The 3 best homemade plants for the treatment of acne and allergies

A serious allergic and harmful patient – you need to be careful both at home and outside. So for them, a number of steps should be taken to improve the smooth air movement inside our homes. As you may not know, many home plants are great for improving indoor air quality and can help potential people with asthma and allergies. In this article I will share my experience on how to keep the air clean and pollution free by using some specialty plants in the bedroom. We will also discuss the best home plants for air purification, asthma, and allergies.

Use some of my home plants to eliminate allergies 

A few years ago I moved to a new home. During my first year living in that apartment, my body had an allergic attack. I looked terrible but didn’t know why. I realized that I could not adjust to the air inside the house, which was aggravating my allergies. I started trying to solve the problem and kept looking for measures to increase the air quality and humidity in my room. I soon learned that the tree can absorb the toxic air and some contaminated chemicals in the air and provide moisture to the dry air. I wanted to improve my health so I bought a lot of small bedroom trees that gradually increase the air quality of my room and provide moisture. Today I will discuss some of the best plants in my many years of research for air purification, asthma, and allergic patients.

Areca Palm or Sky Palm

Areca Palm is a plant at the front of the NASA list that has the ability to surprisingly remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, from the air. This small plant can grow everywhere in the home. A mature palm can evaporate up to 5 liters of water daily, which keeps the air fresh, moist, and makes breathing easier. Humid air is especially helpful for people with asthma.

Sky palm

Peace Lily or Peace Lily

Peace Lily or Peace Lily, by whatever name you call it, has a great reputation as a beautiful and healthy plant. According to NASA research, the plant can help improve air quality by up to 5 percent. It absorbs benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. This tree looks very nice next to the dining table, bedroom dressing table which further enhances the beauty of your home. The flowers of the plant are beautiful and immediately ease the breathing of the allergic patient.

Peace Lily

Spider plant or spider plant

The spider plant is named because of the leaves scattered around it. It is a common and very good domestic plant for people with asthma and allergies. It also contains the effective role of the spider plant in mental calmness . It does more than illuminate the house and at the same time keep the air clean. The spider plant has long thin leaves that are usually green like a ribbon. The plant has the ability to remove a significant amount of toxic gas – especially formaldehyde. NASA studies show that indoor plants can remove 5 percent of spider plants.

Spider Plant

Dracaena Plant or Dracaena plant

Its specialty is that it can remove benzene from cigarette smoke and other household chemicals. Dracina can be dry and grow well. You do not need regular watering. The tree will help purify the air.

Some of my favorite plants for the bedroom or bedroom

These plants need to be sorted according to your bed room or bedroom. If you don’t have that much space, try planting tall trees like Areca Palm or Dracaena Plant.

Boston Fern or Boston Fern

These are a bunch of plants that can help bring back moisture to the homes. They play an important role in the elimination of formaldehyde.

Boston Fern

Aloevera or Ghetto

A starter plant for the bedroom is the aloe vera or housewife . There are fewer elvira trees in the house which purify the air. It plays a role in both air purifiers and medicinal plants at the same time.


Snake Plant or Snake Plant

The snack plant plays an unexpected role in purifying the air in the house . By eliminating all kinds of toxic gases, the house is refined and cleaned.

Snack Plant

As the above trees will enhance the beauty of your home, they will purify the air in the room which will help for a hapless, asthmatic patient.


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