3 positive influences on David’s life

David was the most famous king in Israel, who was a man “after God’s own heart”. But behind every great hero there are lesser-known people who are an important influence in your life. These people guided and helped David to be the great king he was, teaching him important lessons.

Three people who were a positive influence on David’s life were:

1. Jonathan

Jonathan was the son of King Saul and David’s best friend . He was the heir to the throne but he knew that David was going to be the next king. Even so, Jonathan was not jealous of David and always supported him. Jonathan was humble; he accepted God’s will and did not seek his own glory ( 1 Samuel 23: 16-18 ).

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Jonathan was an example of friendship and loyalty to David. When Saul tried to kill David, Jonathan helped him to escape. Without Jonathan’s help, David could have died at the hand of Saul. In addition to giving him gifts, Jonathan probably taught David important things about war and how to be king ( 1 Samuel 18: 3-4 ).

Jonathan died in battle but David never forgot his great friend, who was such a great influence on his youth.

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2. Abigail

Abigail was a beautiful and intelligent woman but she was married to a bad man named Nabal. In the time when David was fleeing from Saul, his men protected Nabal’s servants in the field. But when David asked Nabal for help, he refused and insulted him. David was so angry that he decided to kill all the men in Nabal’s family! – 1 Samuel 25: 21-22

When Abigail heard what had happened, she prepared a gift and went to speak to David. She calmed him down and convinced him not to take revenge. Shortly afterwards Nabal died of natural causes and David took Abigail as his wife. Abigail prevented David from committing sin because he was angry ( 1 Samuel 25:39 ).

David learned a great lesson from Abigail: to leave vengeance with God . This was an important lesson for many other situations in his life.

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3. Nathan

The prophet Nathan was David’s advisor during his reign. Nathan received messages from God and transmitted them to David. Even when the message was not in favor of the king, Nathan had courage and said everything that God commanded .

When David committed adultery with Bathsheba and organized the death of her husband, God sent Nathan to rebuke David. Nathan was wise and told a story that made David understand the seriousness of his sin ( 2 Samuel 12: 5-7 ). Instead of being angry with the prophet, like so many other kings, David repented and confessed his sin ( 2 Samuel 12:13 ).

Nathan was an example of courage and faithfulness to God for David. He helped David to stay in the Lord’s ways and to be reconciled to God when he sinned.

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