20 Functions of Business Communication in Management

When you want to run an integrated and well-managed business, the most important thing to do is to know what ways or steps should be communicated. How to Communicate Well  with employees, colleagues or business partners and even communication done to competitors, must produce an  Effective Communication . Literally, communication is indeed interpreted as a process of sending or receiving information in the form of ideas, ideas or feelings conveyed verbally or nonverbally.

While business is an industrial activity to produce an item or service, and is sold or commercialized to get income with the aim of improving and maintaining the lives of people who do business and management is an activity or process to regulate or manage people or activities to the communication made to create harmony and give good results.

When combined, business management communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas or opinions as well as instructions or instructions delivered in accordance with the context of the activity. This context is usually industrial or commercial by someone with another person, or between groups with other groups or companies with other companies that are well managed and managed.

Business Communication According to Experts  must be supported by several important parts so that the business processes carried out can run well. The supporting sections include:

  1. The credibility of the source of information to be communicated, where this part must contain elements such as expertise, trust and dynamism.
  2. Recipients with characteristics as good communicants viewed in terms of physiological, psychological and sociological
  3. Message or information that will be communicated both verbal and non verbal
  4. Psychological and physical context
  5. Channels or media used by recipients or informers
  6. The resulting effect is a measure of success or failure of a business communication.

Meanwhile, the Business Communication Function  as a tool for integrating and coordinating business people must be followed by planning, organizing, actuating and controlling because business communication information is very important to be well designed and delivered. This communication has 4 types of management styles, namely directive style, coach style, superotive style, and delegation style. Business Communication Model  is very many kinds, because business communication will help each other and complement each other. Some business communication models are Persuasion Hoveland or Aristotle, Berlo SMCR, Interactional, Circular, Collin and Guetzkowr Groups, Organizational Thayes, Information Shanon and Weaver and many other models.

Forms of Business Communication  used are usually verbal communication or non-verbal communication which is divided into several forms of business communication such as formal communication, informal communication, oral communication, written communication and Direct and Indirect Communication  where in each process must meet all elements in the procedure or  Business Communication Ethics  so  Business Communication Obstacles  can be avoided.

These obstacles can be technical barriers, semantic barriers, barriers originating from humans themselves such as emotions, perceptions, and others that may arise due to differences in feelings or the origin of the environment of people who have Two-Way Communication  or obstacles caused by psychological causes. Business communication in management also has several important functions that will have an impact on business communication that will or is being carried out. Some of these functions are:

  • Interpersonal Function
  • Informational Function
  • Decide Function
  • Persuasion Function
  • Intrapersonal Function

In addition to the core functions of business communication in management above, here are some additional functions of business communication, which we have summarized and filtered only for you, our loyal readers. The following is an explanation of the function of business communication in management by communication experts.

  1. Control the Business

The communication function in business has a very important role to control every business that is run so that it is in accordance with the concepts and plans that have been set. Usually, this control function is held by people who have positions or positions in a particular company or business and must be obeyed by employees. (also read:  Curtains Communication Function )

  1. Motivate Marketing Agents

Communication can also be used as a tool or media to provide motivation in the form of enthusiasm and support to marketing agents or what we refer to as sales promotion. By explaining what needs to be done, how to do it and providing tips and tricks so that the marketing agent can successfully run a well-managed business, the business communication function to provide motivation is also very important. (also read:  Effective Communication Techniques )

  1. Tools for Interaction

Social interaction is very necessary when doing business activities, because by interacting directly with consumers, colleagues, marketing agents and other employees, the vision and mission of a business will be more quickly channeled and understood. In addition, social interaction will also greatly support the sustainability of a business.

  1. Maintaining Communication To Run Well

Business communication also has a function to keep the business communication carried out well and as expected. One way is to carry out business communication in accordance with applicable ethics and manners. Business communication must be neutral and not attack other people. Therefore, business communication ethics becomes a vital role to strengthen business in organizations or companies so that the productivity and smoothness of the business does not have a bad image in the eyes of the public. (also read:  Barnlund Communication Model )

  1. Give a Picture of a Business

A clear explanation of a business must be communicated and explained properly. The main goal is that every person who has been determined to be the target of the business, both as colleagues, funders and consumers as users, feel confident about the business and make a decision to support the business. (also read:  Application of Communication Strategies in Learning )

  1. Function of Giver of Expression

Business communication also has a function to give an expression when the communication is ongoing. Because it is used as an expression-giving tool such as pleasure, disappointment, anger, emotions and other expressions, business communication must be carried out properly and correctly so that the trust of the public or business partners is not lost. (also read:  Gudykunst Communication Model )

  1. Determine and choose a business to be supported

Businesses must be able to foster relationships through communication activities to determine business success. Businesses must also dare to communicate the strengths or weaknesses of the business to be run. Because the communication function can determine a business continuity, choose and determine business products that will be issued and marketed, then every business communication must be carried out must have strong transparency and regulations. (also read:  Transactional Communication Model )

  1. Analyze the Market

The market as a place for a business will certainly have an impact on the growth of the business itself. Therefore, communication must be able to analyze the market that will be used as a place or means of running a business. Market analysis can be done by looking at several important aspects such as demographic, geographical location, psychodemographic as well as analysis of consumers such as biological needs, security, attachment and love, appreciation, self-actualization. (also read:  Group Personality Theory )

  1. Inform the company’s progress

Business communication in management also has a function as a tool to inform the progress or development of a company’s business. The development of the company that was communicated during the meeting, will also greatly influence a decision to be taken by the leadership of the company. If the company leadership sees that the business being run does not have positive progress, then it is unlikely that the business will be stopped.

  1. Become a Punisher

The communication function in a business can also be used as a tool to impose penalties on employees or business partners who are deemed not to support a predetermined program. Typically, business communications will issue penalties in the form of reprimands or minor sanctions, suspension or moderate sanctions to the dismissal or termination of business or severe sanctions. (also read:  Mass Communication Effects )

  1. Introducing the company or business

Business communication in direct management has the function to introduce a company or business that wants and will be carried out to the general public. The introduction of the company or business, is the first step in communicating ideas, ideas, thoughts, and vision and mission of a company or business.

  1. Creating Positive Branding

Business communication that is run also functions as a tool to create a branding or brand that has good and positive value in the eyes of the general public as consumers. When business communication is done in a good manner and stages, it will directly give a positive value, and vice versa. When carrying out communication alone has not gone well, then the branding will be impressed negatively.

  1. Seek Support

Business communication also functions to seek support from various parties, in the form of financial support, marketing support, brand or image support and other supports. The main goal is to make the business bigger and develop well. (also read:  McQuail’s Theory of Mass Communication )

  1. Persuade Consumers to Buy

Business communication also functions to persuade and search for consumers so that the business runs well and as expected. Consumers are the most important factor of a business, of course, must be obtained as much as possible so that the business can still run well and develop. (also read:  Role of Mass Media )

  1. Manage the entire system

Business communication also functions to manage or manage the entire system or process of an ongoing business. In this function, all matters relating to business, ranging from incoming and outgoing letters, the profit and loss of a business, ways of working, regulations and other things will be well organized and well communicated. (also read:  Verbal Communication Function )

From the explanation above, we can conclude that good communication is needed in every business that will be done so that the business can run and develop well. This is the explanation from us about the function of business communication in management this time, hopefully what we write in this article can add to your knowledge. May be useful.


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