27 September: Know 10 beautiful cities to visit on ‘World Tourism Day’

Considering the importance of tourism and the popularity of tourism, the United Nations decided to celebrate World Tourism Day from 1980 to 27 September . The day of 27 September was chosen for World Tourism Day because the Constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted on this day in 1970. The specialty of Tourism Day is that to make people aware in different ways every year, different types of themes are kept on Tourism Day.


If you are fond of traveling, then you should definitely know about these 10 beautiful cities, which must be visited at least once in life, it will give you a great experience –


  1. Venice: You can understand the beauty of this city only when you see it with your own eyes. The only word for the beauty of this city of the world is ‘unique’.


Every building in this city is a piece of art and its beauty increases even more when its shadow is seen in the canals that cut the city. Its magical scene is breathtaking and breathtaking and upon reaching here we feel as if we have come to some real fairy world. This city is so amazing from other fascinating places in the world that it would be unfair to name another city as Venice.

  1. Paris: The view of the river Seine and the bridges built on it is made in the capital city of France. Its wide main thoroughfares, stunning intersections, magnificent buildings and the charming streets of Momatre (the city’s most attractive and elevated place) are enough to prove that it is the most luxurious and affluent city of all cities in the world. In fact, it has inspired other capital cities of the world, and has led to palaces such as the Champs-Elsie (Chaz-Elsie) in each of the countries of Europe, and places around it and residential intersections like the Place des Voges (Place de Vozes) Huh. Sitting at this city’s outdoor café table or taking a boat ride across the Seine River will forever be in your eyes.
  2. Prague: It is known as the city of thousands of minarets as the city has magnificent, artistically preserved historical buildings that represent each period of history.


  1. Lisbon: Lisbon is one of the most picturesque cities in the world with a view of magnificent hills from the hills built under the imposing Tagus River. Here scenic views are found at every turn in unexpected ways and can be seen from the colorful streets and staircases of strategic importance on the hillsides and the places of distant view.

The main feature of this city is that it retains a rough look with an attractive look that creates a spontaneous beauty and old-fashioned charm that has been lost by other cities of the world. In the 15th century, great explorers of the world had said about such a beautiful place, where else would they find such beauty except this city?


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