20 ways to stop drinking! Alcoholics want to quit alcohol, what should I do ??

Alcohol or alcohol are addictive substances that damage the brain and body in the long term. Causing many complications Including hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcohol dependence psychosis High blood pressure Seizures from alcohol addiction, manic disorder, gastric bleeding. In addition to these diseases There are also various complications, including dementia, slower-than-normal memory, thinking and decision making. Which from the statistics will be found that The patients with alcohol dependence were more likely to be males than females.

These complications will require a period of care. And rehabilitation is quite a long time, and it is important The family must be involved in the therapy of the patient. So that the patient will be strengthened and able to take care of himself continuously.

Immediate cessation of binge is preferable for drinkers without symptoms of redness. (Or called In the morning after waking up, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, tremors, tremors, sweating, and no symptoms of severe symptoms after stopping alcohol in the past, such as severe restlessness, hallucinations, confusion, tinnitus. Has seizures, etc. This is because the risk of redness is not much. Who immediately stopped drinking Should follow the symptoms above. Especially during the first 3 days if there are severe nausea and vomiting. Increased irritability, restlessness, palpitations, shaking hands, sweating, you should seek medical attention to help treat the symptoms.

Are you prone to alcoholism?

The four questions from the CAGE (diagnostic assessment) test can help you assess your likelihood of alcohol dependence. If the answer is “yes” to two or more questions, you are likely to be alcohol dependent. Alcohol addiction And should consult a doctor to assist in further assessment and assistance

  • ” Have you ever felt that you should cut down on your drinking? “
  • ” Have you ever been annoyed when others criticize your drinking? “
  • ” Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking? “
  • ” Have you ever had to drink alcohol the first thing after waking up to make it less nervous or reduce your hangover? “

