What is meant by “business idea”? Business ideas are ideas, concepts, ideas, aspirations that individuals or groups have to produce or do something that has a sale value and can generate income (money). Business ideas can also be referred to as business ideas. One example of a 2019 business idea that still hits is a side business at home such as, opening a photocopy business, opening a food stall and other small business examples.


There are also many people who have started online small capital businesses to achieve successful small businesses. Every day there are always new business opportunities around us where these opportunities can become promising ventures in the future. Talking about business ideas that are carried out at home, maybe we will think about what home-based home-based businesses can be implemented so that parents, especially mothers can still work and look after their children at home. Well, in this article we will talk about business ideas that can be done by parents (fathers and mothers) who work at home.


According to the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 20 business ideas that parents can apply in this regard. What are the business ideas? Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Consulting Services for Higher Education.

No need to work in an education agency to be able to open a business consulting services for parents and teenagers who want to get into college. Maybe this business idea is still very rarely heard by people in Indonesia, but it never hurts to implement this business idea.


If a fellow reader is someone who is good at managing and calculating money expenses, and good at building relationships with several local schools and universities, then this is a home business opportunity that is quite promising. Fellow readers can collaborate with these local schools and universities and offer your services through flyers or advertising leaflets that fellow readers are ready to help parents who are upset in thinking “Is a good university for my child? How much does it cost? Are there scholarships available from the university? ” and so forth.


2. Open the “Preloved” Clothing Store.

Are some of the reader’s baby clothes starting to be too small or already unused but still very good and small for other babies to wear? Now, rather than confused readers who want to create a business at home, it’s better for readers to open a “preloved” clothing store to resell your cute baby’s old clothes. If your fellow readers don’t want to make a store at home, that’s fine, promoting it online like social media is also very effective.


3. Open a Gardening Business.

Do your fellow readers have extensive knowledge about plants? and do fellow readers like to do gardening? If the answer from both is yes, then this home-based business is perfect for fellow readers as parents who work at home. Fellow readers can plant various types of plants ranging from herbal plants (medicines) to beautiful flowers that are ready for sale. If your fellow readers like to teach gardening to others, then your fellow readers can also become a gardening teacher by teaching some of your students in the backyard. Wow, how exciting it must be!


4. Gift Basket Making Services.

If your fellow readers are parents who like to decorate gifts or make cute and adorable gift baskets such as parcels for birthdays, religious celebrations, baby showers or bridal showers, then this is a suitable business opportunity for your fellow readers to do at home. This business idea is very good for maintaining our creativity at home.


5. Become a Freelance Writer.

Do your fellow readers really like to write journals, articles or short stories both fiction and non-fiction? If so, this business idea will sound very brilliant to you. Instead of working at a publishing or publishing agency, fellow readers can also write interesting things from home and send them to publication or publishing agencies, both online and offline. Being a freelance writer will be very fun for parents who work at home.


6. Graphic Design Services.

The graphic design business is now loved by many mothers and fathers who work from home. For fellow readers who like this business world and have the ability to design graphics, fellow readers can create designs for advertisement leaflets and product catalogs. By implementing this business idea, your fellow readers can still have time with family and at the same time your work can also be done well.


7. Health Care Services at Home.

One of the social facts that we find in people’s lives is children who work so hard that they do not have time to care for their parents who are old and sickly. If fellow readers are interested, we encourage fellow readers to open a home health care services business. Its function is to assist your clients in looking after and caring for their parents at home. Fellow readers don’t need to leave the house to do it, fellow readers have enough employees to do this noble work.


8. Spa or Salon Business.

Who doesn’t like going to the salon? Almost everyone, especially women, really like to take care of themselves to the salon. In addition to the salon, opening a Spa business will also attract the attention of many people who are already working very tired and need relaxation to get a massage at the Spa. Fellow readers can open a Spa or Salon business at home by doing bridal make-up, make-up for graduation, hairdo, body care, nail care and so on.


