3 must-have Android apps if you play Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft

One of the most successful games on Android today is Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft . This is a development in which collectible cards are used that allows you to face the users that make up your community and, this is what makes it very attractive and offers many hours of fun (in addition to different challenges).

The game, which differs from the usual WoW genre as a massive online game or MOBA can be downloaded for free in the Play Store, which obviously increases its popularity (but it has integrated purchases that allow you to advance faster and get better letters ). The fact is that if you want to try Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft , which we have already talked about in Android Help, you can do so using the link in the following image:

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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Become an expert

Playing is very simple, but becoming one of the best there is is not so easy. Well, to achieve this, there are several developments in the Google application store that help you since they allow you to know the cards that are available in the game (with all their data), to perform analysis of your decks to know the effectiveness they will have in the sand.

We are going to indicate you the three free ones that we consider essential that you have installed on your Android if you are a regular player of Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft:

Hearthbase: Hearthstone

The perfect companion for those who play Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft. In this development you can create decks, know cards, generate reports of the games that have been played. Everything that may be needed is included in this work which is an indispensable as a very powerful additional tool. Of course, the golden cards are not present and the dialogues are not heard.

Card DIY: Hearthstone

This is a utility that allows you to create letters and, in this way, be able to use them in other developments – not the official one – to know the impact they would have. In addition, you can do the same with the existing ones but that you do not have, and in this way form Hearthstone decks to know what their effectiveness would be in the arena. Their database is somewhat limited.

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Card MakerHearthstone

Developer: Nekmit Service

Arena Calculator (Hearthstone)

This development is especially recommended for those who are not experts, since it helps to create decks and know their impact on the sand. In this way, it is possible to choose the best cards to use at all times and win victories. It does not require an internet connection and is based on the following Hearthstone parameters: Herores of Warcraft: mana curve, card synergy, and arena value.

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Arena Calculator (Hearthstone)

Developer: Cogoo Inc.

One final point, if you think you know everything about this game, we propose a challenge with the application that we leave behind this paragraph. You will discover some sections of Hearthstone: Herores of Warcraft that you surely did not know (yes, it is in English):

You will find other games for the Google operating system in this section of Android Help. There are options for all types of users.


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