How to stop drinking

  1. Have real intentions First, there must be earnest intent. This is very important and has a great effect on quitting alcohol if you have the will. Success is certainly not out of reach.
  2. Goal must be set You should aim for whom you want to stop drinking. Why did you have to stop? And to achieve goals to be achieved, such as quitting drinking for parents Because drinking alcohol can make parents uncomfortable Give up alcohol for family and children And think about the mission you have with your family and your future. Because it will bring more money to save Less spat The family will be happier with them.
  3. Finding spiritual support, including finding encouragement from those around you. Whether it is a family person, parent, lover, close person or close friend. Tell them that you are quitting alcohol and give them encouragement.
  4. Find inspiration Talking or reading the experiences of people who have successfully stopped drinking Before he saw it, he was successful and lived a beautiful life. Would help create tremendous support for you ever.
  5. Friends help friends groupIs a support group There is a process to create hope and strength for each other. Which is considered very important in preventing re-drinking It is very popular in foreign countries. Like in America and many other countries around the world Because it will help people with alcohol addiction problems Able to stop drinking longer and live a better life. In Thailand, efforts are being made to form a larger number of Friends Support Groups to accommodate the existing problems. There are both self-organized and government push, such as the volunteer spirit club, Chom Thong Hospital, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province. (It is an informal support group), Alcoholics Anonymous according to the 12-step principle is the Alcoholics Anonymous group or AA group. It is a group of men and women who share experiences and hope to help solve problems. And help people who have problems with alcohol There are currently more than 2 million members and approximately one hundred thousand groups in more than 180 countries around the world. For example, in Thailand, there will be about 12 AA groups that operate regularly, such as the AA group in the Khon Kaen drug treatment center, Khon Kaen province, the AA group in the Kut Chum district hospital, Yasothon province, and the AA group in the Suan Hospital. Prung, Chiang Mai Province, AA Group at International Psychological Counseling Center, AA Group in Phramongkutklao Hospital. Bangkok, etc., where you can search to join the AA group by contacting the treatment facilities listed above. Or you may find additional information about AA Thai Group By contacting the AA help line Get at number AA group in Phramongkutklao Hospital Bangkok, etc., where you can search to join the AA group by contacting the treatment facilities listed above. Or you may find additional information about AA Thai Group By contacting the AA help line Get at number AA group in Phramongkutklao Hospital Bangkok, etc., where you can search to join the AA group by contacting the treatment facilities listed above. Or you may find additional information about AA Thai Group By contacting the AA help line Get at number AA group in Kut Chum District Hospital, Yasothon Province, AA group in Suan Prung Hospital, Chiang Mai Province, AA group at International Psychological Counseling Center, AA group in Phramongkutklao Hospital. Bangkok, etc., where you can search to join the AA group by contacting the treatment facilities listed above. Or you may find additional information about AA Thai Group By contacting the AA help line Get at number AA group in Kut Chum District Hospital, Yasothon Province, AA group in Suan Prung Hospital, Chiang Mai Province, AA group at International Psychological Counseling Center, AA group in Phramongkutklao Hospital. Bangkok, etc., where you can search to join the AA group by contacting the treatment facilities listed above. Or you may find additional information about AA Thai Group By contacting the AA help line Get at number085-199-3540or email ThaiAASiam@gmail.com
  6. Review yourself:You review yourself daily on the benefits of not drinking and the harm of drinking. And recalling how much better the past events compared to life when not drinking (In the matter of accidents, Thailand has been reported that approximately 40-50 percent of accidents on the road are caused by drivers who drink alcohol. In health, there are medical reports that alcohol can cause serious health effects. And it causes more than 60 diseases and also has other problems such as violence, suicide, increased crime, etc.)
  7. Do not let time to free Try to find creative activities that bring joy instead of drinking alcohol, such as relieving stress by playing music, listening to music, doing arts, reading books, watching movies, exercising, playing light sports, making merit when feeling lonely, sad or stressed.
  8. Get enough sleep And if the drinker is also a smoker You should be able to control how much you smoke. Don’t smoke more or avoid smoking as a solution.
  9. Eat a healthy diet Sufficiently and appropriately Avoid eating fatty foods, as your liver may not be working properly. Sipping sweet water often to increase energy for the body. Or turn to drink these juices instead, such as fruit juice flavor. Strawberry juice Apple Green Tea Juice Lemongrass juice, pandan juice, fragrant pandan juice, carrots, carrots mixed with passion fruit, star fruit juice, flora, beet juice, beet juice mixed with pineapple Beetroot, passion fruit, tomato juice, carrots and lettuce Grapefruit and Carrot Juice Butterfly Pea Mocktail Mocktail, Okra, Tamarind Tea, etc.
  10. Take vitamins Such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, compensate 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals.
  11. Stop immediately forthose with ideas for just drinking for fun or wanting to socialize. In the future So if you intend to quit drinking Should try to resist and stop drinking immediately.
  12. Known to be rejected as Absolutely refuse to drink when someone persuades or urges them to drink. Which you may tell him that I am having liver problems, the doctor ordered me not to drink, is busy driving, etc.
  13. Avoid the risks From situations or environmental factors that may make it easier to drink, such as avoiding visiting entertainment venues, restaurants, pubs, bars, liquor stores, or from friends who are drinkers. During the time after work Salary date Special occasions or occasions, including avoiding causes that lead to stress, sadness, loneliness, discouragement, fatigue, etc.
  14. Aim to reduce the amount you drink or drink less.Forexample, having 8 drinks a day may reduce the amount of drinking down and down until only one drink per day, and eventually not even a single drink.
  15. Change in drinking habits It is important that you drink less until you stop drinking completely. For someone who used to drink alcohol regularly, it may be difficult to quit immediately. But you can try the following methods. This may dramatically reduce the amount of booze, such as eating before drinking and drinking with meals. To help slow down the absorption of alcohol, avoid salty foods. This will cause thirst to drink more, limit the amount you drink less, drink slowly to be more mindful, choose low-alcohol drinks such as beer instead of alcohol or wine, drink like Diluted to reduce alcohol concentration, drink water alternating with booze to increase the drinking range. This includes not drinking alcohol when taking all kinds of drugs and abstaining from drinking when health problems arise.
  16. Poison alcoholor drugs, alcohol deprivation is a common that the sulfuric RAM (alcobuse, which, before using the drug, the patient must stop drinking alcohol for at least 1-2 days in order to eliminate the alcohol from the body The mechanism of action of this drug is to inhibit the gastric juice of the liver. If a patient takes disulfiram and drinks alcohol, it will develop poisoning. Causes nausea, vomiting, flushing, flushing, redness, dizziness, dizziness, syncope in severe cases, it can be fatal. Therefore, this drug is absolutely suitable for people who want to stop drinking. This will be the drug to remind you that you can’t return to drinking again. Because if you return to drink, it will cause symptoms that do not reach such desires For this reason, it should not be secretly administered to the patient without knowing it. (As the wife did in the past) because it may cause the death of the patient. You can buy this drug at most pharmacies. But the most appropriate and safest medicine is the one given by a doctor. It is recommended that if you want to use the drug, take the drinker to the doctor for an evaluation. And dispensing the right dose is better
  17. Drug alcoholin the treatment of alcohol dependence has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. There will be 3 types, 4 parallel, which are
    • Naltrexone (NTX), brandname Revia / Depade, is not yet used in Thailand. These drugs work by blocking opioid receptors, which can reduce the urge and satisfaction of drinking.
    • The extended-release injectable naltrexone (ERIN)is a long-acting injectable drug that is also not used in Thailand. The brand name is Vivitrol and acts the same as naltrexone, but lasts up to 30 days.
    • The drug acamprosate (ACP)is not yet used in Thailand. Trade name Campral, this drug works on the neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA, but the mechanism of action associated with alcohol is unknown.
    • Disulfiram (DSF)is a drug that Thailand has used to quit alcohol. When the patient drinks alcohol The drug will act to inhibit the breakdown of alcohol, causing the acetaldehyde level in the blood to rise. This resulted in hot flashes, nausea, rapid heartbeat and sweating.
    • There are also other medicines available that are evidence that can help treat alcohol dependence. The most popular drugis topiramate, branded as Topamax, believed to work by increasing the activity of the GABA neurotransmitter system and reducing the activity of the glutamate neurotransmitter system.
  18. Herbs to stop alcohol,including drug recipes to stop alcohol from the use of Pla Hae Leak root Red and Phaya Fai Lantanong Roots brought rain and water to eat, use 10 thin slices of gooseberry roots, 2 each wrist, then roast first and then dried in 3 sun rays, then bring to Pickled with white liquor, enough to flood the drug for about 5 days, use it to drink, the more you drink while you are drunk, the better. After drinking less than half a glass, the symptoms of mania and vomit. Which during this time, be very careful Need to find someone to help catch If this period is over, it will be normal and will not want to drink any more, etc. But nowadays, herbs have successfully stopped drinking. Which can help reduce the craving for alcohol Until the very end, can finally quit How can you try searching for information?
  19. Consult different departmentsfor help. If you have a problem, have questions, or need additional advice Can call to consult at various agencies, the following is  a hotline to stop drinking Alcohol problem consultation center, call 1413 , drug hotline Thanyarak Institute, call 1165 , hospitals and provincial public health offices nationwide
  20. Quit drinking with the doctor There are 4 stages of medical treatment to stop alcohol.
    • Preparation for treatment At this stage, the doctor will perform a health assessment to provide knowledge and understanding about therapy. And motivate the patient to stop drinking
    • The detoxification stage This step will help the patient to stop the initial alcohol. Helps relieve withdrawal symptoms by providing compensatory medications and preventing severe withdrawal symptoms. Which will take approximately 1-2 weeks
    • Rehabilitation stage This is the treatment after the detoxification of alcohol And the patient can stop the initial alcohol It is intended to help the patient to stop drinking continuously. Resistant to alcohol cravings And live a balanced life free from alcohol Most rehabilitation will take approximately 4-6 months. The hospital will have several rehabilitation programs, such as an outpatient model, ie going to the doctor and taking home medication. Or inpatient model Where the patient must be in a medical facility Rehabilitation programs may be treated individually or as a group. And relatives may need to be present during certain hours of therapy. Which is looking for in this program Will have to educate about alcohol addiction Motivating to quit alcohol Modifying thinking and behavior Stress relief Prevention of repeated alcohol addiction Give advice to the family, etc.
    • The follow-up stageis the follow-up of treatment and rehabilitation And to help patients live a normal lifestyle and stop drinking continuously Which will take approximately 1-2 years

