30 Examples of Where, where, where and where

Where is an interrogative adverb or exclamation , and the like where that is otherwise valid write ( ¿ where to go on holiday this year? ). Where is a relative adverb of place, which can also be written in two words: where ( Vayas where you go, be with you ).

The words “where”, “where”, “where” and “where” are homophones , that is, they sound phonetically the same but their meaning is different and they are written differently. In orality, when we hear any of these words, we may not be certain whether they have an accent or not, which is why sometimes confusion can be generated.

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When is each used?

  • Where / where . It is an adverb that introduces direct interrogative or exclamatory sentences, or indirect subordinates of the same type, and is written with an accent. For example: I wonder where they are going.
  • Where / where . It is a relative adverb of place that denotes the direction of a movement, and is written without an accent. For example: We will go where it is necessary to go to solve this problem.

Examples of sentences with “where / where”

  1. He wanted to know where they were going, but no one revealed it to him.
  2. ¿ Where are all gone?
  3. When you don’t know where to go, come see me.
  4. Where we end up if we continue to pollute the planet!
  5. He didn’t know where the road led and wanted to find out.
  6. ¿ Where then went to dinner, I found you?
  7. I don’t know where the dog went, he’s been lost for days.
  8. Where do souls go when people die?
  9. If I knew where you should go to feel better, I would tell you.
  10. ¿ Where we go to dinner?
  11. I am not sure where I should go in order to complete the procedure.
  12. The policeman asked him where he was going in such a hurry.
  13. ¿ Where were on holiday last year?
  14. He asked where he should go and headed there.
  15. ¿ Where will all these people dressed like that ?

Examples of sentences with “where / where”

  1. We will go again to the place where we went yesterday.
  2. They let her go where she wanted, without regard.
  3. Let the dog go to lie down where it wishes.
  4. The place where we usually camp is flooded.
  5. Let him go where he wants, let’s not try to hold him back.
  6. He is passing through Madrid, where he went to visit his mother.
  7. He went to the place where he used to go when he wasn’t feeling well.
  8. It ‘s always good to have a place where they go when they need help.
  9. will go where destiny takes me.
  10. I could not find the place where you asked me out.
  11. I invite you to dinner wherever you want.
  12. Take me to the hiding place where you’ve been all this time.
  13. The place where they were taken was very strange.
  14. I know a place where he usually goes to meet his friends, let’s look for him there.
  15. The man went to where he thought his family was.
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