3 benefits of drinking cold water

When it comes to good day-to-day habits , we can easily list good nutrition, exercise and nights well spent. In this list, water intake has its place and is highly recommended for its various benefits to the body and the maintenance of the body’s health.

However, what few know is that water can have even more benefits – yes, it is possible – if taken cold, for example. In addition to cooling off on hot days, using and abusing cold water can bring a number of benefits. Thinking about it, we prepared this post with 3 of these advantages for you to finish reading and already get your glass of water.

The benefits of water

The benefits of water are known to everyone and this does not depend on their temperature. Staying hydrated is reflected in the proper functioning of our kidneys, helps to keep less toxins and negative substances in our bloodstream; brings freshness to the skin and, in addition, prevents a series of diseases such as arthritis and kidney stones. Check out what else you can benefit from drinking water in the cold version!

1) Speeds up metabolism

Drinking water at low temperatures causes your body to speed up processing and thus eliminate more calories. That’s because, internally, our temperature is many times higher than the temperature of the water you are drinking. This makes the metabolism work considerably more to digest the liquid that has just arrived. Thus, the caloric expenditure increases and you keep hydration up to date!

2) Calms your heart rate

In the rush of everyday life, it is common to have to deal with problems and stresses at the most diverse levels. Nervousness, depending on the intensity, can increase your heart rate; and, together, come all the evils that this brings. What few know is that drinking cold water during times of stress helps to decrease the number of heart beats and thus bring more calm to the moment. This is because there is a nerve in the back of the neck that suffers directly when a glass of cold water is ingested. The region cools and the body understands that it is necessary to decrease the pressure for the body to recover the temperature.

3) Has anti-inflammatory action

When drinking cold water, cooling generates a dilation of blood vessels. Thus, there is the release of substances that perform a kind of cleaning of certain impurities in the body. This includes some of the inflammatory processes that our body goes through during the day.

Now that you know the benefits that cold water brings to your health, how about reading you know how much you can save by having a water purifier at home?


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