29 ways to stop bad breath Have bad breath, what should I do ??

Halitosis , or foul breath or English called the Bad breath’s , Halitosis  , which means the stench coming out of breath, can not smell. This excludes gases in higher concentrations that cannot smell.

Bad breath is a foul gas that arises in our body and is released through the breath. The source of bad breath can be in the mouth, throat, or nose.

Bad breath, in addition to being the cause of bad smell Bad breath also makes you a bad personality. Causing a loss of confidence And some people may be in a stressful state And sometimes this problem can affect your job and your relationship with your closest people. Some people may view bad breath as a small issue, not a serious illness that needs to be treated. But for people with this problem, we believe bad breath is definitely not a small thing.

How to test bad breath

  1. Take a full breath Cover your mouth and nose with your hands. Then exhale from the mouth Then, inhale through the nose to smell that smell or not.
    2. Lick the wrist and see it. Or in some people it may be rubbed with your fingers on the gums and then bring the smell that smells bad or not.
    3. Spit out and try to smell the saliva. (Usually saliva is a clean and odorless secretion) If saliva smells, then it is contaminated with germs. And it is possible that the saliva is passed through the tonsil stones.
    4. This method is sure. It is to ask someone close to help me if I have bad breath or not.

Causes of bad breath

  1. Not maintaining good oral hygiene It can cause bad breath, such as unclean brushing, causing food stains or plaque to adhere to the surface of the teeth, tongue or cheeks.
  2. Frosted tongue,one of the causes of bad breath Frosted tongue is caused by an accumulation of food debris and bacteria on the top surface of the tongue.
  3. Saliva also contributes to bad breath. If the saliva is low, it will not be able to wash away all the food particles, causing bad breath. Even those with thick saliva will not be able to cleanse food debris as well as those with clear saliva. And this is the reason why when I wake up I often have bad breath. That is because while sleeping there is less saliva flow. Therefore, if the throat feels dry, dry mouth, drink water frequently.
  4. Limestone, theleading cause of bad breath If there is tartar, the dentist must scrape it off.
  5. Tooth decaycauses food debris to get stuck in the cavities of the decayed tooth, causing spoilage and odor. Or those whose cavities penetrate the dental nerve cavity Causing pus at the end of the tooth root Which these pus have a very bad smell
  6. Oralulcers when ulcers can cause bad breath. And when the wound heals, bad breath will decrease It can also happen after tooth extraction or oral surgery. Because while having a wound, the patient can not use the teeth to chew properly. This makes it easier to have more food on your teeth. Bleeding wounds are good food for germs in the oral cavity, causing the blood to smell bad and spoil the food.
  7. Gingivitis and periodontitis Gingivitis due to tartar There was destruction of organs around the tooth root. Gums open from the teeth This makes food debris easier to accumulate and not be brushed off until it forms limestone. Then cause inflammation In cases where the gums are very open and have a lot of tartar build up, they may need to be surgically opened to remove the tartar. And then shut the gums back into the original For those who are and have previously treated periodontal disease Or can remove all food stains Will need additional cleaning tools such as dental floss, interdental brush, band tape, etc.
  8. Diseases of the upper respiratory tractfrom the nose, throat to the pharynx, such as rhinitis or sinusitis (caused by fluid or pus in the cavities of the facial bones, which have many cavities). The purulent inflammation will cause the smell to come out through the nose while breathing and out through the mouth while speaking. So you shouldn’t let yourself catch a cold often or for a long time.)
  9. Nasopharyngeal cancer It will have a very bad smell and pus will flow from the nose into the neck when the head is bowed.
  10. Tonsillitis People who have sore throats while having throat inflammation or chronic tonsillitis can cause bad breath. And will disappear when the neck is gone.
  11. Tonsil stones(Tonsil Stone) If you see your dentist for treatment and make sure your gums and teeth are fine. Brush your teeth clean but bad breath does not disappear You will likely need to see an otolaryngologist for a more thorough examination. But sometimes, just open your mouth and you might see a white, yellow lump stuck to the tonsils. Which is not food waste But a lump caused by the accumulation of saliva mixed with food Necrosis of the tonsils And bacteria that don’t need air That is the building of hydrogen gas around the stone as the breath comes out through the stone. Will emit a foul smell all over Additionally, some tonsil stones can be caused by tonsillectomy, making it more common for chronic tonsillitis. Or it could be caused by a variety of antibiotics used to treat tonsils and cause less saliva in the mouth, for example, but not everyone has gallstones. It must also depend on the immunity of each person. According to a study abroad, it was found that up to 6% of the general population has tonsil stones, while statistics have not been released in Thailand. But it is believed that there are at least four to five million people who have it, and you may have tonsil stones, causing bad breath without knowing it. By trying to observe that Do you have any of these symptoms, such as throat irritation? Frequent feeling of mucus in the throat, chronic tonsillitis. Or if you have little rest or go to exercise, there will be a lot of fever, discomfort, a little sore throat at the tonsils. And may have symptoms of extreme exhaustion, etc. If there is, immediately see a doctor (Information from Dr. Sarunchai Kiatsurayanon)
  12. Lower respiratory tract disease,such as people with cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, the smell can be emitted with the breath and mouth.
  13. Gastrointestinal diseasessuch as indigestion, GERD. Chronic ulcer disease in the stomach
  14. Eating foods that cause odors It is another major cause of bad breath, such as garlic, onion, spice, sato, cheese, durian, etc. These will cause bad breath. But when it is completely digested or absorbed and excreted The smell will disappear. (But if eaten continuously, it will cause bad breath continuously as well)
  15. All kinds of alcoholic beverages Be it liquor or beer, they all cause bad breath.
  16. Certain medications,such as some antipsychotic drugs Medicines used to treat alcoholism Can cause the smell
  17. People who smoke for a long timecan make their breath and mouth smell bad.
  18. People who have dentures or tools in their mouths,such as braces Anti-falling tools, teeth guards, etc. If not cleaned well enough, it can cause an odor. Especially tools made of acrylic Or contains a mixture of acrylic As acrylic meat is porous that can absorb liquids, if it is not cleaned, the food will spoil and rot and adhere to these tools, causing odors. Therefore, it should be cleaned every time after removing it. If not in use, it should be immersed in clean water. And before using it, clean it again If there is stains or tartar build up, use a denture soaking solution from time to time.
  19. In addition, the cause of bad breath can be caused by various diseases related to the body’s work system, which is the characteristic odor of each disease, such as diabetes, infection or lung abscess, liver or kidney failure, and gastrointestinal illness. Various diets, including those who regularly control a diet

