25 proofs of parental love

I think every child at least once asks, “Do my parents really love me?” “.Here’s a little memo to help them remember that yes, they are loved.Dear child, your parent loves you among other things because …

1- He asks himself every day what he can offer you the best (it goes well beyond the material)

2- He dares to say no to you, to set limits for you and also to impose consequences on you


3- He doesn’t blame you (long) for the sleepless nights, the damage, the conflicts …


4- For you, he repeats the same gestures a thousand times, the same tasks, the same explanations


5- He worries (sometimes too much) and wants to protect you (sometimes too much), from others, from accidents and from yourself


6- He leaves you the last part of dessert, the softest blanket, the choice of activity …


7- He lets you follow your friends for long hours, even when he was hoping to spend time with you


8- He says yes to this piece of clothing that he finds awful, to this toy that annoys him, to this hair color, because you adore him


9- He is interested in what excites you, even when he doesn’t understand anything (or he finds it really “boring”)


10- He tries to vary your lunches, create fun snacks …


11- He writes you sweet words


12- He accompanies you in this merry-go-round which makes him nauseous


13- He does everything to not discredit your other relative in your eyes, not to hurt you or put you in conflict of loyalty


14- He runs to school to bring you this important item for the day that you forgot


15- He puts aside work, housework, rest, because you need him now and not soon


16- He puts an end to a bad habit to set your example, take care of your health, make you happy


17- He shows inventiveness to understand you, encourage you, console you


18- Sometimes he collects from you “You’re not fine, I love you more !, I just can’t wait to leave the house!” “, Etc. without blaming you


19- He laughs at your jokes as if it was the first time he has heard them, he is ecstatic in front of your works, applauds your notes, “delights” in your recipes …


20- He watches you sleep in his arms or in his bed, forgetting any cramps, kicks, snoring …


21 – Learn to braid, tie up hockey gear, or try to memorize dinosaur names


22- He monitors your activity on social networks


23- He welcomes your first loves and consoles your first sorrows


24- He tries to be patient, from your toilet training to your driving practices


25- He smiles at you, even when he’s not doing very well

And much more…

Your parent loves you, because he made the choice to welcome you into his life and to offer you the place of choice. It is a completely free act, a leap into the void, a contract for eternity. He is committed to protecting you, teaching you the codes of life, taking care of you, ensuring your basic needs and more. It is not a sacrifice, not an obligation. No matter what we say, nothing forces him to continue. He chooses you every day of your life. Even on days of discouragement, of a big storm, of fatigue. Your parent has faith in you and even if they will not excuse everything you do in your life, they will try to understand and will never be able to close their heart to you.And then, you are so adorable! How not to love you;)


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