21 best free games for Nintendo Switch

Today we bring you a list of the 21 best free games for Nintendo Switch . The Nintendo console is receiving a lot of very interesting releases, but if you want to find practically free entertainment, here is a list in which we include all kinds of genres, from MOBAs to even pinball.

The Nintendo Switch is the console with which the big N has managed to regain an important position in the industry, and not based on muscle like its competitors but with the versatility of a console that you can play as a laptop and desktop. As we always say in Engadget Basics, if you think there is another title that should be on the list, do not hesitate to leave your suggestions in the comments section so that other users can benefit from the shared knowledge.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite has what is possibly the most popular Battle Royale you can find, and you can also play it for free on Nintendo Switch. In addition, as you have the possibility of cross-play with the rest of the consoles , you can play without limit with your friends regardless of the game console they have at home.

It must be made clear that the Battle Royale is only one part of Fortnite , although by far the most successful. So much so that over time only the Battle Royale has ended up coming out on many platforms, leaving aside a complete game that has gone into the background. To top it off, this game does not require Nintendo Switch Online to be used.

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Originally released in 2013 for PC with great results , this excellent free third-person shooter eventually also made its way to consoles, and has since been considered one of the best free games you can find.

We are facing one of those F2Ps in which, when you have played for a few hours, you wonder how it is possible that it is free with such a lot of content and options. Really, if you like third person shooters with space ninjas who jump a lot, shoot, carry swords and use magic, it is highly recommended that you give it a try. It also does not require Nintendo Switch Online.

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Fallout Shelter

It was announced by surprise in 2015 as a small casual game for mobile, but ‘Fallout Shelter’ has been such a success that it has ended up making the leap for consoles after passing through the PC. In fact, in Nintendo Switch you benefit from the touch screen to control the game with it as if it were a tablet or with the control knobs. It is a Bethesda game set in its post-apocalyptic franchise, but has little to do with its conventional titles.

In this game you have to manage your own post-apocalyptic shelter , recruiting tenants and making them reproduce to have enough staff to provide food, energy and drinking water. It also has a quest system where you can send your best-trained tenants to explore the wasteland, all while arming yourself to defend yourself against attacks from zombies, ghouls, and bandits.

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Yes, Nintendo Switch finally has its ‘Super Smash Bros’ , but in case you want to try a free alternative in two dimensions and cartoon-style graphics , it may be interesting this one created by Blue Mammoth Games, a studio acquired in 2017 by Ubisoft . The game has a total of 40 legends with which to beat yourself up , and that you can choose with a rotating system of selectable or paying to have them all available.

As for the game modes, you can play online in 1v1 or 2v2 games, and free-for-all games with four and eight players. There will also be all kinds of local games and various game modes that will be added to prevent it from always being the same.

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Tetris 99

The mythical Tetris implements the concept of Battle Royale for this free title with the odd micro-payment to change its aesthetics. The concept is simple, you face 99 adversaries online and you have to try to be the last survivor. The mechanics of the game is exactly the same as a lifetime.

During the game you will be able to target specific opponents so that your bonuses turn into attacks against them, and others will also be able to do the same to you. In the end, you will have to combine strategy, skill and reflexes to try to be aware of who is attacking you while trying not to miss a beat.

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Arena of Valor

‘Arena of Valor’ is one of the most popular free-to-play video games out there for mobile devices, and you’ve decided to try your luck on Nintendo Switch. So that we understand each other, we could talk about this game as an alternative to LoL for the Nintendo console, one that also adapts well to its physical controls.

Players will participate in 5v5, 3v3 or 1v1 games in which they can select one of the more than 35 available heroes with their different roles, among which there will be tanks, assassins, magicians, warriors, shooters or others who will act as support.

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‘Paladins’ is a kind of ‘Overwatch’ free to play. This hero shooter may not have the wonderful designs of the Blizzard title, but it makes up for it by offering it completely free. Its final version arrived in May 2018 , and it has more than 10 million players.

The title itself is a team-based third-person shooter , and it has a cast of more than 20 characters each with their abilities. ‘Paladins’ has a card system to obtain a series of improvements that is not bad at all, and during the game you can improve various aspects of the character.

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Prime World: Defenders

This is a real-time strategy game that mixes different genres, as it unites the concepts of tower defense with those of collectible card games. This means that both your towers and the spells and traps with which to support them against enemy raids are all magic cards.

It is a free game with micropayments in which the objective is to defend yourself from the enemy waves, and also to build your own collection of cards to have enough resources and towers to do so. You will also have to carefully choose the cards you want to use in your strategy to properly defend yourself against each type of rival.

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Gems of war

Gems of War is another one of those games that tries to mix genres to offer an experience with personality. Combine mechanics from classic RPG turn-based battles with puzzle games of matching different colored gems.

As you can imagine, what you have to do is combine the gems of the Candy Crush type board to, depending on the combinations, cast different types of spells with which to attack your enemies. The game will propose you to explore a magical kingdom, undertaking missions to reconquer kingdoms using this peculiar combat system.

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Pokémon Quest

Along with ‘Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee’ , at the beginning of 2018 Nintendo also announced another peculiar game based on the Pokémon world, its ‘Pokémon Quest’ . The game is radically different from the rest of the installments in the saga, and in addition to being free-to-play it is also available for Android and iOS.