How to stop bad breath

  1. Brush your teeth after each meal. It is important to help reduce bad breath. But need to brush properly And don’t forget to brush along the gums and cheeks as well. (Incorrect brushing can lead to an unbelievable bad breath.)
  2. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. To help eliminate food waste and eliminate all germs
  3. Opt for a mouthwash It is the best way to get rid of bacteria and take a few seconds to help reduce the accumulation of bacteria throughout the mouth. Even in areas where brushing is inaccessible The mouthwash that I recommend isOral – B Extra Fresh ( The Oral-, B Extra for, Fresh ) reduces the accumulation of bacteria that cause bad breath for up to 99%, allowing the breath fresh for up to 5 times *. Compared to normal brushing, it is very suitable for every meal. Especially Thai food that has a strong smell Thus helping to build confidence during the day as well (Based on clinical testing on a sample of 16 people by P&G, USA In January 2006)
    • You can easily buy Oral-B Extra Freshmouthwash  at leading stores including 7-11 convenience stores, Tesco, Big-C, Tops, Boots, Watson or online channels at Lazada and Shopee.

Oral-B Extra Fresh  can be purchased at 7-11, Tesco, Big-C, Tops, Boots, Watson, Lazada and Shopee.

  1. Clean the tongue Naturally, our tongue’s surface is rough and uneven, which is a reservoir of food residues.Studies have shown that the bacteria that affect bad breath are more likely on the root of the tongue than on the gums and teeth. Therefore, tongue cleaning is essential to maintain oral health and reduce bad breath. The easy way to clean the tongue is by using a toothbrush to brush the tongue deep into the root of the tongue while brushing your teeth. Or use a tongue scraper to scrape off the blemish on the tongue By scraping from the base of the tongue to the front, doing 3-4 times, you will see food stains sticking out. They should do it twice a day, when you wake up and before bed. Additionally, eating foods that contain pulp can help rub your tongue, such as pineapples, sugar cane, etc.
  2. Practice using dental flossafter brushing in the habit. At least once a day, this method will help solve the problem of food residues that follow between the teeth. When the Dental Floss is finished, take it to smell. If you smell it and it still smells bad, should it be replaced? Or you can use the same one to wash with water Use until the silk is broken. (If using a film-like floss, it will not split), scrub every tooth.
  3. Rinse your mouth with water. If it is inconvenient to brush your teeth Instead, rinse your mouth with water instead. This method, although it will not solve the problem of bad breath much. But it can help some
  4. Breath odor spray Another choice of comfort Recommended to be used only when necessary. If you can choose, brush your teeth better.
  5. Chew gum or suck on candy. It is another method that is popular. If choosing to eliminate bad breath by chewing gum Should choose a type of chewing gum that does not contain sugar But this method can only temporarily stop bad breath.
  6. Salt toothpaste Try using toothpaste mixed with salt. Alternatively, you can use only salt to brush your teeth (if tolerate) because salt will help stop bad breath. If the brush isn’t deep, gargle with salt water instead.
  7. Can you help with salt water? After brushing your teeth, mix half a glass of water with salt. (Use about half a teaspoon to get a little salty) Use spit instead of water Then hold it for 3-5 minutes, then spit it with water again. This method can be used for orthodontists who are concerned about bad breath. You can try it.
  8. Change toothbrush If the brush is damaged, replace it. Because the cleaning efficiency of the new brush is better than the old one And to choose a soft toothbrush with a tapered tip
  9. Water Flosser(Waterpik brand) or oral and dental cleaner with water pressure. (About a thousand baht or more per device There are many models and many functions to choose from) But if the budget is not enough, you can try using the shower in the bathroom. By trying to open the water all the way and then put the shower into the mouth So that the pressure of the oil is injected into between the teeth thoroughly Then remove the shower head, but the cable left. Then put your finger off the hole of the water pipe, leaving a small hole to make the water pressure even stronger. Then prick it into the mouth to inject the tooth next to the cheek bulge around for about 1 minute without having to rinse with mouthwash again (Information from: pantip.com by member number 1238832)
