200 cute nicknames to say “I love you” to your partner

When we are in a relationship and when we are in love, we tend to be honeyed. We melt in front of the being we love because his presence makes us everything. We find it hard to contain his emotion and we try to express our love for him by giving him cute little nicknames.

On a daily basis and in private, we do not hesitate to be vulnerable and touching. You need these sweet little nicknames to make an emotional connection with your partner. So, we try to be original and we try to find THE ideal nickname for our companion or companion.

We want a nickname that will reflect the feelings we have for her or for him. But, you don’t want something that everyone uses. We want to prove to the other that the love we feel for him or her is not comparable to that of other couples.

So, we’re looking for a nickname that’s going to be as exceptional and unique as this love. We are different and we want to prove it by choosing a sweet little name that is also different.

There are lover nicknames that can be used for both genders and there are nicknames for boyfriend or girlfriend. Quite often these cute nicknames are inspired by everyday life, animals we love, the food we love to eat, and the great love stories we know.

If you are lacking inspiration to come up with cute nicknames for your partner, you can get inspiration from the list below. We have prepared a selection of 200 cute nicknames for you to use with your significant other to say “I love you”.

How to choose the perfect cute nickname for his or her partner?

Worried that the choice of your partner’s nickname will hurt him or her? Do you want to be sure that this one reflects your romantic relationship? Don’t worry, we have some advice for you! First of all, to keep it simple, you need to choose a cute nickname that has meaning for both of you. For example, if you both love sports, go for a nickname in that area.

You must also take into account his personality and your history. So, avoid general cute nicknames like baby or sweetheart, instead choose a cute nickname that represents their character or that will make you both smile every time you say it because it will remind you of a Caucasian situation that you have lived together.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect cute nickname for your partner:

  1. Get inspired by his first name

You can choose the first two letters or another syllable of his first name. For example, Josette can become Jojo or Elisabeth, Lili. It’s simple, effective and you will never be ashamed to use it in public. You can also opt for a common diminutive of his first name. For example, Margareth can become Maggie. Still, this option may be too ordinary for some couples.

  1. Use his middle name

By choosing to give her a cute nickname based on her middle name, you are showing that person that you know them well and want to create an intimate connection with them. Plus, if he or she prefers his or her middle name to the first, you show him or her that you are willing to do anything to put him or her at ease.

  1. And, the last name?

There are surnames that are so original (that we are not used to hearing) that they can make excellent nicknames. For example, Tatin. Not only is it personal, but it’s also a funny way of reminding others that their last name is special or even funny.

  1. Keep it simple and use the initials

Lots of people have full names that can easily make great nicknames if you choose to just use their initials. For example, if your partner’s name is Marie-Josette, MJ might be a cute nickname that you can give her. Or, if your partner’s name is Paul Orin, PO can be pretty funny.

  1. An anagram to be original

Mixing up the letters of your partner’s first and / or last name can be quite fun. The choice of such a cute nickname is completely unique and it is proof that you took time (and it took some thought) to choose what suits her best.

Couple nicknames

These couple nicknames are the ones that lovers use the most. They not only reflect the love that the two partners have for each other but they are also a testament to the level of intimacy that exists between them. The more comfortable the partners are, the more they will allow themselves cute nicknames that are out of the ordinary.

  1. My dear
  2. My love
  3. My angel
  4. My heart
  5. My treasure
  6. My jewel
  7. My diamond
  8. My pearl
  9. My sun
  10. Baby doll
  11. My beautiful knight
  12. My ocean of tenderness
  13. My oasis
  14. My little elf
  15. My passion
  16. My rainbow
  17. My Christmas present
  18. Rascal
  19. My hug
  20. Calinounet
  21. My chicken
  22. My little duckling
  23. My kitten
  24. My little cat
  25. Chatounet

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  1. Chapounet
  2. Kitty
  3. My love twink
  4. My rominet
  5. My rominou
  6. My baby bird
  7. My little bird
  8. My little wild horse
  9. My beautiful stallion
  10. Teddy bear
  11. My loving care bear
  12. My teddy bear
  13. My love teddy bear
  14. My love feline
  15. My leopard
  16. My biquet
  17. My little duck
  18. My marshmallow
  19. My Valentine
  20. My Romeo
  21. My Superman
  22. My Apollo
  23. My Jules
  24. Corazón
  25. Mi amor

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Affective nicknames

Affective nicknames are more original than the standard cute nicknames. When you use these kinds of nicknames, you are showing your partner that you have a great sense of humor and that you are not afraid of being ridiculed. After all, when we’re in love, nothing scares us!