The game takes us to Rodacubo Island with a team of three different Pokémon. Each level that we complete will serve, apart from to strengthen our companions , to get medals that will make them more powerful or objects to cook dishes necessary to attract certain types of Pokémon, among which are also the initials or even the legendary ones.

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Dawn of the breakers

‘Dawn of the Breakers’ is the name that the game ‘Breakers: Dawn of Heroes’ has received in the West. It is a 3D action game that takes place in modern Japan, and in which players face mysterious enemies known as “Ghouls”.

The protagonist of the adventure is a mysterious amnesiac young man who will have to combine his life as a high school student with that of being part of the group of superheroes Breakers. “The game has both the classic story mode to advance alone through the adventure as a cooperative and an Arena mode to face your friends.

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Super Kirby Clash

This peculiar free game from Nintendo starring Kirby is a collaborative fighting title in which you can join up to three other people to face various types of enemies. Like an RPG, you can choose up to four character classes with their own abilities.

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GALAK-Z: Variant S

It is a game that combines elements of role-playing and space combat , allowing you to use a spaceship and a giant mech or robot. Its approach is simple, that of ending the enemy troops of an evil baron by shooting with your ship or using your robot’s laser sword.

The game also includes other features with the aim of making you spend as much time as possible or even spend real money on it, such as being able to collect robots that you can improve. There are also battles between players and daily challenges, all with a simple aesthetic with 2D graphics

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Stern Pinball Arcade

And we end up with a classic within the classics, a Pinball like the old ones. In fact, the game is sponsored by the Stern Pinball company, which has been creating these types of arcade machines for decades. The game itself does not have much mystery, since if you have ever played a Pinball, this is practically the same.

What Stern’s title does stand out is the huge number of licenses he has for the different boards of his game. You will find screens set in ‘The Ghostbusters’,’ Star Trek ‘,’ The Last Great Hero ‘or Starship Troopers’ among many others.

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A game whose formula is very similar to that of Monster Hunter, in that we have to cooperate with other players to hunt down gigantic bugs. The RPG and equipment improvement component is not lacking , which always gives it more depth.

Dauntless comes from the hand of Phoenix Labs and Epic Games, and it is a game that will continue to be constantly updated to add new enemies, challenges and events with which we will always have something to do, now also in portable mode.

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Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt saga is one of the most important in the world of driving games for mobile devices, and this is a version for Switch of the last title it has given. The game will allow you to drive amazing cars in no less attractive locations.

In all its modes and without plot distractions: it is about winning the race, either in Story mode, in daily events or in its multiplayer mode, where this time you can face up to seven players simultaneously. It has 60 seasons, 800 events and many hours of competition without concessions to which you can add your own community of friends with the ‘Club’ function.

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Half third-person action game, with a hint of competitive shooter, a few drops of RPG, and spiced with cooperative PvP games. ‘Smite’ is essentially a MOBA (multiplayer online combat arena) where we can select from more than 90 deities and mythological creatures from different cultures from eight different pantheons, in a game of combat and domination.

In its free mode, the game gives you five free gods from the start, with the possibility of choosing another five that will rotate each week. Obviously, you can pay to stay with other gods or all, but these initials should be enough to have a few good hours of play.

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Warface is a free war action first-person shooter that focuses on its online multiplayer mode , including even a Battle Royale . Players will be able to fight each other or in teams in various types of scenarios, and will even be able to carry out missions in a cooperative mode.

In the game you will be able to choose different types of soldiers to face the games, each one with their abilities. The game has more than 200 weapons that you can modify. The game is free, although as usual it has its micro-payment system.

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Pac-Man VS

Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself in 2003 for the Gamecube, ‘Pac-Man VS’ allows you to take on three other players through an asymmetric version of the game created by Toru Iwatani. One of the players will play Pac-Man while the rest of the users will take control of the ghosts, with a limited field of vision.

‘Pac-Man VS’ took advantage of the connection system between Gameboy Advance and GameCube, it was included in the ‘Namco Museum’ of Nintendo DS, although this version will be technically much more appreciated. Of course, this time you will need two Nintendo Switches to be able to play a game with four participants, one in which we will see the ghosts and another in which we will control Namco’s pet.

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Eternal Card Game

It may not have as much glamor as more popular card titles, but this card battle game may interest you thanks mainly to how it knows how to reward you. Come on, you can make a good collection of cards in a short time, and the gold you must buy is not so focused on getting cards as it is on accessing events and buying campaigns.

It is a balanced game with extensive possibilities, solid and almost without expansion. It is a game created by professional Magic players, a title that they mix with others like Hearthstone in an attempt to achieve something interesting for both veterans and newbies.

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DC Universe Online

And we finish with DC Universe Online, where you can create and edit your own superhero or villain to join Batman, Superman, the Joker, Lex Luthor and many more in some exciting battles that will take them to places as recognized as Metropolis or Gotham.

It is an MMO developed by Daybreak Games that has already been published on almost all platforms, but on Switch it has some small adjustments so that it works correctly when playing in the Dock and especially in portable mode.


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