20 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs

There are some businesses that are suitable for women, which can be an excellent form of income, provided they are well executed. In this article we will bring to you women who are thinking about becoming owners of your own business, 20 business ideas for women .

1. Business For Women: Beauty Salon

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  • Business for Women: Beauty Salon
  • Cutting and Sewing
  • Business for Women: Cosmetics Shop
  • Diner / Restaurant
  • Cleaning Agency
  • Business for Women: Babysitting Agency
  • Party Decoration Company
  • Business for women: Pet shops
  • Environment Decoration and Landscaping Agency
  • Sale of Jewelry and Semi Jewelry
  • Women’s Underwear Store
  • People Management Agency
  • Business for Women: Photography Agency
  • Business idea: Modeling Agency
  • Business for Women: Bookstore
  • Business for Women: Pharmacy
  • Printed magazine
  • Business for Women: Real Estate
  • Business idea: Language School
  • Sexual Consulting Company (sexologist)

Setting up a beauty salon can be a promising career and at a low cost, an excellent business idea. It is important to remember that a beauty salon does not only provide haircut services, but also makeup, nails and beauty care in general.

The Beauty Salon Has Always Had Many Women Who Work In The Sector, So It Is An Excellent Business Idea For Women.

To set up a beauty salon, you need to purchase some basic equipment, such as scissors, hairdryers, hair clippers, products, among others.

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To start the investment it will be necessary approximately R $ 2,000.00 reais, an amount that can be recovered even in the first month, provided that you have a good clientele.

Tip: Always stay up to date, take courses and optimize your performance.

2. Cutting And Sewing

Setting up a cutting and sewing company, to arrange clothes or even make them as requested, can be a way to earn good money at the end of the month.

To open an investment in this area, it is necessary, at least, to take some courses, but it will not be necessary to pay large amounts, since they are often found for free in institutions like SENAI.

A good way to maximize profits and create pieces of clothing (copy from famous models) and set up a small shop and sell.

See how to set up a sewing studio.

3. Business For Women: Cosmetics Shop

Cosmetics are all products aimed at beauty, that is, skin creams, hair products, facial masks, perfumes, everything is included in the cosmetic category.

Setting up a company that sells cosmetics allows a very attractive profit, however, it is usually necessary to purchase a franchise, which can mean a significant initial investment cost.

4. Diner / Restaurant

Those who have experience in the culinary field can set up a snack bar and sell snacks in general such as pastries, cheeses, portions, fried fish, among others. Although it is a common business, the profit is quite significant, since a snack has a profit margin of more than 120%.

The restaurant requires more invested capital, but in compensation it is easier to retain customers.

Note: If you want to set up a business in the food area, pay attention to the requirements to obtain a sanitary permit, it is very complicated.

5. Cleaning Agency

It is common for companies and even places (houses, apartments, farms) in tourist spots to turn to specialized cleaning agencies.

A great business idea for women is to start a cleaning and maintenance company .

These agencies carry out hygiene work on upholstery, carpets, high-altitude areas, in short, making the environment impeccable. It is advisable to set up a company in this segment in tourist spots, that there are hotels and environments for lodging, as the demand is greater.

6. Business For Women: Babysitting Agency

It looks like a movie, but I have to say, Brazilians have been looking a lot for babysitting companies and, what better option than hiring through an agency, without being responsible for labor ties (CLT) and, even better, knowing that people are they trained, specialized and of good origin? Thus, it is easily realized that it is a great deal.

Rare are the cases that parents want a man to take care of their young children, so it is really one of the businesses for women and can be very profitable.

7. Party Decoration Company

If there is something that a woman has an easy time doing and she will certainly do it very well, it is PARTY DECORATION.

Through a small team and some specialization courses, you can get excellent income with a children’s party decoration company , for example.

The amounts charged to decorate a small party are usually quite satisfactory for the professional, being, in our view, a promising business with little competition.

8. Business For Women: Pet Shops

The concern with animals is something incredible in humans, especially when it comes to pets such as dogs, cats, horses, among others.

A pet shop offers hygienic care (bathing and grooming), products for animals (toys, feed and so on) and veterinary advice.

In addition, the cost to set up this business is low, not reaching R $ 4,000.00 reais, and the return of the value usually occurs in the first months.

9. Environment Decoration And Landscaping Agency

The real estate market grows every day, requiring qualified professionals to decorate the environments and provide a spectacular garden.

Learn how to set up a decorating office.

This business is interesting because in addition to having strong demand and little competition, it also allows the company to be formed by few employees, having a low cost both to start and to maintain it.

10. Sale Of Jewelry And Semi Jewelry

Women have an excellent taste for choosing jewelry to sell, besides, they usually serve customers well and are very persuasive, making a jewelry store a real success.

