24 Ways to Make Him Feel Completely Crazed by You

Incredibly, when it comes to men, every time he answers what you must do to win him over, the more likely it is that what works is exactly the opposite of what you thought. Men are totally different from women, and to make your life easier, we have prepared this 24-step guide that will always leave you wanting more from you.

  1. Use a more natural look

Makeup makes us feel more beautiful, but the natural look is more seductive in the world of men. Try to take turns, don’t always wear the same look, and use the element of surprise to your advantage.

  1. Don’t try too hard

Men are hunters by nature (even in 2017). Don’t do everything yourself, let him feel that if he doesn’t fight for you, he won’t be able to have you.

  1. Try not to look like a desperate woman

Don’t do, think and demonstrate everything you think he would like. Don’t look for it all the time, and most of all, DON’T insist.

  1. Never be the first to call

I know this one is difficult, especially after they met, had a great experience together and he disappears afterwards. But even if you think that if you don’t call, he will never call you … don’t call him. If he doesn’t call you again, he better disappear now and not after a few weeks when the emotional damage will be greatest.

  1. Be kind to your friends

For men, friends are sacred, if you win your friends, you’ve won half the game.

  1. Don’t be jealous

According to Ricardo Arjona, jealousy is “half brainless and half insecure”, and that’s right. Nothing worse than a woman unsure of herself, if something makes her jealous, swallow it without saying anything and you’ll be grateful for it later.

  1. Make him laugh

Use the time together to make him laugh and scold you. The more they laugh together, the more he will want to return to your side.

  1. Keep living your life

His life goes on, and the worst thing you can do is just live around him. Keep making plans with your friends and family.

  1. Whatever you do, never fail to act safely

If you texted a little harshly, and you regret it, don’t be sorry, take responsibility for what you did. Never apologize for being who you are.

  1. Arouse a small percentage of jealousy

The secret is in the word “small”. You can subtly make him notice how other men find you attractive, without going to extremes (never do that) to make him believe that you are seeing another man.

  1. Be mysterious

Don’t tell about your whole life on the first date, save a little, tell it little by little, leave it wanting more.

  1. Take the reins

Don’t call first, don’t send the last message, tell me when, where and how.

  1. Make sure your skin and hair always smell good

This aspect is more important than physical appearance (more important than makeup).

  1. Use social media to your advantage

Instead of making up stories to make him jealous, put in some new photos of yourself, when he sees that other men react to your photos, he will be jealous.

  1. Discover your tastes

Forget yourself for a while and listen to him, find out what he likes and surprise him with your own tastes. Nothing is more seductive than a woman who knows how to listen.

  1. Plan activities where you don’t always need to wear high heels

Let him see you in other aspects of your life. Men love women who play sports or are not afraid of everything.

  1. Dress attractive

Wear sexy clothes that don’t show your skin, but that make you feel beautiful and safe.

  1. Don’t let it be your number one priority

At least for now, make him work hard to get to number one on your list of priorities.

  1. Cook for him

Yes, men fall in love with the stomach.

  1. Buy something for him

Do not do this until the relationship is more advanced. Don’t overdo it in the present, it should be a little treat.

  1. Care about yourself

The more love you focus on yourself, the more chance he will love you.

  1. Seduce him

Use your smile and magic to seduce him.

  1. Take care of your skin

A woman’s skin is a powerful weapon. Make sure you always have it hydrated, drinking water, using sunscreen and a good moisturizer.

  1. Show gratitude

Don’t forget your manners and be grateful.

_Translated and adapted by Sarah Pierina from the original 24 ways of doing that you feel IRREMEDIABLELY maddened by you


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