Gratitude is always associated with the happiness that we feel in life. However, not everyone realizes that being grateful can give happiness to all aspects of our lives. With gratitude, we not only feel happy with the family we have, income, work, or career.


Even gratitude can also be entered into the business world. For example, grateful and with satisfaction with the number of sales and total customers we have now. With gratitude like this, we will always try to be able to maintain and retain our loyal customers. So that they remain loyal to our products and services, we will continue to try to improve the quality of the products and services we offer to customers.


From the example above, we can clearly see that by always being grateful, we will be taken to a better and more positive direction than before. In this article, we will discuss 3 important reasons to always be grateful that we need to apply in everyday life. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Gratitude Will Change Our Mindset. 

So many people are competing to become better people than before, but they don’t want to try to change themselves. Some of us still think that to be better and to have a more positive mindset, things will just take us flowing toward what we expect.


Unfortunately this is not what we imagined! If we want to change our mindset , then we have to change it ourselves. Efforts are needed to make this happen, and the most basic effort is to thank God.


Gratitude can open our eyes that not everyone can enjoy life as we do. Some are born without eyes that can see, some are grown in poor families, and so forth.


In the world of business and work, changing mindsets through gratitude is also effective! Whether we realize it or not, we often compare our business with other people’s businesses, even though our target market might be different from them. This attitude is a waste of time and energy. Recognizing competition with other competitors is important, but if we compare with different business targets and products, then it’s not important.


Being grateful will help us to pay more attention to our customers, improve the quality of our products and services, and continue to develop a positive mindset so that we can continue to innovate in our business.


2. Gratitude Will Create the Right Solution. 

What do you have to do with gratitude and the right solution? Maybe some people will be confused about this. However, it turns out that gratitude really provides many benefits, one of which is the right problem solution.


When we are grateful, we will avoid complaining. Gratitude will close all the gaps to not be grateful for everything we have. When we have succeeded in reducing the frequency of complaining, our lives will feel calmer, and our brains will think more clearly. As a result, it will be easier for us to make the right decision for every business problem.


So that we can avoid the attitude that always complains and learn to be more grateful every day, then what we can do is make a list of the happiness and achievements that we have, and call it a “list of happiness”.


Every time we feel surrendered or want to complain, try to look back at the “happiness list” with a calm feeling. This will help us to avoid complaining and ungrateful attitudes.


3. Gratitude is contagious. 

How do fellow readers feel when working with clients or coworkers who like to complain every day, even every time? Do your fellow readers feel comfortable working with people like that?


We can be sure that almost everyone doesn’t like working with people of this type. In fact, recruiters strictly select candidates, so they don’t have employees who like to complain.


An ungrateful attitude like always complaining will spread quickly in the work environment. Negative mindset, including the mindset of the fastest spread. That is why forming a negative work culture is easier than forming a positive work culture.


Similarly, a negative mindset, a positive mindset such as always being grateful can be transmitted quickly. Someone who is always grateful and optimistic about all the conditions that exist, will be a real example for his colleagues, that behaving like that will create peace of mind. If both can get infected quickly in our environment, why don’t we choose to spread a positive aura instead? It feels more peaceful if we and the people around always have a positive mindset with always grateful.


Those are 3 reasons why being grateful always provides many benefits for us both in our daily lives and in our careers. Everything returns to us, do we want to be a better person by always being grateful? Or, are we already satisfied with our mindset that still likes to complain like this now?


by Abdullah Sam
I’m a teacher, researcher and writer. I write about study subjects to improve the learning of college and university students. I write top Quality study notes Mostly, Tech, Games, Education, And Solutions/Tips and Tricks. I am a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue.

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