  10. Always have a regular dental and oral checkup with your dentist. You don’t have to wait for problems in your mouth and teeth, then see your doctor.
  11. Regularscalingevery 6 months or at least once a year. Limestone is another major cause of bad breath that you shouldn’t overlook. For anyone who has tried many methods but forgot to scaling, then hurry to arrange immediately.
  12. Inhibit cavitiesby filling in the decayed teeth. If decay until it penetrates the nerve cavity, root canal treatment is required. If the decay is so great that the tooth cannot be retained or maintained as it was, Had to withdraw and put on a denture
  13. Treatment of oral ulcers During oral ulcers, oral cleaning should not be ignored after eating. You should brush your teeth immediately. By using a gentle brush to prevent food stains from sticking to teeth for long and easy to brush off. But if you can’t brush your teeth or open your mouth, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every time after eating. And use a clean cloth moistened with warm water to wipe your teeth When the wound heals, bad breath will disappear.
  14. Treatment of tonsil stones If you have tonsil stones In the past, if this problem was eliminated, surgery would be required. But nowadays, technology has developed a lot so there is no need to cut it. A better and more modern method is “laser therapy“, where the patient doesn’t have to have the tonsils removed. Plus less blood loss Recover faster Stay overnight at the hospital for one night and can go home.
  15. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day,as drinking a lot of water will help flush bacteria out of your saliva.
  16. Don’t let your mouth dry This will increase the concentration of bacteria in the oral cavity and cause bad breath.
  17. Quit smoking Because smoking is harmful to health It is also another factor that can make periodontal disease more severe. And the smell of cigarettes that is left in the mouth when mixed with other odors can cause a specific bad smell.
  18. Drink lemon juice,aslemon juice will increase the amount of saliva.
  19. Coconut oil can help. Believe it or not, coconut oil can help stop your bad breath. With the use of coconut oil into the mouth, then slowly move the oil over for 15-20 minutes and spit out.
  20. Eating a lot of fiber-rich foodsis another easy way to reduce bad breath.
  21. Avoid drinking coffee or other beverages that cause bad breath.
  22. Sugary and acidic foods Can cause bad breath and tooth decay Therefore should avoid or reduce the amount or frequency of eating sweet foods. Not eating sugary foods as a snack Avoid drinking acidic beverages, such as sodas and fruit juices. Choose water, tea or milk instead of an acidic beverage. And to brush your teeth after drinking acidic drinks no more than an hour.
  23. Eat a total of 5 food groups,even if you’re currently on a diet or diet.
  24. Fruits and Vegetables Certain fruits and vegetables can also help reduce bad breath, such as chewing parsley or mint leaves after eating. Eating avocado (Because avocado meat will help eliminate spoiled food residues in the colon, which is a major cause of bad breath), eating bananas, mangosteen, pomegranate, plum, or even some vitamins or substances can help reduce bad breath, such as vitamin B3, chlorophyll. Rofill, baking soda, etc.
  25. Herbs for bad breath Many herbs can stop bad breath, such as chewing betel nuts, chewing basil root, chewing mouthfuls, chewing guava leaves, basil leaves, parsley leaves, soaking fresh strawberries in water overnight. Then used to gargle, use fresh threatened leaves mixed with salt, eat, use the tiger’s root to soak it with water and eat it frequently, sucking on clove flowers, chewing the rhizome of curcumin, womb, Kaen Tawan, ginger, galangal, wheat seedling juice, green tea, etc.
  26. Deodorant with natural ingredients It is another interesting option by introducing two formulasof naturalbad breath, the first one is Ginger and Lemon Recipe By using 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon fresh ginger juice and 1 glass of warm water mixed well. Use a mouth rinse once a day after brushing your teeth in the morning. And guava leaves recipe In which guava leaves were washed in water thoroughly Then bring it to low thoroughly mixed with 0.9% saline solution that can be purchased at pharmacies. Soak and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then filter and keep the water to rinse.


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