How to help your partner stop drinking

Convincing the partner to stop drinking by means of threatening, scolding complaints, or even making an ultimatum by betting on the relationship. The results may not be worth the price we have to trade. This can lead to a waste of time, regret, and effort, or even break up, etc., by means of appropriate and effective persuasion techniques in talking to the person next to you:

  1. Speak at the right time, that is, not to speak while he is drunk. But to speak while he is not drunk Because at that time he will have the most consciousness to be able to hear your reasons. And most importantly, should not scold Looking with ferocious eyes Or stand over him Because it will make him aggressive and hurt you.
  2. Not tempted to stop drinking all the time But changed to showing sincere concern about health and taking them to have a health examination instead But if this doesn’t work, it should be abandoned for a period of time and show concern for another.
  3. If drinkers are willing to quit or complain that they want to stop drinking You shouldn’t neglect this opportunity. The first thing you should do is to admire this part of your opinion. Along with encouragement Giving confidence that he can do it And you will always be there for him He then suggested different ways to help him and brought him to the doctor, assuring him that the doctor would help him to quit alcohol successfully and not suffer.
  4. In the event that information on how to help from a doctor But drinkers firmly insist that they will not go And will stop drinking by yourself You may inquire about why you did not see a doctor, and you can reassure you that seeing a doctor is a safe, less torture, and high chance of quitting. Because doctors will have drugs to help But if he insists on stopping drinking by himself You should not go on to seduce. And let him try to stop drinking by himself first Along with finding ways to stop drinking by yourself to help him further.

Place to quit drinking

You can find alcohol quit centers or rehab facilities in most public and private health facilities. In psychiatric or other departments receiving treatment, such as family medicine Drug clinic Or a tear center, etc., by informing the staff that they would like treatment for alcohol withdrawal Which you can use in the treatment that you have, such as gold patent, social security rights Or the right to pay directly However, you must first check with the treatment facility to see what rights we can exercise. But for those who do not know where treatment facilities are near the home It is recommended to go to this website straight away. http://www.1413.in.th/treatment.htm Then enter the province and the type of treatment facility and click to search by example.


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