When Career Advice colleagues have succeeded in having all the criteria needed to become a CEO and are willing to assume all the main responsibilities that need to be held, and finally the reader readers are chosen as CEOs of your company and fellow readers are very eager to carry out this task .


Unfortunately, fellow readers will not have a lot of time to show off here and there for a new position that has just been found, or go on vacation to celebrate this achievement. The business world is always changing very quickly and requires fast and appropriate action in solving any existing problems.


The bad news is that when a fellow reader cannot fulfill the responsibilities and performance required by the company during the period of his fellow reader period, the reader will quickly lose this bona fide position. That’s why we invite all Career Advice partners who have just been appointed as CEO of a company to carry out this task as well as possible and away from the 3 bad leadership traits that a CEO needs to avoid, in any company we lead.


Let’s see what are the 3 characteristics of bad leadership ?

1. Avoid Self-Bragging.

Humans tend to be easy to be arrogant and to overdo themselves. When we have been chosen as CEO, it will be very easy for us to be arrogant, especially to our subordinates. Arrogant people usually do not want to develop themselves to be even better, because they are very confident that they have mastered everything well. That’s the reason they can become CEO like they are now.


To be honest, there is nothing wrong when we are happy with our own achievements. However, this will be a dangerous thing when we respond to this excessively. This arrogant attitude will make us “shut down” to receive opinions given from our employees, colleagues, clients, business partners, even our customers.


We will always feel that our products are the best, so we don’t need to innovate anything on the product, even though many customers have started to be disappointed with the quality of the products we offer. Damn it! If pride has really affected the way we work, both in business and not. Sooner or later our position as CEO will change hands to someone who deserves it.


A CEO needs to be humble and open, especially to his employees, business partners, and clients. Humility will show that we are people who value our employees, with all the performance they provide to the company and also high commitment.


We want to listen to their bright ideas, all the complaints and constructive feedback. That all will be a strong motivation for them to continue to provide the best performance and on the other hand feel happy because it is always valued presence.


2. Cannot Make Decisions Quickly.

At the beginning of a career as a CEO, being cautious and slow in making decisions is quite natural. Maybe we still feel scared or anxious in making every decision needed. We are afraid that if we are too hasty, our decisions will have bad effects. There is always a question within me, “is the decision I made is correct? Do I have to make this or that decision? ”


We understand that there is always a concern, but business always offers a very rapid change, and speed is indeed very critical for business. So, when we do not dare to immediately make decisions in business, our business can be threatened.


In addition, if we do not immediately implement innovative ideas that are there for business development, other companies may also immediately take and execute these ideas. That is why, a fast and right decision is needed. And, one of the important criteria that every CEO in the world needs to have is to be brave in taking risks.


In fact, there are many innovations and successes that have been achieved by an organization or company because their leaders or CEOs are brave enough to take even great risks, which of course has been calculated very well. Even so, not all big risks can lead us to success quickly. But at least by taking risks, we can learn many new things that are very meaningful for our business. In addition, we will also be increasingly trained to be a great and tough CEO.


3. Prioritize Personal Interests. 

Maybe before becoming CEO we can prioritize personal interests. But when we are legitimate to become a CEO, the interests of the company and the customer are things that we need to put first. Try to see and read every situation in the company, what are the things we should pay attention to.


For example, lately employees are not enthusiastic about working . By looking at this issue, we need to make the right decision as soon as possible. For example, the solution we will provide is to conduct job training and motivation for employees. That way, we can generate motivation and employee performance again.


In addition, not only the interests of the company that need to be underlined, but we also need to pay attention to the interests and satisfaction of customers . Thus, our business will continue to advance and succeed.


by Abdullah Sam
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