3 tips on life, happiness, success and people

We do many things to achieve happiness in life. In this article today, I want to share with you five tips on life, happiness, success and people.

  1. Pray for your parents all the time.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people.
  3. Don’t waste food.
  4. Create at least 2 sources of revenue.
  5. Thank you for what you have.
  6. Deposit at least 5% of the money you are earning.
  7. Make a list of all the things you are worried about and cut out the ones that are not important.
  8. Walk for 20 minutes every day.
  9. Do not say anything about yourself unless you are asked for something.
  10. Never tell anyone about your future goals or next steps.
  11. Don’t tell your salary to others.
  12. Avoid negative people in your life.
  13. Don’t quit your current job unless you have another good income.
  14. Don’t share any information based on banks and money.
  15. Share your knowledge with others, it will increase your knowledge.
  16. Do not despair about your past life, you will not get your past life back if you want.
  17. Acknowledge the mistakes you make, but don’t hide the mistakes.
  18. Keep someone’s secret a secret, otherwise your secret won’t be kept secret.
  19. Give someone a second chance to clean up but not a third time.
  20. When friends and relatives get sick and go to the hospital to visit them, you will not waste too much time.
  21. Save before costs. Spend what you save after saving.
  22. Speaking more, you need to try to listen more.
  23. When you want to do business, first think if you have a passion for that business.
  24. Do business with which you can solve one of the customer’s problems, you have to solve the customer’s problem, not the business.
  25. Set a big goal and divide that big goal into smaller ones. If you achieve such small goals, you will see that your big goal has been fulfilled one day.
  26. Avoid uploading photos ofyour family on social media , once you consider whether it makes sense to upload pictures of your mother, sister, wife to social media.
  27. Don’t share your secrets with others on social media, because you don’t know if anyone else is listening or reading your secrets.
  28. When talking to someone, look into their eyes and talk. You should also avoid completely touching it.
  29. Never be angry or frustrated infront of an opponent Because they love your angry or frustrated face.
  30. Do not bring allyour friends home. Don’t blindly believe everyone. You need to be vigilant in selecting friends.
  31. The one who helped you intimes of distress should never be forgotten. You know that real friends are the ones who helped you when you needed it. Always be grateful to them and come forward to benefit them.
  32. Don’t judge others too soon. We never know what kind of war is going on in someone else’s mind. They should try to understand their mental state before judging others.
  33. Don’t buy a home by loan. If you buy, it will become a liability in lieu of your assets for the next 3 to 5 years.
  34. Never wait for the perfect day. Almost every successful person has a quality common sense to start now. If you want to do something, start now. Waiting for the perfect day may not come in your life.
  35. Never give up. Just because you can go bad today doesn’t mean the rest of your days will get worse. We should all be optimistic, because if we are optimistic, good things can be achieved.
  36. Your best teacher in your life may be your last mistake, so you need to accept education rather than make mistakes.
  37. Failure to do something means that you have tried, those who do not try will not succeed.
  38. Do not make any important decisions in life, in times of extra anger and extra joy. It is more likely to make mistakes.
  39. Even if you are successful today, you will not forget your past. The person who forgets his past will not remember the future.
  40. You can have a lot of talent, but if it does work, then that talent is not worth the two bucks.
  41. Skills and talent are completely different. You can develop skills even if you do not have talent.
  42. Try to pay all the bills on time, as you have to pay so don’t waste money with unnecessary fines.
  43. Before you hire someone, make sure that you pay. When the work is done, check it and pay it.
  44. When talking tosomeone, remember that what you say is important but how you speak is the most important.
  45. Don’t laugh about dreaming of someone’s future. Then your dreams can be a laughingstock to others.
  46. Never sign a deal when dealing with someone on white paper.
  47. One man’s relatives may be bad, but he should not think bad of another for his relatives.
  48. Make it a habit to read more books, reduce TV viewing.
  49. Do not shave a day or two before for a special occasion.
  50. Do not talk long at the door.
  51. When you are with new friends, do not bring the context of old friends again and again.


by Abdullah Sam
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