20 feminine attitudes that men hate

When it comes to the relationship between man and woman, the subject is always extensive, since there are countless reasons that can generate conflicts between two people. There are several attitudes of men and women that can please or dislike their respective partners.

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We all have different ways of thinking and acting, and all of this can lead to conflict.

But can you tell me what are the female attitudes that men hate? You may not know it, but by knowing them you can avoid them in order to avoid future problems in the relationship. Therefore, we selected 20 feminine attitudes that men hate most.

Check out the list below which are these female attitudes:

1. Taking time to get ready

If there is one thing that irritates men a lot, it is the delay that most women take to get ready. Men cannot understand why so much time is spent producing. They seem to forget that to be clean, perfumed, with neat hair, coherent makeup, proper clothes and well-done nails requires time and many of them don’t have the patience to wait. But they like the result.

2. Leadership spirit

Another issue that irritates men a lot is when the woman has a very keen leadership spirit and thus has commanding attitudes in the relationship. Men like to be the head of the relationship and hate to share or see their leadership threatened.

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3. Make up only to leave home

It is not new that the man is extremely visual. For them, their companions must always be beautiful and tidy. Men hate that women produce and make up just to leave the house and when it is to be with them they forget to give due attention to appearance.

4. Excessive jealousy

Men hate women with excessive jealousy. Jealous of friends, of work, of all other women, of time spent on television, football games, of his mother, of time with his cell phone or doing a favorite hobby. All of this irritates and erodes the relationship.

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5. Call to discuss the relationship

This theme is certainly one of the feminine attitudes that men hate most. Men are practical and want to solve everything in simple words. They cannot understand the reason for long reflections, remembering past problems and having to spend hours talking about the couple’s problems. They just want to stop and put an end to the matter.

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6. Too much drama

Men hate drama. If you want to drive a man away from you, overdo the drama. They believe that we cry for whatever reason, that we make ourselves a victim and do not understand our emotions in full bloom in the days of PMS.

7. Complain about preferences

Something that also irritates men a lot is the fact that women complain about their preferences, such as the Saturday afternoon game, the favorite serial killer, the musical style, the company in the conversation circles, the way they eat, in short, complain about everything that man likes and does.

8. Espionage craze

Woman who has a habit of spying on and investigating her partner’s cell phone, e-mail inbox, social media posts, pants and shirt pockets, in order to find any traces that indicate the possibility of an unfaithful attitude , is extremely irritating to men.

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9. Talk too much

Men like to talk, but women who talk too much and leave a man without space to talk about his subjects, in addition to having a rude attitude, makes the man lose the desire to sit down to talk to her. So say yes, but listen too!

10. Comparison craze

Avoid making comparisons of anything to your partner. Be it the comparisons with the ex-boyfriend, with the neighbor’s husband, the way of dressing another man, the way another man treats a woman. Anyway, don’t make comparisons!

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11. Overcharging

Men hate it when women make numerous charges, such as charging for arriving at the right time, not to forget an important date, charging for the way they dress or charging for them to be more romantic.

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12. Putting words in the man’s mouth

Something that men complain about is also the craze that some women have to misinterpret what they want to say and so end up putting unspoken words in their mouths. Men do not have the same facility to express feelings as women and in an attempt to express themselves to their partners they end up saying something that often their partners get ahead of themselves and end up wrongly concluding what they would like to say in truth, but that in truth did not speak.

13. Over-organization

The vast majority of men have no great sense of organization. Most women are organized. However, the excess of organization on the part of his partners irritates men too much, since he feels controlled to have to be criticized and to receive orders from his partners so that they are less messy. They think they are being treated like children.

14. Explosions of behavior

If you are the type who doesn’t take shit home, who doesn’t care about being called a stall, or who doesn’t mind discussing in public places, know that few men agree with this type of female behavior. Outbursts of behavior, extreme attitudes, attacks of immature actions and tantrums are other feminine attitudes that men also hate.

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15. Gossip

Of course there is a gossipy man, but the vast majority of them hate to see their women watching celebrity gossip programs or reading what they consider useless culture. They do not like to see them spreading the affairs of others and not wasting time in an interest in the lives of others.

16. A lot of intellectuality

Men like and admire intelligent women, who have topics to talk to, who have an enlarged view of the world. However, they feel insecure and don’t like it when the woman is overly intellectual, wanting to speak grammatically correct all the time, correcting the concordance of her phrases, laughing at her silly comments, or even pulling up on a subject that you are not aware of. Being smart is good, but belittling the other’s intellect is bad for a relationship.

17. Don’t like your mother-in-law

To speak ill of your partner’s mother or make a comment criticizing your mother-in-law is something that your partner may even disguise, but he hates it. No one likes to hear negative comments about a loved one, least of all when it comes to a mother. Believe me, just like us, they hate it!

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18. Putting man to work

Men hate it when women decide to put men to work at all times. Be it to wash a dish, to act as a plumber, electrician or bricklayer. They don’t like women who can’t stand seeing their partners standing around and so want to give them some work to do around the house all the time.

19. Emotional blackmail

Calling in a threatening tone, wanting to tantrum or emotional blackmail are feminine attitudes that keep the man away from you. They hate and think this type of behavior is immature.

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20. Feeling competition

Do you know that dispute between those who suffered more or those who love more, or even those who are more upset? Men hate this feminine attitude, this emotional competition. They hate the way some women underestimate the feelings of their spouses.


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