A jewelry store (jewelry) involves a high cost to start, and your earnings are well taken into account, since the pieces are usually expensive and the profit margin exceeds 80%. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the famous risk x cost x profitability.

If it is of interest to set up a business with a lower initial cost, you can sell semi jewelry / veneers both on the internet and at home.

TIP: There are several companies that when the purchase is made wholesale, allow unsold pieces to be RETURNED, making the business risk almost ZERO.

11. Women’s Underwear Store

Setting up an underwear store for women is a sure shot, as long as it is well managed, with affordable prices and, especially, with beautiful pieces!

Don’t just think about young women or with a “pretty body”, but you should also take into account mature women who want to please their husbands with nice clothes.

In addition, to leverage profits and customers, setting up a “hidden” space with more “spicy” materials ( sexshop ) can make the business a real success!

IMPORTANT: The cost to set up this enterprise is “average”, depending on the size you intend to make the store, but with R $ 8,000.00 you can start a small store with great quality products.

Take advantage of our text on how to set up a clothing store.

12. People Management Agency

Setting up a people management agency, that is, approaching / intermediating the hiring of employers and employees can yield good money.

Women tend to have good results in this area, mainly due to their ease of communication. The amount charged is usually a “monthly subscription” or percentage of the first salary.

13. Business For Women: Photography Agency

In the past it was very common to develop photos, but now, with digital cameras, this service has decreased somewhat in demand. However, other “loopholes” have become possible in this segment, making photo agencies a true “gold mine”.

Want to set up a photo studio ? Check out our text.

Making BOOKS is extremely profitable, requiring a makeup artist and a good photographer. In addition, you can “cover” events, but for that you will need a team of at least 3 people. (photographs and filming).

14. Business Idea: Modeling Agency

Practically everyone has dreamed of being a model one day, but has it never crossed your mind to set up a MODELS AGENCY?
In order to do well in this area, it is essential that you have great friendly relationships, preferably with a lot of influence, in order to get work for the models.

In addition to receiving as “entrepreneur” of your agency’s models, you will also earn to make the presentation books (portfolio).

15. Business For Women: Bookstore

The acquisition of books is always something very common, regardless of the location. Although it has become easier to download ebooks and pdf books, the vast majority of people still prefer to buy the free one and have it in their hands to browse.

An organized bookstore , with bestselling books and releases and, as long as it is well managed, it can be a business for life.

The initial investment to set up a bookstore can be considered quite expressive, however, the cost to maintain it is low and the deal is for LONG DATE.

16. Business For Women: Pharmacy

Medicines are one of the most purchased products in the country, with strong demand.

Setting up a pharmacy can be a very lucrative business, as long as the drugs are sold at affordable prices and purchased from (distributors) at low prices.

Important: to set up a pharmacy it is necessary to have a PHARMACEUTICAL, GRADUATED professional.

17. Printed Magazine

A little explored business that has a quick and satisfactory return is to create a MAGAZINE.

The printed magazine should contain interesting articles, which may have a team of editors or ask people who want to participate VOLUNTARILY (free of charge) to express their knowledge and inform the staff. (doctors, lawyers, dentists, nutritionists and etc …). Also understand how to set up a magazine.

Profit can occur in two ways:

  • Subscriptions: a monthly subscription is charged to customers. (not advisable).
    • Advertising: offering magazine spaces to companies to advertise is the best way to achieve excellent profits.

Important tip: Make a good magazine, delivered to many people, so that you will be able to retain your (customers – advertising) and get companies that will buy space up to 1 year in advance.

18. Business For Women: Real Estate

To set up a real estate company, you must register with the commercial board, employers’ union, CRECI and the Federal Revenue Service. (bureaucratic part).

The remuneration is obtained through a percentage, normally 6% to 10% of the sale or rent.

For example: A house that is sold for R $ 200,000.00 thousand reais, the commission of the real estate will be of R $ 12,000.00 reais to 20,000.00 reais.

Note that the value is quite attractive!

The average cost to start a small real estate company is approximately R $ 30,000.00.

19. Business Idea: Language School

With globalization increasingly widespread and the growth of multinational businesses, it has become almost mandatory to have knowledge of more than one language.

Setting up a language school is an excellent way to earn a good monthly income. The costs for this business consist of:

  • Rent
    • Teacher
    • Furniture

According to studies, with approximately R $ 10,000.00 it is possible to start the business.

20. Sexual Consulting Company (Sexologist)

The search for lecturers and courses in the area of ​​sexology has become very common, with events attended by true crowds.

Creating a sexual consultancy agency and even providing lectures and courses is an innovative way to make money, being a little explored market.

All business ideas can yield an excellent source of income, however, good management and seriousness is necessary, always valuing good customer service.

Invest in your business, avoid withdrawing cash from the cashier in the first months and, especially, whenever possible re-analyze and plan the service offered and bring news to your customers.


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