3 Business Ideas for Students studying in College on the Back of Bangladesh

College is a place where one business entrepreneur seeking is a great opportunity. College students are also excluded during their studies, but there are times when they can express their different talents. There are currently plenty of business opportunities for committed college students. We will give you ideas of some businesses that you can follow to become a successful entrepreneur as a student. Below are 3 Business Ideas for Students studying in the backyard of Bangladesh.


Today’s small blog may one day be a Wikihow. Blogging is a great business opportunity for college students. You can start a blogging business from your own site. You can start working on your own schedule by defining something that interests you.

Home teacher

If you have the expertise on a particular institutional subject, you can start this business. As a home teacher, you can run this business by coaching students from other schools or colleges on a specific course. This will increase your skills as well as your income.

Web Design

If you have design talent, you can provide web design services for different customers. You can receive job offers from different sites and complete the work as per their needs. It has now been transformed into a popular business.

Make money by uploading videos to YouTube.

YouTube can be a great platform for college students to start a business. YouTube can be a great opportunity to start your own business. In this case money can be earned from advertising revenue.

Social media consultants

If you have social media knowledge, you can manage this business by monitoring the social media accounts of different business organizations or giving them various suggestions on this topic. In addition to studying this business, you can provide extra income at home.

The child is the caretaker

If you are looking for a non-tech business opportunity, you can start your own business as a child caretaker. Parents in your community can be your target customers in this case.

App Publisher

If you are proficient in various aspects of mobile then you can provide app development services for different business organizations. Besides, you can manage this business by selling apps through various web sites. In this case, you should have experience building apps. If you can make your apps popular with the customers then you will gain a lot of reputation in this business field.

Clothing design

If you are interested in doing business in the garment sector, you can set up a business by designing different garments. And if you are a fashion design student, the job will be easier for you. By designing different types of clothing you can make this business by selling online and at local boutiques.

Made of jewelry

If you have a desire to do something different for your customers, you can opt for the jewelry making business. You can also design jewelry by yourself or with different craftsmen. In this case, the customers who choose to purchase online can be your target customer.

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Photographer, this is a work that is currently interested in more and more students. So if you have such talent then you can choose photography as a profession. You can conduct this business by providing photography services at various events such as weddings or events. Moreover, if you are skilled at taking portraits, you can edit different pictures and sell them in different packages. And that’s how you set up a photography business.


College students need more than textbooks to study. You can sell such books online or at a local market or by setting up a shop next to an educational institution. This can be a great business idea for college students.

Lastly, if you follow the above ideas then you will be able to build a successful business as a student.

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