20 Examples of Determinative adjectives

The adjectives are words used to describe some quality of a noun, or to limit their scope, or to specify some aspect of that.

The determinative adjectives not provide additional descriptive information in terms of appearance, but specifying some quantitative or away, or even membership relation between subject and object speaker type. For example: this, my, no. 

Determinative adjectives are very frequently used and have the particularity that, rather than “adding” information about the noun, they “limit” its scope.

For example: The word book  refers to the generality of books, while the expression this book  circumscribes the general category to a single member: the book that is being pointed out or held. The determinative adjective should not be confused with the article.

It is clear that determinative adjectives, like all others, must meet the basic grammatical conditions of all adjectives, within which the agreement in gender and number with the noun they modify is essential. For example: this book / these books,  this table / these tables

Types of Determinative Adjectives

Determinative Adjectives can be divided into different subtypes:

  • Articles. They can be specific articles, which give information about something specific (They are: el, la, lo, las, los ) or indeterminate, which give non-specific information (They are: one, one, ones, ones ).
  • Possessive adjectives . They express a relationship of belonging between the object and the speaker. They are:  my, you, his, our, yours, my, your, their, our, yours. 
  • Demonstrative adjectives . They indicate proximity or distance between the speaker and the noun. They are: this, these, that, those, that, those, that, those, that, those. 
  • Indefinite adjectives . They provide indeterminate information. They are:  some, quite a lot, every, true, any, other, too much, more, same, a lot, no, other, little, each, all, several.
  • Numeral adjectives . They can be cardinal (For example: four, seven, ten ) or ordinal (For example: first, second, last ).

Examples of determinative adjectives

Several determinative adjectives in use are listed here:

  1. Someday you will know.
  2. Many people do not understand.
  3. That boy will be a great player.
  4. No woman rejects a good perfume.
  5. He had his seventh child 
  6. I have not yet discovered my vocation.
  7. Enough time have been without seeing each other.
  8. Every man deserves a few days off.
  9. Eleven weeks have passed since his departure.
  10. Those flowers come out only in the fall.
  11. I saw that painting in a museum in New York.
  12. Our stamp collection will be on the Internet.
  13. You can choose any drink .
  14. These ankle boots fit me very well.
  15. One afternoon we can meet.
  16. Four times I asked you to shut up.
  17. Our  mother suffers from pressure.
  18. Here’s your coat, ma’am.
  19. My middle name is Alberto.
  20. Your suit will be ready this Monday 
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