210 Questions to ask to get to know a person thoroughly.

2. do you like your name?
3. nickname:
4. vices:
5. virtues:
6. school / work:
7. do you like your school / work?
8. are you engaged?
9. How long have you been (or are you not)?
10. are you in love?
11. do you have pets?
12. which ones? (relatives and friends are not valid)
13. do you wear more than 2 rings on your hands?
14. do you dress flashy?
15. have you ever seen a shooting star?
16. do you drink sparkling or natural water?
17.favorite alcoholic drink? :
18. have you ever done bungee-jumping?
19. can you do the wheel?
20. and the vertical?
21. Do you play any sports?
22. how old are you?
23. what is your favorite magazine?
24. favorite actor / actress?
25. favorite broadcast?
26. sea ​​or mountain?
27. sun or rain?
28. lightning or thunder?
29. do you prefer to draw or write?
30. do you like graffiti?
31. are you interested in politics?
32. are you a nerd?
33.a lick?
34. a retaliation?
35. do you like flowers?
36. and vegetables?
37. do you cheat when you eat?
38. Do you believe in fairies, gnomes etc.?
40. what is your favorite dish?
41. What do you think of Elena’s praise written by Gorgia?
42. and teachers?
43. have you ever tasted dog food?
44. have you ever bathed in the naked sea?
45. have you ever slept naked?
46. ​​have you ever gone to a nudist beach?
47. reasons often on the fundamental difference between axioms (common notions) and postulates?
48. Do you prefer to use the blue or black ballpoint pen?
49. Do you spend a lot of time in front of the TV?
50. don’t you know it hurts ?!

51. Have you ever smoked marijuana, or do you smoke it regularly?
52. Have you ever been captured by aliens?
53. have you ever been arrested?
54. do you smoke?
55. do you drink?
56. do you take drugs?
57. how did you spend your last summer holidays?
58. what will you do on New Year’s Eve?
59. what would you eliminate from this last year of your life?
60. what do you want to do when you grow up?
61. will you marry?
62. will you have children?
63. Will you become a worn-out old man and a nuisance of those who bother on the bus after stealing your seat?
64. are you narcissistic?
65. nihilist?
66. workaholic (yeah we ended rhymes!)?
67. have you ever felt useless?
68. what would you like to do at this precise moment?
69. where would you like to be?
70. do you have many real friends?
71. at least someone?
72. Is the best friend called?
73. Do you wear the years you have well?
74. Do you believe in true love?
75. and in eternal love?
76. Do you have regrets?
77. remorse?
78. who is the person you think about most often?
79. do you think he / she thinks about you?
80.who is the person you trust almost everything?
81. Do you have a best friend of opposite sex?
82. have you ever liked it?
83. what do you do in your spare time?
84. do you like your life?
85. which is the place you frequent more often?
86. do you like your company?
87. which is the month you prefer?
88. why?
89. Favorite Italian singer or band?
91. do you have a model or an idol?
92. Do you believe in love at first sight?
93. what is your ideal type? Also physical?
94.what does zuzzurellonare (last word of the vocabulary) mean?
95. last book read?
96. what kind of readings do you prefer?
97. Did you like it?
98. your favorite writer?
99. Have you ever gone beyond the kiss?

100. have you ever made love?
101. do you know how the Eskimos kiss?
102. and how many liters are 0.03 cubic decimeters?
103. do you like shopping?
104. and go to the beautician?
105. do you know what petting is?
106. the right age for the first time?
107. do you like this test?
108. What about licorice ice cream?
109. Do you like when a dog licks your ears?
110. what is your G-spot?
111. Do you have a dream in the drawer?
112. will not be an erotic dream?
113. do you think it is feasible?
114.a skeleton in the closet?
115. does anyone know them?
116. can you apologize?
117. and say “thank you”?
118. Do you feel fascinating?
119. Do you eat too much chocolate? absolutely not
120. do you consider yourself a good friend? yes
121. a good boyfriend? yes
122. which part of your body do you prefer?
123. and the one you hate?
124. do you like to spite people?
125. describe yourself with a single adjective:
126. if you were a flower?
127. an animal?
128.3 people would you take with you to a desert island?
129. 3 things?
130. Do you think you know who is around you well?
131. if you could be in someone’s mind, who would you choose?
132. what is your favorite language?
133. where would you like to live?
134. what time is it?
135. How long have you already wasted?
136. guideline?
137. Do you recognize yourself in sophistic thought?
138. In your opinion, is man a rational or irrational animal?
139. Is man fundamentally good or bad?
140. Will the forces of good triumph over those of evil?
141.see the “vie en rose”?
142. Do you like more in a girl?
143. do you realize that nobody is perfect?
144. are you a believer?
145. favorite movie?
146. favorite song?
147. Are you a demure person?
148. the strongest emotion you have felt?
149. Do you always get what you want?

is not that you are a little spoiled?
151. have you ever waxed?
152. did it hurt you?
153. Have you ever shaved to zero?
154. better a message or a phone call?
155. a letter or a chat?
156. Do you know who Mimnermo was?
157. if they caress your back, do you get chills?
158. isn’t that maybe you’re cold ?!
159. is technology useful?
160. have you ever attended any event?
161. right or left?
162. high- heeled shoes (elegant) or sneakers?
163.do you know many foreign languages?
164. write the name of a rhetorical figure:
165. vodka or caipiroska?
166. corona or adelscott?
167. Debora or Deborah?
168. favorite male name?
169. female?
170. which is the most beautiful boy / girl you have known?
171. write the formula of sulfuric acid:
172. say tub!
173. do slaughter?
174 . to kiss ?
175. letter?
176. will:
177. do you mess up the school diary or do you just write your homework?
178.half empty or half full glass?
179. Do you bundle your head before or after you beat it?
180. are you touchy?
181. paranoid?
182. are you sensitive?
183. shy?
184. extrovert?
185. do you pull it?
186. is your backpack usually full or empty?
187. and your head?
188. what is the thing you love to do?
189. Are you subject to temporary amnesias?
190. ea dejà-vu?
191. and a Freudian slip?
192. hallucinations?
193. do you wear glasses?
194.do you have crooked eyes?
195. what color are they?
196. What colors do you dress in?
197. Are you tall or short?
198. Do you wear necklaces and various jewels?
199. real or costume jewelry?
200. are you usually vulgar in expressing yourself?
201. are you content with little?
202. rasta or pigtails?
203. would you like to have them?
204. have you ever seen an eagle live?
205. what does “upside down” mean?
206. how many words in Italian are written with 2 “q”?
207. Is it useful for you to know history?
08. and Italian?
209. Do you realize that the test is almost finished?
210. write something:

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