Making mistakes at work may be one thing we cannot avoid. How can, mistakes are one of the main characteristics inherent in humans. Not a human name if it has never made a mistake in his life. Is it right? Well, what is meant by “work mistakes”? Work mistakes are mistakes or wrong actions committed either intentionally or unintentionally at work, which if these mistakes are carried out continuously, then the performance of the individual will take effect.


What Work Mistakes Can Affect Work Credibility?

Mistakes in the workplace are indeed natural things to happen, but that does not mean we should underestimate this, colleagues. Worker mistakes in the workplace must be realized immediately. Because if it isn’t corrected immediately, then the error will eventually become a negative work culture.


In fact, someone who often makes mistakes at work will have a negative impact on the credibility of the work he has at work. What does work credibility mean? The credibility of work is a quality, strength, ability or capability in an individual that makes him a person who can be trusted in the workplace . The credibility of work also makes a person easily trusted and recognized for all his performance, because the people around him know that the individual can be relied upon. So, if you make a mistake at work, you have to fix it immediately. If not, the credibility of our work will be at stake.


Then, how do you make a good impression at work and maintain the best possible credibility for our work? According to the dot com business website, there are 3 work mistakes that we need to avoid at work, by avoiding them we will build a good impression in the work environment. However, if we continue to drag on in these three mistakes, then the credibility of our work will be at stake. Let us consider the following explanation.


First Mistake: Making Delays Too Often.

Being late, it becomes one of the mistakes that not only occur in school children, but also adults who have entered the workforce. In fact, several companies in Indonesia put a sign on the entrance of the office “I am ashamed to arrive late” to increase employee awareness that arriving late is one of the work mistakes that is difficult to tolerate.


We know that tardiness is something that is quite difficult to avoid. Starting from waking up late, leaky car tires or incredible city traffic jams. In other words, everyone must have made this work mistake even if only once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, if delays occur too often, this condition will create a reputation crisis that is quite chronic. Work delays that are too often will make our managers or leaders find it hard to believe in our loyalty in complying with existing work rules.


Especially if this work error spreads even more to the delay in coming to a very important work meeting. We are sure that no one likes the attitude of employees like this, because arriving late is tantamount to not respecting the time of others who have arrived earlier than us. The problem is that other people not only feel frustrated by this work error, but they also begin to feel doubt that we are reliable people.


How do you fix this working error? The main way to do this is to be honest with ourselves. When we leave far earlier, we will arrive on time. However, when we intend to arrive on time, then we will arrive late.


Especially if we already know that the distance and road conditions from where we live to the office is difficult to predict. Whether it’s because of severe traffic jams or due to road corrections that occur everywhere. In essence, we need to get ahead of our bad habits. If leaving home at 7:30 IWST still keeps my fellow readers coming late to the office, try to get up early and leave at 7:00 IWST. In addition, try to prepare what items we will carry and use the next day. If necessary, provide breakfast or food that will be warmed and eaten tomorrow.


In other words, finish everything we can finish the night before. Get used to having effective time management. For example, allocate 15 minutes for bathing, 15 minutes for dressing and grooming, 15 minutes for breakfast and 5 minutes for restrooms. Make sure we follow the allotted time yes.


Second Work Mistake: Excessive Technology Addiction.

Technology comes like a “fresh breeze” that helps the lives of many people. This discovery makes human life easier. Unfortunately, technology also makes it easy for people to lose their focus of work. In fact, when someone is talking to people in front of him, it is realized or not the other person will be more interested to look at the cellphone screen while “listening” to his friend talking. Not knowing whether the person is actually listening to a friend’s conversation or not, but not making eye contact with the person who is talking to us is rude. The arrival of technology not only facilitates our lives, but this reality has removed the attitude of courtesy and respect for the people around us.


Work mistakes that are often done by employees and related to technology are that they cannot control the desire to play cellphones, gadgets or other devices related to technology. In other words, employees face excessive technological addiction.


When focusing on completing work assignments, we are often tempted to check cell phones. In one hour we can check the cell phone for three times or more. When the work meeting starts, instead of listening to and paying attention to the conversation delivered by the meeting leader, we are instead absorbed in chattingan with our relatives.


The presence of technology is indeed a very amazing thing. But as a professional employee, try to be wise in using technology. Pay attention to those who are giving us space and time. Because if we don’t, it’s the same as assuming other people aren’t as important as gadgets in front of us. Mistakes of work like this should be abandoned immediately, colleagues. If not, the credibility of our work will be increasingly questioned.


How do you fix this working error? From now on, we must strive to avoid using technology at the wrong time and place. We may use gadgets, when we are at our own desk, not attending work meetings, not discussing or having conversations with other people and not struggling with serious work.


If we are tempted to shift the focus on our gadget again, try giving our time and attention to the people who deserve it, that is, those who are speaking before us. By making these improvements, we are building a good image in the workplace and maintaining the credibility of the existing work.


Third Work Mistake: Always Find Reasons.

Arguing and making excuses are human nature, because each of us would want to defend ourselves or maintain security. But what if we give reasons too often? Is that very annoying for others? Yep! Of course.


Attitude always looking for reasons to grow when we often see deviations around us. When we see the boss texting or chatting during a work meeting, we feel that it is a natural thing, so that at other times we can do it.


When our co-workers often arrive late to the office, we assume that it is commonplace. So, it doesn’t matter if we do it too? Come on, we are all people who are adults and can certainly understand that all the deviations that occur are not something that should be emulated. Instead, we are the ones who should break all these bad habits. If at any time we are reprimanded for making the same deviation, do not look for any reason. Because clearly what we are doing is wrong, and we have imitated the wrong attitude.


How do you fix this working error? Target good attitudes and place high expectations on yourself. Just because someone else is doing something wrong, doesn’t mean we have to do it too. Think of ourselves as wiser people and upholders of the truth. So, our job is to correct the truth, not to side with deviations. By doing this, the credibility of our work will be better, colleagues.


Well, those are 3 work mistakes that we need to avoid and eliminate from now on, yep! now. We do this for the sake of the credibility of our work now and in the future. So, good luck and avoid the three mistakes above, colleagues Career Advice.


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