19 easy ways to be a great grandmother

Do you want to be a good or even the best grandmother your grandchildren can have? Well, to be dearly loved by your children’s children is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s motherhood made sweeter the second time around.

To help you become the coolest grandma in town, here are a few easy ways:

1. Spend time with your grandchildren.
Time is the most precious gift you can give your grandchildren. The more you bond with them, the closer your relationship will come. This is the best way to have access to the lives of these children. For this reason, always visit them, take them on a date, or have them at home for the whole summer break.

2. Help take care of them.
Not only will your children and in-laws appreciate your help, but your grandchildren will definitely love having you with you. Take the opportunity to spend time with them, serve them and influence their moral values ​​and character.

3. Don’t show favoritism.
Playing your favorites would keep the rest of your grandchildren away from you. Treating children unfairly can also affect their self-esteem as it would make them wonder why they couldn’t be your favorites instead. Favoritism will result in jealousy and competition among children.

4. Remember their birthdays.
Your grandchildren will surely appreciate it every time you remember their special day. In addition to greeting them, you can do simple things to celebrate the occasion, such as cooking them a special meal, creating a personalized card, or giving them a gift.

5. Cook their favorite foods.
One of the ways to spoil grandchildren is through the stomach. Therefore, find out what their favorite dishes are and cook for them.

6. Give them special gifts.
Aside from the gifts you give them on their birthday, you can give your grandchildren special gifts at random times. For example, you can give them your favorite necklace or ring and explain their meaning to you.

7. Don’t force on them.
Recognize the fact that your grandchildren are of the current generation, which is very different from yours. The generation gap means they have different tastes, styles and principles than you do. If you try to change them to conform to the culture you grew up with, you will find yourself hated by your precious grandchildren.

8. Respect their decisions.
Even though they are still young, your grandchildren already have their own minds. Help them learn independence and autonomy by allowing them to decide for themselves. Don’t be overprotective, fearing that they will choose badly. Allow them to grow by learning from mistakes.

9. Express your affection.
Your “I love you”, your hugs and your kisses will be a big help to make your grandchildren feel safe. Letting them know they are loved will improve their self-esteem. Expect them to express you back.

10. Take morning walks with them.
As you get older, you need more exercise and physical activity. If you live with your grandchildren or if they live nearby, invite them to join you on your morning jogs and walks. This will not only help them develop an exercise habit, but it can also serve as a good bond.

11. Join them in their hobbies.
One of the ways to be a cool grandma is to join your grandchildren in their interests. If they enjoy watching movies, you can whip up some popcorn and join them in a movie marathon. If they are bookworms, you can trade books with them.

12. Don’t baby them.
Yes, they will be your babies forever, but unfortunately they want to be treated like adults. If you continue to overprotect them, like not letting them join camps or sleepovers, then they would think of you as a bad guy in their life.

13. Correct their mistakes.
As a grandparent, one of your roles is that of a guidance counselor to your grandchildren. Therefore, do not tolerate their misdeeds or mistakes. You can talk to them about it or work with their parents to deal with their bad behavior.

14. Leave discipline to parents.
Within the framework of no. 13, never forget that it is not your main job to discipline your grandchildren who misbehave, unless you are their guardian or their parents have given you that authority. Being quick to inflict punishment might conflict with how their parents would like to discipline their children.

15. Respect the way their parents are raising them.
Your children and your in-laws have their own sets of principles when it comes to raising their children. Even if there are some ways that you don’t agree with, you should still respect their parenting styles. No need to worry because as parents they surely think about what is best for their children. Of course, you can give suggestions, but don’t force them.

16. Tell them your stories.
Another way to be a great grandparent is to inspire them with your life stories. In addition to allowing them to learn from your experiences, they would also enjoy the time travel to the adventures of your younger days.

17. Listen to them.
It would also be interesting to listen to the stories of your grandchildren. Plus, allow them to share their thoughts with you. This will make it easier for you to get to know them and understand them.

18. Create memories together.
Admit it, you won’t be with your children and grandchildren forever. Therefore, savor every moment that you are with them. Leap as much as possible. Take pictures together. Go on an adventure with them while you can. Tell them you love them.

19. Pray for them.
Nothing beats prayer. The best you can do for your grandchildren is to leave them under the direction and protection of God. You may not always be there for them, but surely God will be with them.

The secret to being a good grandmother is simple: you just need to love your grandchildren like your own children. Your motherly love will naturally bring out the kind of affection that every child needs to help them grow up emotionally healthy.

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