3 cures for loneliness: get rid of this feeling!

There are times in our lives when we feel extremely alone. We can have a happy marriage, a career that completes us, have money in savings, but none of that matters; the feeling is there, lurking, suffocating and hurting us. It seems that everyone is smiling around us, but we can’t keep up with the joy. If you are going through a period like this, know that you are not the only one. There are thousands of women who feel the same way as you and don’t know how to get out of the situation. To help you face life with joy again, today I brought 3 cures for loneliness. Are you ready?

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • Why do we feel lonely?
  • The 3 cures for loneliness
  • An antidote to loneliness
  • Learn to enjoy your time alone

Why do we feel lonely?

Perhaps a painful event has left you isolated and alone. Or maybe you’ve always been a quiet, reserved person who likes to spend time alone, but now you’re thinking that you don’t like it anymore. The reasons don’t matter. In fact, what really matters is that you decided to stop this situation and find the 3 cures for loneliness.

The 3 cures for loneliness

1- Changing the sense of value

Not feeling important can have a tremendous impact on how lonely people feel. If we want to change this type of situation, we need our sense of value. How to do this? For example, a mother who puts family needs before hers can, after a while, feel useless, diminished, worthless. This is because when she is taking care of her family, her focus is diverted. All you have to do is change the way she sees this situation and then be able to realize that she can become a rock star, a super mom. Changing your attitude towards a situation will change everything. Seeing how important she is to your family can make her feel special.

Another important factor that is part of the 3 cures for loneliness is to change the focus where your self-esteem and your sense of value come from. Are you feeling lonely because you think it is not important to your family? Your friends? Your boyfriend? Look for new distractions, meet new people. Your happiness cannot depend on a single source. Look for things or people that can help you feel special.

2- Create connections

You may be in a crowd at a party, but you may be feeling completely alone. This is a more than ordinary situation. Being around people doesn’t solve our loneliness. We always thought that by developing a certain “sense of community”, our problems would be solved. We would have many people to talk, to go out, to exchange ideas. However, the number means nothing if there is something deeper, if we do not create connections with those around us.

Having people who care about us is really important, in fact it is a piece for the cure of loneliness. However, more is needed. When you’re at a party with friends, for example, you can have a great time or spend hours feeling distressed and alone. Everything will depend on whether you create a connection with someone at a party. It can be a friend, a boyfriend, anything, the important thing is to feel that link with the other. You may be wondering if there is any way to make this easier. The answer is yes. We’ll talk about that in the next topic.

3- Allow yourself to be vulnerable

This is one of the 3 most amazing cures for loneliness! When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, when we open up to let other people see how we are feeling, it is much easier to create a link, a connection. It is the vulnerability that often unites us with a person and makes us create a connection.

However, why is this sometimes so difficult? The answer is simple: we are afraid to appear weak, to show our feelings, our weaknesses and insecurities. We are afraid to show kindness to someone and that person will shoot us in the face, putting us down and making our situation worse. With that, we stop showing our side that is perhaps more attractive to people and stop creating connections that could take us out of loneliness.

We don’t have to wait for someone else to take the first step, we have to take the initiative and get out of that inertia. Nobody is a mental reader to know what we are wanting. We also need to overcome the feeling of bothering people, which prevents us from talking to others. You also can’t expect this to work as a transaction, where you automatically give and receive something else back. Do not think that just because the person did not return an action at the time you did it, that he did not enjoy the moments with you. Be warm to people, show your best side and for sure you will impact a lot of people in a positive way.

An antidote to loneliness

To find more inner peace and contentment, you need to start by taking personal responsibility and understanding that you, in and of yourself, are worthy and more than enough. Loneliness can be synonymous with worthlessness, so sometimes we feel that our actions are not important. This is not true. Their actions have the power to change someone else’s day and how they feel about themselves (and yourself!). By taking on that responsibility, you begin to create a positive domino effect on the world around you. It is a practice and something to remember every day.

Learn to enjoy your time alone

Solitude can be a beautiful thing. There is nothing wrong with being alone to get to know yourself better. Before you can be comfortable with other people, you must be comfortable with yourself. Find activities that you enjoy doing yourself. Visit the places you want to see. Participate in cultural events or the museum on your own. Can you enjoy the experience alone? Can you do something that you fall in love with and have fun with?

If you don’t enjoy the time alone, participate alone in activities that interest you. Try to have fun. Get excited and involved in topics and activities that you enjoy. This is one of the cures for loneliness.

Cures for loneliness

As I said before, loneliness is not necessarily a bad thing, it can have positive effects, it can help you to know yourself; however, if it is bringing suffering into your life, it’s time to change.

Every time you feel that you are suffering, remember that the cure for loneliness is in your hands. You have everything you need to take that feeling away and make the necessary changes in your life. I am not saying it will be easy, but the important thing is that it is not impossible. Everything will depend on you and your effort. Don’t let that negative feeling spoil your life. Keep in mind that you deserve to be happy!

by Abdullah Sam
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