20 Good Habits to Have in Life

Habits or attitudes routinely carried out by humans can lead them to “who they are” in the future. Everything we think, say, and do is the result of deep habits that have been ingrained in our minds over the years. As stated earlier, this habit will help to encourage our success or even hinder the progress of our life. In fact, our current state and quality of life is a direct reflection of our daily habits.


Then, what are the best habits we need to have in life?


1. Focus on what we have.

Gratitude is an attitude of focus on what we have now. As humans, we really can’t have everything in life, because only God is the richest. Gratitude is a good habit that is first for us to do, absorb it and cultivate it every time. Why? Because the gratitude we have can lead us to health, happiness and success.


2. Smiling is a very good therapy.

One study shows that people who smile with a genuine smile are the happiest people in the world. After we are grateful, it will be easy for us to spread happiness to others through our beautiful smiles. Smiling is a very good therapy, which can bring us a sense of peace. Peace of mind, emotionally , mentally and spiritually from time to time.


3. Always start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important part of life, especially to start the day. So many successful people believe that never skipping a healthy breakfast is one of the paths to success. With breakfast, our brain, body and mind will be strong to go through the day. If Career Advice colleagues want to always be healthy, happy and become successful people, don’t forget to have a healthy breakfast, huh.


4. Drink warm or cold water with lemon juice.

Maybe fellow readers will ask questions? Is this a good habit to adopt? In fact, this is one habit that has many health benefits. Lemon is a natural source of Vitamin C, but lemons also provide other health benefits such as, improving digestion, boosting the immune system, along with cleansing and rehydrating the body.


5. Exercise every day.

Almost everyone agrees that exercising is a good habit that everyone should have. If a good morning starts with a healthy breakfast, exercise is complementary. Exercise is not just about lifting heavy weights or running a marathon of miles, but can also be done lightly such as walking, or jogging. Light activities like this can oxygenate our blood and increase endorphins in the body.


6. Walk 10,000 steps daily.

This is a good habit that is difficult for us to adopt, especially for workers who spend most of their time sitting in front of a laptop or computer, and sitting in a meeting room for hours . Whenever fellow readers have the opportunity to apply this good habit, do it. For example, walking to the cafeteria or food court to buy lunch, walking to the parking lot, and so on.


7. Reduce and avoid unhealthy snacks.

We all agree that the snacks at the market or what we usually call the snacks of the abang-abang have a very delicious taste and are also cheap. Unfortunately, eating too much food like this will have a negative impact on our health in the future. So, lessen Career Advice colleagues.


8. Manage time well like managing money.

Time is money, but time is far more valuable than money. If the money runs out, we can still make more money by working, but if time is wasted, we will never be able to turn it back. So, a good habit that we need to have is to manage the use of time as well as we manage money (even better than managing money).


9. Make a list of daily goals, every day.

In life, we should not be swayed by following the flow of life without any purpose at all, this is wrong! There is a reason why God created man with a mind and mind, unlike animals and plants. This is why as humans we need to have goals every day, so that life feels more passionate.


10. Always looking for inspiration.

Sometimes we may find it difficult to maintain self-motivation. This is where the good habit of always looking for inspiration comes into play. We can watch inspirational videos or read inspirational stories from successful people in order to achieve their dreams of life. Good habits like this will not harm us at all.


11. Save consistently and invest wisely.

“Save the base of riches”, do Career Advice colleagues still remember the proverb? Yep, this is right. And would it be better if we save consistently. Then, from the savings, we can invest. But keep in mind, we also have to be wise in investing, don’t let us lose.


12. Controlling every expense made.

As Benjamin Franklin said that “Beware of small expenses, because a small leak will sink a great ship”. It is the same with the small expenses that we make, if we don’t control them wisely, the budget we have will be dilapidated. Every habit in managing finances wisely is a good habit.


13. Never stop learning.

Learning is a good habit that needs to be applied continuously. This is an ongoing process. As BusinessGrowth put it “when we stop learning, we stop growing”.


14. Get up early, every day.

When we wake up early in the morning (every day), we can do many things, especially morning routines that are very useful for getting through the day. Most people who wake up in the morning, must be productive people.


15. Be generous with your time and money.

With our relentless busyness, we need to be generous with our time and money. Especially, to loved ones such as our family and close friends. Make them happy and our lives will be happy too.


16. Trying to face fear.

Avoiding fear is a very good habit. Why? Because fear can keep us from pursuing success. Fear will only make our lives feel anxious and worried. Come on, let’s get rid of fear from now on.


17. Acting faster, not later!

Procrastination is a very bad thing . Try to act faster, don’t procrastinate, especially for good things. The sooner we take action, the better.


18. Think positive.

Of course, positive thinking is one of the definite and absolute good habits. Almost all good habits start with positive thoughts. So, have your fellow readers been thinking positively today?


19. Read diligently.

Diligent reading can broaden our knowledge and make us a broad minded person. We need to practice these good habits so as not to become narrow-minded people.


20. Respect bedtime.

To be able to adopt good habits, we need to have enough energy. That’s why we need to cherish every time we sleep.


Yep! Those are 20 good habits that we need to have in life, so that our lives can be more meaningful and passionate. So what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s apply the 20 good habits above.


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