  1. My baby
  2. Sweetie
  3. My lover
  4. My blanket
  5. My darling
  6. My barley sugar
  7. Sweetie
  8. My truffle
  9. My marshmallow
  10. My gingerbread
  11. My angel of love
  12. My nugget
  13. My nerd
  14. My everything
  15. My ward
  16. My bunny
  17. My cozy pillow
  18. My tender arms
  19. My luck
  20. My momentum
  21. Scaramouche
  22. Honey
  23. My pad
  24. My bird
  25. My song

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  1. My summer sweetness
  2. My blood
  3. My king
  4. My queen
  5. My kingdom
  6. My royalty
  7. My mouse
  8. My shine
  9. My book of life
  10. My existence
  11. My oxygen
  12. My air
  13. My source of joy
  14. My source of happiness
  15. My chocolate eclair
  16. My pharaoh
  17. My favorite music
  18. My big stallion
  19. My morning dew
  20. My reason for breathing
  21. My pikachu
  22. My eternal (the)
  23. My soul mate
  24. My twin flame
  25. My chick

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Nicknames for her boyfriend

The list of cute nicknames below is for men only. Your boyfriends or husbands will love hearing you say these emotional nicknames. Some are the symbol of their masculine virility, others are a reflection of their remarkable personality.

  1. My rabbit
  2. My cat
  3. My wolf
  4. Beautiful brown / blond
  5. Bibi
  6. Calinours
  7. Chérichou
  8. Champion
  9. Kitten
  10. Chochotte
  11. Choupinet
  12. Choupinou
  13. Rascal
  14. Cowboy
  15. Croquilou
  16. Darling
  17. Doudou
  18. Big hairy
  19. Honey
  20. My heart of love
  21. My adored little heart
  22. My love blanket
  23. Doudounet
  24. My sugar blanket
  25. Roudoudou

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  1. Tichou
  2. My little boy
  3. My chounet
  4. Pitchounet
  5. My dog
  6. My ray of sunshine
  7. My breath of life
  8. My coconut
  9. Roudoudounet
  10. My beloved
  11. My dear and tender
  12. My reason for being
  13. My beautiful
  14. My sky
  15. My other half
  16. Little prince
  17. My prince charming
  18. My joy of living
  19. My gaiety
  20. My sweetness
  21. My little husband
  22. My man
  23. Titou
  24. Titounet
  25. Poupounet

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Nicknames for his girlfriend

A girlfriend or a wife is the most important thing in a man’s life. The cute nicknames listed below are just for her. Get inspired by saying “I love you” in an original and even funny way, sometimes. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitivity by choosing an emotional nickname for your loved one.

  1. My doe
  2. My little heart
  3. Chip
  4. My sapphire
  5. My sweetheart
  6. My sweetheart
  7. My little feather
  8. My little flame
  9. My lolita
  10. My little star
  11. My Christmas present
  12. My muse
  13. My nymph
  14. Doll
  15. My fairy
  16. My other half
  17. My pépette
  18. My silk
  19. My beautiful little jewel of love
  20. My elf
  21. My little pearl
  22. My tenderness
  23. My tender caress
  24. My rainbow
  25. My life

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  1. My Liliputian
  2. My scented island
  3. Light of my life
  4. My quail
  5. My hummingbird
  6. My chick
  7. My little bird
  8. My turtledove
  9. My little light butterfly
  10. My gazelle
  11. Minounou
  12. My goat
  13. My little shrimp
  14. My barley sugar
  15. My cherry of love
  16. My strawberry Tagada
  17. My cracker
  18. My crumb
  19. My praline
  20. My flower
  21. My poppy
  22. My rose
  23. My orchid
  24. My Juliet
  25. My Valentine

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Why is it important to give your partner a cute nickname?

When you think about it, this isn’t really the most important aspect of a romantic relationship. However, choosing a suitable nickname for your other half has several meanings. First, it proves that you have a pretty high level of privacy. Together you feel comfortable and know all aspects of each other’s personality.

You are not afraid of ridicule because you are not ashamed of your feelings. On the contrary … You are proud of your relationship and your special bond. So you don’t mind being heard by others saying “ barley sugar ” or “ rabbit ”.

By choosing a cute nickname for your partner, you are telling them that you have a feeling that your relationship is going to last. You want to do everything to build your future with him or her. It’s proof that your romantic relationship is strong. Moreover, it is an essential step for the development of your romantic relationship.

Like this, a cute nickname may seem random and insignificant yet, for two people who have strong feelings for each other, this is an opportunity to make their couple more unique and strong. This means that they are ready to move forward together and that they envision a common future.

After all, you’re not going to give a nickname to a girl you don’t like or a one-night stand (maybe to your friends to give them an idea of ​​your personality or physique. current ”trophy). So a cute nickname in a relationship is almost a mandatory step in quantifying how serious your relationship is.

This list of cute nicknames should be an inspiration to anyone who misses them. There is no shame in saying that sometimes you have a hard time finding the right words to express your feelings. Still, saying “I love you” to the person who matters most to you can be as easy as coming up with a cute and quirky nickname.


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