Self-development or self-development are actions taken by individuals that aim to improve themselves, improve the quality of self such as, learn new skills or eliminate bad habits that have always been done, apply some positive habits into life through formal and informal ways .


Self-development or self-development is an action that is very closely related to one’s ability or potential. When someone does self-development or self-development , this indicates that the person is trying to improve their abilities or skills to become better. Self-development or self-development can aim to achieve success in the future or just want to just improve their quality of life by becoming a person who is far better than his personality in the past.


Is it true that Personal Development can help change our lives? 

Maybe we often hear how people are very determined and competing to do self-development or self-development, and we also might start to wonder, “What are the benefits to be gained from self-development or self-development?”.


In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits we will get from self-development or self-development that we do. Whether we realize it or not, self-development will help change our lives for the better. Still could not believe it? So that fellow readers are not curious, we invite fellow Career Advice to read this article further.


According to the data that we got from the success dot com website, it turns out there are 3 main benefits of personal development that can change our lives! Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Personal Development Will Give Us New Opportunities.

Self-development or self-development that we do will bring us to new opportunities in life. Yep! Self-development will open new doors that were previously closed to be open to us.


Never heard the phrase “When Preparation and Opportunity (opportunity) meet, then this will lead us to success”. In this case, self-development acts as a preparation. We prepare ourselves to become better people through self-development.


For example, diligently reading books, taking online courses or face-to-face courses, participating in conferences to expand networks , reading self-development articles, learning new foreign languages ​​and so on. When our preparation is more mature, new opportunities will come to us. This often happens naturally, without making it up, without even being planned in advance.


Opportunities or opportunities always come to the right people. That is why we need to prepare ourselves well through self-development.


2. Self-Development can guide us to become the best version for ourselves.

One of the main goals in self-development or self-development is to guide someone to be the best version for himself. When we become the best version of ourselves, we will find it easier to improve the quality of work, expand business networks , build good relationships with people, and so on.


Being the best version of yourself will also make us feel comfortable living real life. We will not be jealous of the achievements of others, but we will focus on what we have now and what we want to achieve in the future. In short, self-development makes our life more peaceful and comfortable, even though challenges and tests come and go. If these benefits have been felt by fellow readers in this life, congratulations! This indicates that the self-development process that fellow readers have succeeded in guiding fellow readers into individuals who are more mature and more mature than before.


3. Personal Development can Increase Our Self-Esteem.

This is not an exaggerated point, in fact it is true that self-development can help us raise our self-esteem to a new level.


For example, before I was not a person who is good at foreign languages. Two years ago, I decided to learn two foreign languages ​​which were very difficult, namely, Mandarin and French. I took a foreign language course, read books in Mandarin and French, tried to practice it with my Chinese and Bule friends on Facebook, and various other self-improvement I have tried to apply over the last two years. The result? I am increasingly skilled in these two foreign languages. A month ago, my company got a big project offer that was very prestigious. This project is a collaboration between our company and a large company in France.


Can fellow readers guess the next story? 

Yep! I got this project offer. My CEO sent me to France as a representative of our company because he believed in my good work skills and of course, my expertise in French.


This example of my story proves that careful preparation ( personal development ) will meet golden opportunities. The combination of careful preparation and golden opportunity can increase our self-esteem to be higher than before. Maybe before we were just ordinary employees in the office, but who would have thought that we could become someone who is very great, successful and famous in the future?


by Abdullah Sam
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