3 Approaches To Teach Accounting

The following three approaches to the teaching of 
accounting are recommended: 

1. The balance-sheet approach. This approach 
begins with an illustration of the uses to which 
accounting records can be put and the reasons why 
accounting records may be necessary. Topics centre 
on the effect that accounts and transactions have on 
the balance sheet. 

2. The equation approach. In using the equation 
approach, teachers introduce students to the balance- 
sheet equation first and then to a complete balance 
sheet. Students should develop the ability to analyse 
business transactions by learning the relationship of 
the elements of the accounting equation, the effects 
that various transactions have on these elements, and 
the reason for debit and credit rules. 

3. The systems approach. In this approach, examples 
of how given accounting activities fit into an account¬ 
ing system are provided. Flow charts are used exten¬ 
sively to illustrate the sequence of procedures and the 
flow of accounting data through the accounting sys¬ 

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