20 Examples of Analogies

An analogy is a relationship of similarity that is established between two different things. It is a tool that takes a characteristic that is present in an element and observes that this characteristic is shared by something else. For example: Madrid is to Spain what Paris is to France.

The analogy is a resource that expresses the relationship between two elements. The sender could clarify what that relationship is about, but instead of choosing that path, he chooses another, which is to express another case in which the same relationship occurs. It is frequent that the second element, the one that is not being discussed but is brought as a reference, is chosen especially by the sender, knowing it to the receiver.

The analogy, then, corresponds to two different questions but with a common root: the relationship of similarity between two things that are not completely similar. One element is to one thing, as much as another is to another.

It can serve you:

  • Part-whole analogies
  • Verbal analogies

Types of analogies

Symmetric analogies

  • Synonymy analogies . The analogy occurs between two words that are synonymous. For example: serene – calm.
  • Complementarity analogies . The analogy needs and complements one of the words. For example: hunger – eat.
  • Cogeneric analogies . The analogies occur because the concept belongs to the same class or category. For example: lizard – iguana.

Asymmetric analogies

  • Opposition or antonymic analogies . The analogy is between opposites. For example: good – bad.
  • Intensity analogies . The analogy occurs because one of the words has an important relationship (greater or lesser) with respect to the other. For example: red – pink.
  • Inclusive analogy . The analogy starts from the conception of totality and the component of the total. They may be:
    • Genus – species . For example: bird – rooster.
    • All – part . For example: cup – handle.
    • Set – element . For example: dog – pack.
    • Continent – content . For example: water – river.
  • Analogy by location . The analogy is established by the transit or stop zone of one of the words. For example: car – garage.
  • Cause – effect analogy . The analogy is established by chance. For example: fire – fire
  • Sequentiality analogy . The analogy establishes a sequence between the two words. For example: marriage – children.
  • Analogy by function . The analogy is established by the role played by both words. For example:  knife – cut.
  • Analogy by reciprocity . The analogy is established because words need each other. For example: hunter – prey.
  • Analogy for the product . The analogy occurs when one of the words is the product and the other is the producer. For example: dress – dressmaker.
  • Analogy by means and / or instrument . Highlight the instrument or tool. For example: doctor – stethoscope.
  • Feature analogy . It is the relationship that exists between two words when one highlights an attribute of the other. For example: sun – shine.

Examples of analogies

  1. Painting is to the brush, what music is to instruments.
  2. An angel is to good what the devil is to evil.
  3. A new friend on Facebook is my son, what spending an afternoon with my friends was for me in my childhood.
  4. Madrid is to Spain what Paris is to France.
  5. A rule is to geometry, what a fork is to the kitchen.
  6. Climbing a mountain is, for her, what taking an exam is for me.
  7. An apple is to a tree the same as a son to a father.
  8. Sitting is to a chair what lying is to a bed.
  9. A piece of cheese is to a mouse what grass is to a cow.
  10. Crying is sadness, what laugh is joy.
  11. Monday is in the week what January is in the year.
  12. Maradona is in Argentina what Pele is in Brazil.
  13. Studying is in childhood what working is in adulthood.
  14. Breaking that vase for me was what falling for you in that wedding.
  15. A book is to a writer what a record is to a musician.
  16. A driver is to a car what a pilot is to a plane.
  17. The dove is to peace what the raven is to war.
  18. Germany is to beer as France is to wine.
  19. Hot is cold, as light is dark.
  20. Hunger is to food as thirst is to drink.
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