From childhood we may have been accustomed to listening to short stories or short narratives that are always read by our mothers and fathers before falling asleep at night. Short stories told to us are proven to be recorded quickly in our brains. Many people say that a short story can make it easier for us to receive important information. As we grow older, we are increasingly convinced that a short story has a unique role in the world of work and business. 
When a fellow reader has just graduated from college and is attending an interview session for the first time, the recruiter will give an important question to the fellow reader, “Tell us about yourself”. Now, from this question fellow readers will begin to briefly tell your profile to recruiters as possible. The goal is for recruiters to know that their fellow readers are highly competent and suitable for working in their company. 
How about the business world? Similar to what happens in the world of work, business people, entrepreneurs or marketing employees will often get the question “Can you tell us briefly about your company profile?” This question is the “code” of our prospective clients or prospective business partners so that we can introduce the vision, mission, products and services of our company as well as possible to them. Later, they can judge whether our company is in line with their company and whether the collaboration between us can be continued or not?  
From the two examples above, we can see how a short story can help us in achieving success and career advancement. It all starts with a short story, until finally other people can open their minds, are interested in us, and consider our qualities carefully. 
In this article, we will also discuss 3 other reasons why a short story is very good for the business or career that we run. According to the entrepreneur’s website, these three reasons will make us more significant than our other colleagues. No wonder why people who are good at short stories will be far more interesting than those who can’t communicate well enough. Let’s just look at the explanation below. 

1. Storytelling Can Build Personal Credibility.

If the previous explanation explained that a short story can help a candidate to pass the interview selection and can also help a company to be able to tie cooperation with other companies, then this first point will explain how a short story can help us in building personal credibility. 
In business, credibility is one of the most visible factors of companies or other individuals who want to work with us. In fact, clients or customers will only believe in a product and service that they already know who the people who lead in the business. 
In other words, they will not dare or will not believe if the products and services offered are not from a clear company, even they do not know who the founder is. For them, it is the same as taking a big risk. A study conducted by Robert Cialdini on social influences says that humans prefer to interact and collaborate with people they perceive to be the same as them. 
For example, we assume that we are someone who is visionary and organized. When we meet with new connections at conferences that have criteria like ours, from there we will feel the chemistry or compatibility with that person that makes us believe in further collaboration. 
Leading and running a business can provide an opportunity for us to introduce our company to prospective clients and customers that we share the same vision and mission as they do. In essence, we assure them that if we come together to form a partnership, then we will be a very PAS business combination. 

2. Storytelling Becomes the Link of What the Listener Needs.  

When we run a business, surely we will be the first people to be very proud of the products and services we have. We will tell many people that our products and services are the best compared to what our competitors have. 
Proud of the products and services we have are very good, but there are times when we have to listen to what other people want to hear and answer them through the short stories that we have. To make this point clearer, we will provide one concrete example from our business partners. 
Our business partners tell us that before they only explained how great the company and the products they offer to customers. Not only did they say it in front of customers, but they also included it in the company profile which was also distributed to various other companies. The sentences they use such as, “Our products are EXTRAORDINARY, most different and most tangible quality” and other sentences that only focus on their own products. 
Unfortunately, their sales are not very significant. Until finally, they change the sentences in the company profile with some questions asked by prospective clients and customers in each of their product presentations. 
For example, “how can your company’s products be good and durable?” our business partners include these questions in the company profile and answer them through a short story listed in the book. The impact? Sales increased and many new customers started using their products. This proves that a short story can be a link of what others want to hear.

3. Storytelling Makes Us More Superior than Others. 

In fact, not everyone has the ability to communicate like this. There are some people who find it difficult when they have to tell a short story to others. Whether it’s to introduce themselves, expand connections, promote themselves, or explain other important things. Conversely, for some people who really like to communicate, this is very easy. In fact they are very clever in arranging words that are suitable to convey to others. 
However, don’t worry, fellow readers, because the ability to tell a short story is one of the abilities we can sharpen. Maybe the feeling of confidence that we feel is present because we assume that we don’t have a good story to tell or we feel others will not be interested in listening to our story. 

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