25 Names of Allah’s Prophets and Apostles

On this occasion we will learn together about the names of the 25 prophets and apostles, and know what qualities an apostle must have. As well as what is the purpose and function of faith in the apostles. .. Happy reading..

The Fourth Pillar of Faith

Faith in the prophet and also this apostle, also becomes fourth in the order of the pillars of faith that we often read and memorize in our daily lives together. Of course we must know that these prophets and messengers were sent by God to guide and guide humanity to survive their lives, both in this world and the hereafter.

By believing these prophets and messengers, we can come to know, that before the prophet Muhammad. sent to be prophets and apostles, it turns out that the previous people also had prophets and apostles who were also sent by God to convey treatises or true teachings.

Until finally sent by the prophet Muhammad, as the last prophet and apostle, who was awarded the miracle of the Koran, as a guide to life and as a book that perfects the teachings of the previous books.

Starting from where Muslims are invited to not only acknowledge the books, the prophets and messengers before the prophet Muhammad, but also must acknowledge, accept and practice the teachings contained in the holy book of the Koran, as well as anything which was also taught by our beloved prophet, Muhammad.

Know the Differences of Prophets and Apostles

It turns out, despite having the same mandate from God Almighty, it turns out in carrying out the task, prophets and apostles have a little difference. Here are a few differences between prophets and apostles:

  1. A prophet is someone chosen by God who is given a revelation to him, but the revelation is applicable to himself to be an example and a lesson for mankind. a prophet has no obligation to convey the revelations given by God to mankind.
  2. An apostle is someone who has been chosen by God and given revelation to him, and has a duty and responsibility in conveying teachings that have been revealed to him to all mankind.

From the brief explanation above, we can understand that, who has the title or title of an apostle, is certainly also a prophet, but a prophet is not necessarily concurrently an apostle.

The prophets who are not apostles are:

  1. Prophet Khidir
  2. Prophet Uzays
  3. Prophet Samuil
  4. Prophet Zulkarnain
  5. Prophet Syits
  6. Prophet Iys
  7. The Prophet Yusya bin Nun

Mandatory Attributes for Apostles

A messenger or apostle who carries the sacred duty of spreading the teachings of religion and the teachings of Allah. of course it has special inherent characteristics (mandatory traits). This means that these attributes are evidence or signs that they are indeed the messengers of Allah.

Then what are the attributes that are mandatory and inherent in the Apostles. There are four things required for the apostles:

  1. Shiddiiq, the meaning is correct. An apostle or messenger is always right, both in his words and actions. Therefore, it is not possible for an apostle to say or lie ( kaadzib )
  2. Amanah, means trustworthy or trustworthy. An apostle has a trait that can be trusted and is always faithful in carrying out the duties or mandates that they carry. Opposite to the nature of this mandate is treason , it is impossible for people who like to neglect their duties and betray themselves to be apostles or messengers
  3. Tabligh, means to convey. This means that an apostle or messenger has the duty to convey all the teachings revealed and given by Allah, to him to be conveyed to mankind. Therefore, it is not possible for a messenger to have the nature to hide or like to keep the teachings of Allah swt. (kitmaan)
  4. Fathanah, means smart. As a prophet and apostle, of course, have intelligent thoughts, so that they are able to convey the teachings of Allah swt., Well and carefully, so that those who oppose the teachings of God, an apostle can still deal with it. From here, of course it is impossible for an apostle to have a foolish nature. ( jahlun )

In addition to the above characteristics, an apostle or messenger also has the character ma’shum (awake). It means to be awake from committing sinful deeds

Names of Prophets and Apostles

The number of the prophets and apostles is certainly very large, only Allah, who knows for sure. However, it needs to be remembered together, of the many names of prophets and apostles.

There are at least 25 names of prophets and messengers that we are obliged to know and memorize together, plus more because these 25 names are listed in the Koran. Who are they:

  1. Prophet Adam ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  2. Prophet Idris ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  3. Noah ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  4. The Prophet Hud ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  5. The Prophet Shaleh ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  6. Prophet Lut ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  7. Prophet Ibrahim ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  8. The Prophet Isma’il ‘alaihis salaam(as)
  9. The Prophet Ishaq ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  10. The Prophet Ya’qub ‘alaihis salaam(as)
  11. The Prophet Yusuf ‘alaihis salaam(as)
  12. Prophet Syu’aib ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  13. Prophet Harun ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  14. Prophet Musa ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  15. Prophet Dawud ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  16. The Prophet Sulaiman ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  17. The Prophet Ayyub ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  18. The Prophet Dzulkifli ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  19. Prophet Yunus’ alaihis salaam(as)
  20. The Prophet Ilyas’ alaihis salaam(as)
  21. Prophet Ilyasa ‘ ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  22. The Prophet Zakaria ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  23. The Prophet Yahya ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  24. Prophet Isa ‘ alaihis salaam(as)
  25. Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu‘ alaihi wasallama(PBUH)

Purpose and Function of Faith in Prophets and Apostles

The purpose and function of faith in the prophets and apostles is:

  1. Believe in and believe in the apostleship and the holy books that were revealed to them
  2. To get guidance and guidance from Allah SWT.
  3. In order to remain submissive and obedient to what is ordered and stay away from what is forbidden by Allah Almighty.
  4. Increasing faith and piety to Allah Almighty.

Thus the explanation we can convey about who are the names of prophets and apostles, who have been sent by God Almighty. to this earth. As well as the characteristics inherent in an apostle in carrying out his da’wah to mankind, from the prophet Adam as to the end-time prophet, namely the prophet Muhammad.

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