20 things that only those who do NOT have air conditioning can understand

In this splendid summer that is trying to exterminate us there are poor Christs who deserve compassion more than anyone else. They are those who do not have an air conditioner. It is probably the biggest bad luck that can happen to you right now, almost worse than being graduated. So let’s see in twenty jaunty points what drama their life is.

Here is the list dedicated to those who do not have an air conditioner

# 1. You spend most of your time searching for the perfect position for the one fan that can save your life

#2. To cook pasta, just put the water in a pot without turning on the gas

# 3. In an attempt to keep your sanity, you start watching Christmas movies

# 4. Go to ilmeteo.it thirty times a day in search of possible rains but you are annihilated by their sensational tones

# 5. You walk into any store pretending you want to buy something to enjoy some refreshment

# 6. It takes twenty minutes to take off your pants

# 7. Every morning you reproduce the miracle of the holy shroud on your sheet

# 8. You secretly put ice in your underwear

# 9. Paradoxically, you get chills from the heat

# 10. Every twenty minutes you put your head in the refrigerator

# 11. When you meet a friend who gives a damn about the heat because he has the climate you would like to strangle him but you are too hot

# 12. Sleeping has become an ambition

# 13. Take seven hundred and twenty cold showers a day

# 14. You wit in complicated strategies in an attempt to create minimal drafts in the house by playing with the opening of doors and windows

# 15. You scan the sky with tears in your eyes looking for a cloud

# 16. You’re greasier than a Mc Donald’s fryer

# 17. You’re looking to turn your cause into a spa, as every room is a sauna

# 18. If you have air conditioning at work you suddenly become a model employee

# 19. Your summer outfit is the pant

# 20. You cry in the heat but the tears shake


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