The 21 reasons why the most beautiful place in the world is your bed

For heaven’s sake, it’s nice to travel, explore the world, hike up the jugs, swim in the blue sea, stroll through the big cities, get lost in the green forest, all fantastic, but tiring.

As our species is doomed to extinction, human withdrawal from industrious action is universally recognized as is its propensity for idleness and dragging itself into boredom.

What place in the world should, therefore, appear better to us than our beloved bed? Let’s get ready together to list the reasons why.

The bed is the most beautiful place in the world because:

# 1. It is democratic, comfortable and comfortable for anyone who tries it;

#2. It is easily available and very widespread: almost everyone has it, it is universal comfort, you can have it anywhere;

# 3. It is where you always want to be and where you never want to leave;

# 4. You don’t have to do anything strenuous to feel good;

# 5. Luckily, you go there every day;

# 6. Basically, you only do beautiful things in there, or very beautiful things. How to sleep, or sleep a lot;

# 7. Yes, it fits you perfectly, you don’t have to do anything to please and welcome yourself (were it not for the slanted spring that fits perfectly into your rib cage or for the memory foam);

# 8. When you are as tired as an untrained marathon runner, showering pajamas and sheets is the best feeling you can experience;

# 9. Indeed no, the most beautiful comes immediately after and is given by being able to fall asleep blissfully inside;

# 10. Up there, you can do practically all the good and useful things in life: eat, read, whack, watch a movie, listen to music, whack, chat, sleep, think, whack, laugh, cry, whack, reflect. , study, scratch the cat …

# 11. He lives in combo with pillows, which, by themselves, are already a guarantee of happiness;

# 12. It is warm, soft and comfortable like a MILF’s arms;

# 13. If you have a window with a beautiful view from which to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, it is superfluous to add anything;

# 14. In there you are safe and protected, or not, but you are sleepy you sleep and you don’t care;

# 15. You are in a panciolle doing nothing, in the most comfortable positions;

# 16. You can dress him as you want, as you like best, as best reflects your personality: a bit like a child, but with less effort;

# 17. If it’s your great love, save the money of a dedicated tattoo, every day, with the pillow print on the face;

# 18. A good mattress and good slats should be guaranteed as civil rights;

# 19. You go there in your pajamas, or without;

# 20. Being in a fetal position does not arouse socially ambiguous suspicions;

# 21. You are horizontal, but still alive.


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