9. House Cleaning Services.

Similar to a home business idea in point 7, fellow readers can gather a number of loyal and clean-up employees to work at clients’ homes and help clients clean their homes. Yep! This also includes noble work because in addition to work, we also help ease the burden of others who do not have time to clean their homes.


10. Open a Music Studio and Music Tutor for Children.

This home-based business idea is perfect for parents who work at home. Especially if your fellow readers are very interested and experts in the field of music. Creating a small studio at home and teaching children to music lessons can help fellow readers increase their income and channel your hobbies


11. Open Healthy Food Catering Services.

There are lots of people who want to eat healthy food, but they don’t have much time to prepare or cook healthy food. Well, fellow readers can take over this opportunity by opening a healthy catering service. Later, these foods can be sent to various offices (companies) for its employees who are very busy but still want to eat healthy food.


12. Paper Enumeration and Recycling Services.

Have your fellow readers heard of this business before? This is one interesting business idea! Fellow readers can open a paper counting and recycling service where your home is the headquarters (so your fellow readers can still work from home). Allow employees and hardware who carry out paper chores directly at banks, financial institutions or medical companies that indeed they really need paper counting services because there is too much important and confidential data so that they cannot dispose of these papers carelessly. . After the paper has been crushed and torn up, the pieces of paper can be recycled at the head office (home or shop that fellow readers have).


13. Pet Care Services.

Do your fellow readers like pets? If yes, cool! This is a home-based business idea that is suitable for parents who work at home. Open a pet care service at home for your clients who have to go away for a while but feel confused about leaving their pets to whom. Through this business idea, fellow readers can also introduce cute pets to your children and teach them how to care for and love animals with all their hearts.


14. Tailoring Business.

Today, the sewing business is becoming a booming business again. Moreover, the fashion world in Indonesia is growing, so that many young people, both men and women who take sewing courses in order to open a sewing business at home. If your fellow readers are already good at sewing, your fellow readers can start this business by making beautiful veils for brides, bridesmaid dresses, curtains, pillowcases, doll clothes, or even shirts for work.


15. Soap Making Services.

If your fellow readers are good at formulating natural ingredients that are fragrant and safe for making soap such as bath soap for beauty, then this business is perfect for your fellow readers set up in the house. Eits! Don’t forget to make beautiful soap packaging so that it can attract the attention of the buyers.


16. Consultant Services for Websites.

Opening a home business as a website consulting service is also very profitable! However, make sure that your fellow readers have extensive and reliable knowledge in the fields of technology such as managing a website, managing web content and having a broad understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization which will later be a plus for business readers. .


17. Wedding Planning Consultant Services for Brides.

Today, there are more and more prospective brides and grooms who turn over the affairs of their wedding plans to agents who open consulting services. Now, if your fellow readers still want to be at home caring for and looking after your children, and at the same time they also want to work, then this home-based business idea is suitable for your fellow readers. Fellow readers can design a wedding budget, choose a wedding dress, find vendors for the building and wedding invitation cards, and so on.


18. Open a Babysitting Service.

If your fellow readers decide to work at home because you want to look after and care for your children, then why don’t your fellow readers try to help other career women to look after their children? Fellow readers can set up babysitting or toddler services, and care for them with as much heart as you care for your children. In addition, your children will also feel happy because they have many friends at home.


19. Open a Warung for Snacks and Soft Drinks.

This is a home-based business idea that is often applied by Indonesian parents who have worked at home from ancient times and is still a trend today. Fellow readers can also sell snacks and snacks that are healthy and delicious. For soft drinks, coffee drinks are also now being hits among young people. Fellow readers only need to create a unique concept and sell the coffee drink from home.


20. Become a Translator.

If your fellow readers have the skills and proficiency in foreign languages, then don’t waste that gift huh. Fellow readers can still play and joke with your children and spouse at home and occasionally work as a translator to translate important documents. Exciting right ?!


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