in my mind.
  • Have a nice day. Mine is already mine just by remembering you.
  • Today life blesses us with a new dawn for both of us.
  • Your eyes illuminate my heart as much as the sun illuminates the earth.
  • There is no pleasure like waking up, showing up in my mind and remembering that you are in my life.
  • I wish you have a good day and that you are missing me as much as I miss you.
  • Saying good morning is superfluous, because just seeing you by my side I realize that there are no bad days.
  • Today is a beautiful day, with a bright sun. But what illuminates our lives the most is our love.
  • Time to get up! Or you’re going to be late to find out how much I love you.
  • How beautiful is the morning when you are with me to enjoy every moment.


  • The sky shines for you and the moon is already hidden. Good morning, my dear, the morning is already born.
  • How nice it is to dawn with you and realize that my life is complete, because only you fill it.
  • The sun never rises for me until my princess’s eyes light up my morning.
  • You are the only reason I need to smile every morning and throughout the day.
  • Each sunset leaves us with one less day to live, but each sunrise offers us a day full of hope.
  • Since I spend the nights dreaming about you, I want to spend my days showing you my love.
  • My favorite coffee upon waking will always be that of your eyes.
  • It is good to know that I have someone by my side and that life with you is more beautiful than ever.
  • I fell asleep thinking of you, I dreamed of you and woke up missing you.
  • Happiness comes over me every morning, because I wake up with you in my thoughts.


  • I woke up very sleepy, but I remember that you are in my life and I am filled with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Last night I dreamed of you and it was wonderful. Today I want to make it happen.
  • I hope you have a day full of surprises as beautiful as you.
  • Just awake and I can no longer bear the desire to see you, hug you and make you laugh.
  • You are so pretty when you wake up that you look like the best of dreams!
  • Every day I wake up with only one objective: you!
  • Thank you for being by my side today, your love is enough for me to have a great day.
  • Even if I see you every morning when I wake up, I miss you all day and more.
  • On a cold and gray winter day like today, thanks to you I don’t need the sun. Thank you for being the light that illuminates my day.
  • I long to be the person to give you a sweet awakening for all eternity.

Now you know! It’s just a matter of breaking the routine and, for no special reason, dedicate a few romantic words to your girlfriend when you wake up. Regardless of whether they live together or not yet, with these cute phrases you will be able to brighten their day early. A nice gesture is that you choose short love phrases and stick them on pieces of paper in different parts of the house; And tomorrow, those same phrases can be engraved on their wedding rings , which will remind them of the beautiful stage of polo that they lived through.


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