2021 Menswear Fashion Trends

Men’s 2021 Fashion is freedom and variety, so everyone can choose clothes at their own discretion. The popular spring-summer 2020 trends are:

# 1. Wild

velvet, wild, velvet is at the peak of popularity. Textured materials are fashionable this season. There will be a special demand for a velvet blazer. It should be paired with classic plain fabric pants. Wild costumes will also be popular. Similar models were noticeable on the testimonials of Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Brioni and other famous designers.

Colors: black, dark gray, brown, turquoise and violet.

# 2. The cells of the

thin strips move to the background. A more popular cellular print in 2020.

This kind of fashionable print can be used on business suits, coats, shirts and sweaters.

# 3. Overalls

This trend, not long ago, appeared in the wardrobe of women. Overalls have also invaded men’s fashion this season. For the stronger sex it is predominantly done in a sporty style.

# 4. Costume The

best choice for men is a costume

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Trinity. He emphasizes his business style and social status. The classic gray triple, cells and gentle wild texture are trendy for the spring-summer season.

# 5. Logo Print

Among the fashionable items for men in 2020, branded items with the logos of fashion houses or designers’ initials should be distinguished. The logo print can be placed on any men’s clothing: T-shirt, jacket, rolls or jumpers.

# 6. Knitted clothes

can not warm anything better than knitted clothes in cold weather, in addition it is possible to create fashionable clothes. However, the larger the knit and the longer the name the more fashionable the garment.

# 7. Colorful motifs

Color prints have long been no longer the prerogative of women alone. Today it is abundant in men’s clothing decor as well. Roses and chamomiles are not only for women. Conversely, properly dosed colors will add originality to the style. Floral motifs can also be seen on a shirt and coat.

# 8. Long scarves

If last year the most fashionable accessory was contrasting leather gloves, long knitted scarves will be trendy in 2020. The longer the scarf, the more fashionable it is.

Designers recommend matching the colors of scarves to outerwear and hats. Use a fashionable accessory in combination with a tight suit, sweater, sweater.

Fashion trends in shoes

Spring-summer 2020 men’s fashionable shoes will combine classic and sporty style. Trendy sporty style, shoes with thick soles and light moccasins. From the actual details we must distinguish a large number of holes and perforations, sharp straps. Key colors are black, brown, gray and more. Dark cherry, blue, emerald, yellow and white will also be fashionable.

Jackets For

spring 2020, designers have offered a large selection of fashionable jackets for men. Preference was given to black. However, those who wish can choose mustard, gray, burgundy, plum and sand tones.

Jeans are

fashionable classic, skinny, low waist, wide jeans models.

Attention should be paid not only to the template, but also to the color. Trendy dark and light blue jeans, purple pants, as well as products of combined tones.

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